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United Nations Educational Scientificand Cultural OrganizationCDS/ISISInformation StorageandRetrieval SystemDavide Storti - UNESCO CI/INF DivisionUNESCO - 2000CDS/ISIS - What it is?• CDS/ISIS is a generalized Information Storage andRetrieval System• It is intended to be used for structured non-numericaldatabases containing mainly texts• It is specialized in handling variable-lengthinformation• It may manage stand-alone as well as local networkdatabase systems2CDS/ISIS - What it is?• Unlike Dbase or MS-Access, CDS/ISIS is not arelational database system, although it provides somerelational facilities•CDS/ISIS deals with questions like: "which researchprojects deal with basic education in India?"• It may be expanded by advanced users (programmers)for adding new services and tools• A wide variety of solutions for Internet publishing ofdata are already available3CDS/ISIS - What is a database?• The term "database" denotes a collection of structuredinformation• A database contains data elements called "records"• Each record in the database has the same structure• Some units of information in a record may be absent,some others may occur more than once (a book mayhave more than one author or may not have an ISBN)• Data units in a record are called "fields"• Fields may contain independent data elements called4"subfields".CDS/ISIS - What is a database?Example of database structure5CDS/ISIS - Basic features• CDS/ISIS allows the user to ...



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United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
Information Storage and Retrieval System
Davide Storti - UNESCO CI/INF Division  
UNESCO - 2000
CDS/ISIS-What it is?
• CDS/ISIS is a generalized InformationStorageand RetrievalSystem
• It is intended to be used forstructured non-numerical databases containing mainly texts
• It is specialized in handlingarvgnht-eelailb information
• It may manage stand-alone as well aslocal network database systems
It may be expanded by advanced users (programmers) for adding new services and tools
A wide variety of solutions for Internet publishing of data are already available
Fields may contain independent data elements called "subfields".
Example of database structure
Analyze the content of the database to extract searchable information following your own instruction
Search and retrieve subsets of the stored information
Display or print the results the way you want
The MFN isautomatically assignedby the system when a the record is created Fields within a record are identified by a code number calledTAG You may access a record not only by its number but by itscontent For this purpose, you may maintain adictionary of searchable terms, also called "Inverted File"
To install CDS/ISIS for Windows:
• Insert thedisk 1in your drive From Windows 95 Start menu, run: a:\setup.exe • The following screen will appear:
• Choose "Continue" to start the installation procedure
Follow the instructionson the screen: usually you may just click "Ok" to each installation question
In case of problems, please read the "readme.wri" file.