Recent Improvements and Benchmark Results for Paramax ATIS System

Recent Improvements and Benchmark Results for Paramax ATIS System


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) a * Office a a a a 1A a 1 PROLOG a a we a a Do decomposition any a serve a a a PUNDIT a any ) Do we a dinner; Recent Improvements and Benchmark Results for the Paramax ATIS System Lewis M. Norton, Deborah A. Dahl, and Marcia C. Linebarger Paramax Systems Corporation, Unisys Company P.O. Box 517 Paoli, PA, 19301 ABSTRACT system makes inferences involving more than one decomposition. For example, the instantiated decom- This paper describes three relatively domain-independent ca- positions produced for "flights leaving Boston" are: pabilities recently added to the Paramax spoken language un- derstanding system: non-monotonic reasoning, implicit refer- ence resolution, and database query paraphrase. In addition, flight_C(flightl, source(_) .... discuss the results of the February 1992 ATIS benchmark leaveP(leavel, flight(flightl), tests. We describe variation on the standard evaluation source(boston) .... metric which provides more tightly controlled measure of progress. Finally, we briefly describe an experiment which Application of rule relating the leaveP and the flight_C have done in extending the n-best speech/language inte- decompositions results in the source slot of the flight_C gration architecture to improving OCR accuracy. decomposition being instantiated to "boston". We have extended this feature to make it possible to re- 1. INTRODUCTION tract such inferences. This extension allows to In recent work on the ...



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