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Description - Sex enchancing powder:Vardenafil HCL powder and Avanafil powder are very popular sex powder in the market.You need to know how them works , the dosage, reviews and side effect of them before taking Vardenafil HCL powder and Avanafil powder.



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Published 19 April 2018
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Email:aas11@aasraw.comWhatsapp:+8618928439036 Sex enchancing powder: Vardenafil HCL powder VS.
Avanafil powder
.................................................................................................................... 1. Vardenafil HCL powder 1 ............................................................................................................................... 2. Avanafil powder 2 ....................................... 3. How does Sex enchancing powder works? Vardenafil HCL VS. A vanafil 2 ..................... 4. How to Use Sex enchancing powder? Vardenafil HCL powder VS . Avanafil powder 5 ............................................. 5. Oral User Reviews for Vardenafil HCL powder and Avanafil p owder 7 ....................................... 6. What are Side effect of Vardenafil HCL powder and Avanafil powder? 8 .................................................................................. 7. How long does Vardenafil HCL powder last? 9 .................................................................................................. 8. Are Vardenafil HCL powder safe? 10 .................................................................................................... 9. Is vardenafil HCL powder legal? 11 ...................................................................................... 10. Where to buy Vardenafil HCL powder? 11
1. Vardenafil HCL powder
Levitra is the brand name for Vardenafil HCL powder, an oral medication used to treat men who have sexual impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction or ED.
It's part of a group of drugs known as phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors. PDE5 inhibitors work by preventing an enzyme, PDE5, from working too rapidly in certain areas of the body, including the penis.
Vardenafil HCL powder, increases venous congestion in that area and helps a man get and keep an erection during sexual intercourse. By itself,Vardenafil HCL powder, does not cause an erection - there must also be physical stimulation of the penis to achieve an erection.
Vardenafil HCL powder, comes in two forms - a tablet or a disintegrating tablet (dissolves in the mouth, taken without water).
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Vardenafil HCL powder, in 2003. It is made by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and is distributed by GlaxoSmithKline.
2. Avanafil powder
Avanafil powder is used to treat men who have erectile dysfunction (also called sexual impotence). Avanafil powder belongs to a group of medicines called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. These medicines prevent an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type-5 from working too quickly. The penis is one of the areas where this enzyme works.
Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the penis does not harden and expand when a man is sexually excited, or when he cannot keep an erection. When a man is sexually stimulated, his body's normal response is to increase blood flow to his penis to produce an erection. By controlling the enzyme, avanafil powderhelps to maintain an erection after the penis is stroked by increasing blood flow to the penis. Without physical action to the penis, such as that occurring during sexual intercourse, avanafil powder will not work to cause an erection.
3. How does Sex enchancing powder works? Vardenafil HCL VS. Avanafil
How does Vardenafil HCL
How does Avanafil
Vardenafil HCL can help a man get and maintain an erection.During a penile erection, the penis fills with blood. Avanafil is in a class of medications called phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors.It is used to treat erectile The blood vessels that supply the penis dysfunction (ED: impotence; inability with blood expand, or dilate, and the to get or keep an erection in vessels that take blood away from the men). This male enhancement penis contract. The two large chambers product got its name from its main in the penis, known as the corpus active ingredient which helps the cavernosa, fill with blood. circulation of blood in the body in a normal way. There are other As the blood accumulates in the penis, ingredients that makes Avanafil an erection results. powder effective but don’t have that much impact and effects that its Vardenafil HCL belongs to a class of main ingredient has to offer. drugs called phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5) inhibitors. A PDE5 inhibitor stops It works by increasing blood flow to PDE5 from constricting the arteries.By the penis during sexual stimulation. relaxing the arteries,vardenafil HCL This increased blood flow can cause enhances blood flow when a man is an erection. Avanafil powder does sexually aroused. not cure erectile dysfunction or increase sexual desire. The active ingredient works on the chain Avanafil does not prevent of reactions within the penis during pregnancy or the spread of sexually arousal. transmitted diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus When a male is sexually aroused, nitric (HIV). oxide is released into his penis, and this triggers a chain of reactions.This causes Avanafil powder functionslike an enzyme, guanylate cyclase, to Viagra and it is a very effective pill produce cyclic guanosine that will surely boost your monophosphate (cGMP).cGMP confidence and performance in bed. regulates the contraction and dilation, or expansion, of blood vessels that carry blood to and from the penis.
The chemical reaction causes the vessels that supply the penis to dilate, while those removing blood from the
3 penis contract.Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5), another enzyme breaks down or destroys cGMP.When cGMP is destroyed, the blood vessels return to their normal size, effectively ending the erection. Vardenafil HCL stops PDE5 from destroying cGMP. In this way, it allows cGMP to work for longer. As a result, it helps prolong an erection.
Mechanism Of Action--Vardenafil HCL powder
Penile erection is a hemodynamic process initiated by the relaxation of smooth muscle in the corpus cavernosum and its associated arterioles. During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released from nerve endings and endothelial cells in the corpus cavernosum. Nitric oxide activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase resulting in increased synthesis of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) in the smooth muscle cells of the corpus cavernosum.
4. How to Use Sex enchancing powder? Vardenafil HCL
powder VS. Avanafil powder
How to use Vardenafil HCL powder?
How to Use Avanafil powder?
You should know this whiletaking Take exactly as prescribed by your avanafil powder doctor. Do not take in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than Tell all of your health care providers that recommended. Follow the directions you take this medicine. This includes on your prescription label. your doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. Vardenafil HCL powder can be taken with or without food. Avoid driving and doing other tasks or actions that call for you to be alert until Vardenafil HCL powder is usually you see how avanafil affects you. taken only when needed, about 60 minutes before sexual activity. The medication can help achieve an To lower the chance of feeling dizzy or erection when sexual stimulation passing out, rise slowly if you have occurs. An erection will not occur just been sitting or lying down. Be careful by taking a pill. Follow your doctor's going up and down stairs. instructions.
Do not take this medicine with other To take the orally disintegrating tablet drugs used to treat a change in sex (Staxyn): ability. Keep the tablet in its blister pack until If you drink grapefruit juice or eat you are ready to take it. Open the grapefruit often, talk with your doctor. package and peel back the foil from the tablet blister. Do not push a tablet Talk with your doctor before you drink through the foil or you may damage alcohol. the tablet. Using dry hands, remove the tablet and place it in your mouth. It will This medicine does not stop the spread begin to dissolve right away. of diseases like HIV or hepatitis that are Do not swallow the tablet whole. passed through blood or having sex. Do Allow it to dissolve in your mouth not have any kind of sex without using a without chewing. latex or polyurethane condom. Do not
Email:aas11@aasraw.comWhatsapp:+8618928439036 Swallow several times as the tablet share needles or other things like dissolves. Do not take Staxyn with toothbrushes or razors. Talk with your liquid. doctor. Do nottake Vardenafil HCLpowder more than once a day. Allow 24 A very bad eye problem has rarely hours to pass between doses. happened with avanafil. This may lead Contact your doctor or seek to a change in eyesight and sometimes emergency medical attention if your loss of eyesight, which may not come erection is painful or lasts longer than back. Talk with the doctor. 4 hours. A prolonged erection This medicine is not approved for use in (priapism) can damage the penis. children. Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat. The Dosage of Vardenafil HCL The Dosage of Avanafil powder powder For oral dosage form (tablets):
Avanafil comes as a tablet to take by If you are using the disintegrating mouth. For men taking the 100- mg or tablet form ofVardenafil 200-mg doses, avanafil is usually taken hydrochloridepowder, the with or without food as needed, about recommended single dose is 15 minutes before sexual activit,no 10-milligrams (mg) no more than more than once a day,. once a day, an hour before you expect to have sex. For men taking the 50-mg dose, avanafil is usually taken with or without If you are using the oral tablet, take a food as needed,about 30 minutes 10-mg single dose once a day an before sexual activity. Do not take hour before sex. Men age 65 years avanafil more often than once in 24 and older can take a 5-mg dose once hours. a day, an hour before sex. Children—Use is not recommended. The recommended dose of Vardenafil hydrochloride will be The dose of this medicine will be different for different men, however. different for different patients. Follow Talk to your doctor about the correct your doctor's orders or the directions on dosage for you. the label. The following information includes only the average doses of this medicine. If your dose is different, do
Email:aas11@aasraw.comWhatsapp:+8618928439036 not change it unless your doctor tells you to do so.
Avanafil powder
The amount of medicine that you take depends on the strength of the medicine. Also, the number of doses you take each day, the time allowed between doses, and the length of time you take the medicine depend on the medical problem for which you are using the medicine.
Vardenafil HCL powder reviews Avanafil powder reviews Experience is generally very positive. As prescribed, I took 1/2 pill Mostly strong results with manageable (100mg) of Stendra after a night of flushing and head pressure. Not really adult beverages, good food, and bad enough to be called a headache. dancing. Less than 30 min later, However there have been a few times that with her prompting, I was harder the drug has let me down with good than ever and lasted 2 hrs. We're sexual stimulation. I have wondered if the very happy. No negative side drug interfered with orgasm but maybe effects. NOW, here's the good that’s just the reality of being 63. part............. 4 hours later, without Fortunately I maintained an erection so I taking any moreStendra, it was still was able to please my partner (a lot) working 4 hours after that, same which was more important to me than my thing. Poor wife was lethargic for orgasm. The drug indications are that it the next 24 hrs. Thank you Stendra can be taken without regard to food but ps- had tried Cialis and Viagra in avoid just grapefruit. I am reading a few the past with poor AND negative reviews onlinethat taking it with an empty results. stomach produces better results. I may try that. Sometimes when I take it I feel no symptoms at all and that’s when I
7 sometimes think it may not be successful. I’m wondering if it’s possible to build up a tolerance to it.
What are Side effect of Vardenafil HCL powder and
Avanafil powder?
Side effect of Avanafil Side effect of Vardenafil HCL powder powder Some side effects can be serious. If you experience WARNING/CAUTION: Even though it may be rare, any of these symptoms, some people may have very bad and sometimes call your doctor deadly side effects when taking a drug. Tell your immediately or get doctor or get medical help right away if you have emergency medical any of the following signs or symptoms that may be treatment: related to a very bad side effect: an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours
Signs of an allergic reaction, like rash; hives;sudden loss of vision in itching; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin with one or both eyes (see or without fever; wheezing; tightness in the chest or below for more throat; trouble breathing, swallowing, or talking; information) unusual hoarseness; or swelling of the mouth, face, lips, tongue, or throat.sudden hearing loss (see below for more Chest pain or pressure or a fast heartbeat. information)
A heartbeat that does not feel normal.
Very bad dizziness or passing out.
ringing in the ears
Weakness on 1 side of the body, trouble - -rash speaking or thinking, change in balance, drooping on one side of the face, or blurred eyesight.itching
8 Change in eyesight.
Loss of eyesight.
Change in hearing.
Hearing loss.
Ringing in ears.
Whatsapp:+8618928439036 swollen eyelids
Call your doctor right away if you have a painful erection (hard penis) or an erection that lasts for longer than 4 hours. This may happen even when you are not having sex. If this is not treated right away, it may lead to lasting sex problems and you may not be able to have sex.
Avanafilmay cause other side effects. Call your doctor if you have any unusual problems while taking this medication.
7. How long does Vardenafil HCL powder last?
Unfortunately, there are currently no medications that can make ED go away for good. All PDE5 inhibitors including Vardenafil HCL powder reduce the amount of PDE5 in your system only for a limited period of time called their ‘half-life’. After that they are digested and taken out of your system and PDE5 returns to its original levels.
The duration of action of Vardenafil HCL powder varies from patient to patient depending on every single person’s physiological peculiarities. According to the official information released by the FDA and themanufacturers of Vardenafil HCL powder(GlaxoSmithKlein and Bayer AG), you should be perfectly ready for sex for up to 4-5 hours after taking the pill. In fact, judging from our own experience as well as from what other people say about HCL powder, 4-5 hours is the absolute shortest you can expect from this medication. Most men say Levitra keeps them going all night long and well into the next day, which makes it 10-12 hours. Of course, that depends on a variety of different factors, such as how bad your ED is, whether you are taking any other meds or not, whether you are suffering from any other health disorders that might make your ED worse and so and so on. Anyway, you can use that
Email:aas11@aasraw.comWhatsapp:+8618928439036 information about 4-5 hours as a starting point and see further how Vardenafil HCL powder works for you.
8. Are Vardenafil HCL powder safe?
This, again, is a tricky question, the answers to which differ depending on what particular manufacturer we’re talking about. In fact, even the brand-name Levitra is not 100% safe as it doesn’t work well with certain meds and should be avoided by patients with certain health conditions. The same applies to most of its generics. However, there are also some counterfeit vardenafil-basedEDmeds that are considered to be more dangerous than drugs by reliable manufacturers due to unstable concentration of vardenafil in them. For instance, you take one of these pills and notice that they don’t work that well. You increase your dose to two tablets and get a perfect erection. But what if the next batch of these pills has more vardenafil in them? Yes, exactly, you are likely to overdose on those and that may result in a number of very unpleasant or even plain dangerous conditions including a severe drop in blood pressure, heart attack, sudden loss of hearing and/or vision and the like.
9. Is vardenafil HCL powder legal?
This depends on where you’re based and whether you are buying or selling. Generally, due to that exclusive patent belonging to GSK and Bayer, generic Levitra is outlawed in many countries like the US, the UK and some European countries. Pharmacies are not allowed to sell generics there and neither are individuals, of course. However, there’s good news too: even though selling generics is expressly forbidden, buying them is usually not considered to be a crime.
Well, most sources actually agree that importing and re-importing vardenafil HCL powderis illegal, at least in the United States. However, don’t be in too much hurry to close that online pharmacy site that you are looking at and delete it from your browsing history. All sources out there actually add that there hasn’t been even a single case when an individual faced charges for bringing a small amount of ED pills into the country. And the notion of ‘small amount’ is actually not as small as many might think – according to countless observations, you should be 100% safe when bringing up to three months’ worth of vardenafil HCL powder across the border – either on yourself after your trip abroad or via mail order. Of course, you are recommended to have your prescription with you when receiving your order of generic Levitra – but even if you don’t have one, the worst that can happen to you is getting your pills withdrawn by the customs – no charged whatsoever involved.
Available under countless brands apart from Levitra vardenafil HCL powder is usually not even noticed at the customs, so there’s almost zero chance someone will come asking you about your order when you receive it.
However, we don’t recommend you to order more than 24 pills of Levitra at once as such an amount is usually considered to have high retail value and can be frowned upon at the customs.
10. Where to buy Vardenafil HCL powder?
If you are based in one of the countries where selling vardenafil HCL powder is prohibited, you can only get it online from a foreign Internet pharmacy. We strongly recommend that you can buy some vardenafil HCL powder on