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In these complicated economic times, it is never easy to find a job , grow in your business or change careers . To help you, Youscribe offers a wide choice of documents in this area related to employment and careers .

Cover letter, CV, internship report, standard letter, employment figure ... all the resources and all the models you need to boost your career or find a job can be downloaded from Youscribe. Don't let the anxiety of the blank page block you and know how to find the right words in all circumstances!

Improve your chances of finding a job

Finding a job is never an easy task. So that it does not become too difficult and too long, you will find on this page full of tips and advice on our various documents in relation to employment.

First of all to improve your chances with a recruiter, you need a good CV . For that, you will find dozens of CV examples , but also documents presenting how to make a good CV ( here ). In addition to the CV, the second document when applying is the cover letter. This is why we also offer you examples and advice on cover letters (on this page).

After the application, you will also have to prepare for the interview with the employer . Various documents will help you improve and make your job interview as successful as possible, so don't hesitate to download them.

All our resources to promote your career

In this thematic on employment and careers , you will also find many other documents to help you in your career. Promotion request, resignation letter, salary increase request ... these documents must be written with the greatest care to be impactful or quite simply, to be admissible. Follow the advice of our professionals and write these letters with the greatest efficiency.

You will also find under this heading supports in connection with labor law, such as, for example, assistance in drafting your employment contracts. Youscribe also offers many publications to help you with your professional and academic orientation, such as job descriptions  or as a page entirely dedicated to professional training (see here ).