4 Tips to Avoid Uh-Oh Travel Moments in Locum Tenens

4 Tips to Avoid Uh-Oh Travel Moments in Locum Tenens


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http://www.vistastaff.com/job-board - To err is human. Most of us have our own collection of horror stories involving travel—forgetting key belongings, remembering some version of "the stove is on" as you’re about to board your flight. And even when you are prepared, sometimes bad luck can still find you.



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Published 06 December 2017
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4 Tips to Avoid Uh-Oh Travel Moments in Locum Tenens
To err is human. Most of us have our own collection of horror stories involving travelforgetting key belongings, reŵeŵďeƌiŶg soŵe ǀeƌsioŶ of ͞the stoǀe is oŶ͟ as LJou’ƌe aďout to ďoaƌd LJouƌ flight. AŶd eǀeŶ ǁheŶ LJou aƌe pƌepaƌed, sometimes bad luck can still find you.
WheŶ LJou paƌtŶeƌ ǁith VI“TA, ǁe ŵake suƌe LJou’ƌe pƌepaƌed to head out foƌ aŶLJ loĐuŵ teŶeŶs ǁoƌk, Ŷo ŵatter how loŶg LJou’ƌe aǁaLJ. IŶ ĐoŶǀeƌsatioŶs ǁith loĐuŵ teŶeŶs ĐliŶiĐiaŶs ;Ŷeǁ aŶd seasoŶedͿ, ouƌ ƌeĐƌuiteƌs aƌe ofteŶ asked a common question as a long-teƌŵ assigŶŵeŶt Ŷeaƌs. ͞CaŶ LJou thiŶk of aŶLJthiŶg I’ŵ foƌgettiŶg?͟
Heƌe’s ouƌ adǀiĐe:
1. DoŶ’t Rush PaĐking Up
Have you ever left for a big trip only to realize en-route that you forgot to pack about twelve important things, and also might have left a load of laundry in? Maybe you have a nightly prescription you forgot during your morning packing. If LJou’ƌe takiŶg off foƌ aŶ edžteŶded assigŶŵeŶt, it’s alǁaLJs a good idea to ďuild iŶ a feǁ houƌs to ƌuŶ thƌough LJouƌ checklist of what needs to be taken care of.
additioŶ to paĐkiŶg, LJou’ll ǁaŶt to feel Đoŵfoƌtaďle leaǀiŶg LJouƌ hoŵe uŶatteŶded. Coǀeƌ the folloǁiŶg, especially if no one will be checking in regularly:
Lock up all doors, windows, cars, etc. Set a light on a nightly timer to avoid a dark home Take belongings indoors as seasonally appropriate (e.g., if temperatures are dropping, disconnect garden hoses, take in patio furniture, etc.) Do a sweep of your house, garage, backyard, any place you store valuables Check your fridge and pantry, and clear out anything perishable
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Take out garbage and clear garbage disposal Unplug electronics
2. Think About What Services to Pause
How long will you be away for your locum tenens assignment? If only for a few weeks, pausing things like gym memberships and mail delivery might not be worth it. A friend or neighbor could take in your deliveries, and your gym membership might not be flexible. But if your assignment is longer, these options may make sense to explore.
ϯ. … aŶd What “eƌǀiĐes to “taƌt
“easoŶs ĐhaŶge ƋuiĐklLJ. It ŵight Ŷot ďe sŶoǁiŶg ǁheŶ LJou leaǀe… ďut it Đould ďe ďLJ the tiŵe LJou get ďaĐk. Oƌmaybe leaves are accumulating on your back porch (and making it obvious that no one is home). Does your lawn need to be teŶded ǁhile LJou’ƌe aǁaLJ?
Just like it’s pƌaĐtiĐal to thiŶk aďout ǁhat seƌǀiĐes to stop ǁhile LJou’ƌe oŶ assigŶŵeŶt, it’s also sŵaƌt to think through what services may need to be added. Another question to ask as we head into winter months: Can you leave the heat off? Is your thermostat set low enough to keep your energy bills from skyrocketing, but high enough that your pipes ǁoŶ’t fƌeeze?
ϰ. DoŶ’t Leaǀe Pƌoďleŵs UŶaddƌessed
You ŵight thiŶk LJouƌ ƌoof ǁill ďe fiŶe ǁhile LJou’ƌe aǁaLJ. But as just ŵeŶtioŶed, seasoŶs ĐhaŶge ƋuiĐklLJ, aŶd a sŵall pƌoďleŵ Ŷoǁ ĐaŶ ŵeaŶ ďig tƌouďle doǁŶ the ƌoad if it’s Ŷot takeŶ Đaƌe of. IŶ additioŶ to LJouƌ ƌoof, ďesure to check your smoke detectors (are they working?) and your sump pump (if you have one).
Can you think of anythingweforgot? Let us know in the comments!
If LJou’ƌe ƌeadLJ to look foƌ a Ŷeǁ assigŶŵeŶt ;aŶd aŶotheƌ ƌeasoŶ to tƌaǀelͿ, ǀisit ouƌjob board! For more FAQs of locum tenens clinicians, click the button below to download our free eBook.
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