Uncovering the Peppermint Oil and Mice Repellant Myth
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Uncovering the Peppermint Oil and Mice Repellant Myth


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The debate over which method of getting rid of mice works the best has been going on for decades. The most common methods include traps, poison, and glue boards. Some people use peppermint oil to get rid of mice. Even though this is an environmentally friendly way to deter mice from entering your home, garage, barn, and farm equipment, it is not shown in independent comparisons to be the most effective 'Natural' way to get rid of mice. Let us show you at: http://www.earth-kind.com/Resources/peppermintoilmice/tabid/435/default.aspx



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Uncovering the Peppermint Oil and Mice Repellant Myth
Do peppermint oil and mice mix well together? According to many
stories you find scattered around the internet and in a few odd
publications you would believe mice hate peppermint oil. You would
start to believe you can use peppermint oil as one of the best
methods of repelling mice from your home. If you are smart you will
do a little deeper research into the matter.
If You Get Rid of Half the Mice Are You Happy?
Here is the really curious thing about the claims about peppermint oil
and mice. You can find statistics which indicate it works approximately 50% of the time. This leaves a
big question to be answered. Does this mean it gets rid of all the mice 50% of the time, or does it
indicate it gets rids of 50% of the mice all of the time?
In reality you probably do not care. When it comes to mice 50% success is not high enough. You want
the disease carrying vermin out of your house, garage, or barn. You do not want to wonder if you still
have mice. You want to feel confident they are gone.
Why Has Peppermint Oil Become Popular As a Mouse Repellant?
Peppermint oil became a popular choice of mouse repellant for only one reason. It is 100% natural. It
is a safe choice compared to mouse poi
son or even mouse traps which can break children’s fingers. Due
to the high level of safety it has received a high amount of press with many peppermint products hitting
the market.
Sadly, popularity is not the determining factor in success. Mice do not care if peppermint oil is popular;
they only care if it bothers them. This is where the real problem sets in. Peppermint oil must be strong
enough to deter and replaced often enough to stay potent. If it is a weaker dilution of peppermint oil
the mice will simply ignore it and keep on moving.
Are There Other Safe Natural Options for Getting Rid of Mice?
There are many other choices for natural mouse repellants. One of the more effective varieties has
been tested to have almost a 90% success rate. Now that is a level which
starts getting interesting. If you knew you were going to get rid of all the
mice 90% of the time you would probably get excited. This is a much higher
rate than mouse traps or even cats.
Then when you consider the product is just as safe as peppermint oil it
becomes even more interesting. Peppermint oil is believed to continue
deterring mice for approximately 30 days before becoming ineffective. This
other natural option has been tested for 100 days with mice not returning
to the treated areas.
What If You Tried Peppermint Oil and Mice Keep Returning?
Then you are experiencing the most common problem with peppermint oil. Mice may find it repelling
for a little while but usually return in full force within 30 days. You can keep changing out the oil, but
often the mice start ignoring it.
On the other hand, the alternative option appears to remain effective. You change out their pouch filled
with natural ingredients and do not worry about it for 100 days. In the end it appears
peppermint oil
and mice
make a good mix. They do not seem to mind it at all.