Magento Shipping Integration
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Magento Shipping Integration


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Published 02 September 2016
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Magento Shipping Integration
Shipping Management Software
Streamlines shipping processes such as order picking, packing, and shipping Enables shipping labels creating and printing directly from within the system Makes shipment tracking easier
Sends notifications about shipping statuses
Shows all data and updates within one dashboard
Enables easy report creation
To carry out the functions outlined above, shipping management software needs access to the customer and order data.
Reasons to Integrate with Magento
Opportunity to expand market share 250k+ online shops owners as your potential clients Access to the data needed You can extract and manipulate information on orders, products, customers, and categories Extended functionality You can use the new functional abilities to run new features and services to attract even moreclients
shipping addresses SHIPPING order info MANAGEMENT shipping methods SOFT customer info tracking numbers Retrieving and syncing data, needed to perform functions
Finding adeveloperto elaborate the integration module
Spending at least a month per each connection
The need to maintain and upgrade the integration module
Spending at least a few thousands dollars per a connection
Further integration maintenance, which also takes time and money resources
Solution:Integration with API2Cart
Why API2Cart?
API2Cart Offers Significant Opportunities For Shipping Software Providers
• Save time, effort, and money resources on multiple integrations
• Retrieve order, customer, and other actionable data
• Accurately synchronize all this data with your system
• Use customer, order, and shipping data to create shipping labels, process
orders, and perform other functions
Why API2Cart?
30+ supported platforms, including Volusion
65+ API methodsto use store data as you need it
Scalable architectureto handle a growing number of added stores
SSL certificateand32-symbol API keyto ensure data security
Detailed documentationwithcode samples, nothing hidden
Dedicated tech support
What Else You Get as a Bonus:
Integrationwith30+other popular shopping carts:
andmany others
Thanks you for your attention!
If you are interested in integrating your shipping management system with Magento via API2Cart and have any questions to ask, feel free to contact us.
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