Piles Facts You Should Know Today
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Piles Facts You Should Know Today


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http://www.chennailasergastro.com/piles-treatment-in-chennai-velachery/ - Looking for a piles treatment?. Before you choose a piles treatment in chennai, first read this awesome PDF on piles facts. Piles also called hemorrhoids are swelling of the rectal veins. Piles can be internal or external in nature. Either way, piles can be very disturbing and causes bleeding in the stools. If you are looking for a piles treatment in the velachery suburb of chennai. Visit the Chennai Laser Gastroenterology Clinic today.



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Published 11 May 2018
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Piles Facts You Should Know Today!
This is Dr. Karthik, Consultant in Urology and General Surgery. I work at theLaser Gastroenterology Clinic, Chennaiwhich offers specialized piles treatment services all over Chennai city. In today's awesome article we are going to discuss on some mind boggling facts on piles.
Has a piles been bothering you for a while?
Piles can very troubling in nature, most of the time piles result in chronic constipation while passing stools and some worst case scenarios they can also result in active bleeding.
What is a piles?
A piles also commonly called a haemorrhoid is defined as a swelling of the rectal veins. There are usually two type of piles internal piles and external piles. An internal piles will usually obstruct the passing of stools more often that an external piles. An external piles will be present outside the rectum, whereas an internal piles will be present inside the rectum.
What are the symptoms of piles?
The most common symptom of piles are straining while passing stools and bleeding seen in the stools. Difficulty in passing stools is however more common as a symptom in general.
How is a pile diagnosed?
Piles can be easily diagnosed. A diagnosis of haemorrhoid or piles does not require any specialized investigation other than a rectal exam from a doctor well trained in assessing a piles problem in chennai
How to prevent a haemorrhoid from occurring in the first place?
Piles or haemorrhoids can affect both men and women equally. The biggest and most common cause of haemorrhoids include a lack of fiber and vegetable intake combined with improper bowel habits.
Constant straining while passing stools combined with poor fruits/vegetable intake can ultimately result in haemorrhoids.
Keep eating lots of fruits and vegetables to prevent haemorrhoids in general
I have got a piles, how do I remove it now?
Well truth be told, not all piles requires a surgical intervention, sometimes following simple lifestyle changes and healthy bowel habits can help ameliorate a piles problem.
Sometimes, a piles may be so large, that a surgical correction for the same may be required. In these scenarios proceeding with a laser based piles treatment or correction can go a long way in allowing quick patient recovery
I hope you found this article on piles informative. If are from velachery, Chennai and are searching for a piles treatment. Look no further, drop in for a consultation to the Laser Gastroenterology Clinic, Chennai .