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1. JACQUES MISTRAL. Born on September 22nd, 1947 in Toulouse (France). Married, 3 children. Artillery Officer. French. EDUCATION. Ecole Polytechnique ...



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Born on September 22nd, 1947 in Toulouse (France) Married, 3 children Artillery Officer French
EDUCATION Ecole Polytechnique (1967)
Doctorat en économie appliquée – University Paris IX Dauphine, 1973
Doctorat de Sciences Economiques – University Paris I, 1977
Professor of Economics – (Agrégation de Science économiques, 1977)
CAREER (summary):
Since Sept. 2007
Head of Economic Research, Ifri (Institut français des relations internationales)
2006 -2007to the AdvisorDirecteur général du Trésor et de la politique économique, Ministère des finances -Paris
2005 – 2006 Minister-FinancialCounsellor, French Embassy in Washington  SeniorFellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University  Memberof the “Conseil d’Analyse Economique” (Prime Minister’s office)
2001 - 2005 Minister-FinancialCounsellor, French Embassy in Washington
2000 - 20011992 – 2000 1988 - 1991 1977 - 1988
1969 - 1977
Special Advisor to the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry
Executive Vice President, Axa Group
Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Michel Rocard.
Professor of Economics (université des Antilles, Paris XIII, IEP Paris, ENSAE, Ecole Polytechnique)
Economist, Minister of Finance.
I started my professional life as an economist at the Ministry of finance at a time when new methods based on the use of econometric models were introduced in the Government ; this was a time of external difficulties for France (devaluation in 69, oil shock in 73) which proved particularly demanding for these new instruments. I have been called in 1988 by the Prime Minister, Michel Rocard, as a member of his team and I have been his Economic Advisor during three years. In this position, I have been involved in every aspect of the Government action : elaboration, negotiation, explanation and finally assessment. The major fields in which I have been active have been Fiscal Policy, Employment Policy, Health and Retirement. Writing speeches and visiting Foreign Governmentswere another part of the job. I have been called again in 2001 as a Special Advisor to the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry ; the major new involvement in this period has been with the European (Eurogroup and Ecofin meetings) and international (G7) agendas. Finally, I have been proposed in 2001 the position of Minister for financial affairs at the French Embassy in Washington which gave me another broad international experience in a particularly stimulating period.
1969 – 1977Economist at the Ministry of Finance -Staff Economist for the balance of payments forecast; Economist in the econometric model group ; -Head of short term forecasts.
1988 – 1991Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister -Designing the economic policy framework ; liaison with the Ministry of Finance, -with Parliament ; writing economic speeches of the PM ; contacts with the media. -Working on specific macro-issues : employment (first measures alleviating labour costs for less-skilled people), health, retirement, and micro-issues: households bankruptcy, product liability, privacy… -Visiting foreign countries with the PM (USA, Japan); personal emissary of the Prime Minister towards foreign governments (Chile, Poland, Mexico) ; liaison with the Russian Government regarding the transition to a market economy.
2000 – 2001Special Advisor to the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry -; FrenchResponsibility for the European (Eurogroupe and Ecofin meetings Presidency of the Union in 2000) and international (G7) agendas. Among many topics : Lamfalussy report,stability pact, oil shock, enlargement, introduction of the euro.
2001 -2006
Minister for financial affairs, French Embassy in Washington -Information of the French Authorities regarding the US economy and economic policies ; bilateral ministerial meetings with the US authorities ; -: activity andFollow-up of the financial industries (Banks, Insurers, Markets) performance, regulation and supervision ; transatlantic financial dialogue ; -; pleading for FrenchLiaison with US authorities (Treasury, Fed, SEC, CBO…) attractiveness.
AXA is a global financial company (P&C insurance, life insurance, reinsurance, asset management) with a revenue of 72 EurosBillion in 2004, assets under management of 869 EurosBillion and earnings of3 EurosBillion. AXA is present in Europe, in the US (formerly, The Equitable Life for insurance and Alliance Capital for asset management) and in Asia.
During my tenure with AXA, I had the responsibility of restoring the situation of a particularly troubled part of the Group (major international risks, a business similar to the Lloyd’s), to head the Asian operations when the group was quickly expanding in the Pacific Region, from Australia to China, to head the Human and finally the Finance Departments (following the merger with UAP).
1992 – 1993CEO AXA Marine/Aviation/Transport -Merging the marine departments of the AXA companies ; -Restoring the financial situation of the London based subsidiary ; -Designing new rules of underwriting, appropriate reserving, innovative reporting tools, adequate market access. 1993 – 1995Executive Vice President for Asia -Achieving the acquisition of National Mutual in Australia ; -Negotiating a partnership with Dongbu in Korea ; -Supervising the launch of a start-up in Japan (AXA Japan) ; -Getting the first French license with Chinese Authorities ; -: Melbourne, Tokyo, Hong-Kong,Member of the Board of AXA Asian Companies Singapour, Seoul. 1995 – 1997Executive Vice President for Human Resources (18 000 staff) -Managing incentives for senior executives (bonuses, stock-options…), designing letters of objectives and follow-up, recruitments and firings ; -Negotiating the social contract : wages, retirement, training ; -Negotiating the creation of a European Social Committee for the Group . 1997 – 2000Executive Vice President for Finance (Turn-over, 20 EurosBillion) -Merging the finance departments of AXA and UAP in France ; -Opening financial statements after the merger; accounting, reporting, reserving policy (actuarial department) ; consolidation ; -; relations with auditors and ratingsReducing expenses, delivering synergies agencies ; introduction of the AXA share on Wall Street ; -Designing a new strategic plan for the AXA Group in France ; -Member of the Board of AXA companies in France.
September 2007