Simple Ways to Sleep Soundly

Simple Ways to Sleep Soundly


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Insightful article about the importance of sleep on health. Helps uncover some of the best natural sleep aids and mattresses to support sleep throughout the night. There are many different causes of sleep issues but sometimes the simplest are often the most influential.



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Published 17 November 2017
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Simple Ways to Sleep Soundly
Sleeping soundly is one of the most elusive goals for many. To sleep comfortably throughout the night is often unachievable for the majority of us, likely contributing to thelarge rates of insomnia. Tossing and turning may arise from a myriad of reasons though oftentimes one’s mattress can be the largest problem. There exist a great many options for mattresses on the market and finding the best mattress can be a chaotic nightmare. Consider several aspects of the purchasing process and you will be able to seamlessly determine which option might fit your sleeping style best.
What Type of Sleeper Are You? The single biggest issue that most people have with mattresses is their inability to support their sleeping style. Those that are side sleepers tend to prefer softer, more cushioning options while those that sleep on their stomach or backs usually prefer a firm mattress. These types of issues aren’t always easily discovered, agreed upon by partners, or easily solved. For example, let’s imagine your sleeping partner prefers their back while you prefer your side. These two sleeping styles are greatly different and there’s finding a mattress that can address both is difficult—but not impossible! Many of the best mattress brands on the market today offer fully-customizable options to help address issues such as these.
Learning which among these manufacturers can help address the needs of your sleep can greatly help one find the best mattress.
Trustworthy Mattress Brands Mattresses have historically been riddled by overpriced options that change hands many times before reaching consumers. Big box retailers have seemingly perpetuated a shameless experiment on the American people determined to resolve justhow muchone is willing to spend on a mattress. Recently however, mattress brands such as Casper, Nectar Sleep, Amerisleep, and now Serta Simmons’ latest project Tomorrow Sleep have reimagined what mattress buying can be. These companies have engineered products that can be delivered directly to consumers, often with free shipping, and come with ridiculous warranties and in-home trials. These companies are well-financed and often request that any returns simply be delivered to local donation stores. AsHome Refinerynotes: “These are the mattress brands of the future and informed consumers are figuring this out fast!”
Mattress Alternatives For some, sleeping soundly revolves around much more than the position in which they lay and more about the processes going on in their body. There are a seemingly-infinite amount of possible sleep-impacting factors that can arise from health and nutrition. Too little minerals and essential nutrients can cause issues such as magnesium deficiency which may lead to heighten anxiety and increased insomnia. Eating right before bedtime may have a negative impact on the body’s natural circadian rhythm, and other activities such as browsing the internet may overstimulate our brains before bedtime. These are all simple, yet prevalent, issues that cause many to have issues sleeping. For some very simple suggestions for helping to sleep better naturally, consider the following natural sleep aids:
1. Melatonin 2. Passion Flower 3. Skullcap 4. Lavender 5. Chamomile 6. Magnesium Glycinate 7. GABA 8. L-Theanine 9. L-Arginine 10. Meditation
These types of compounds have all shown considerable ability to offer support for deeper sleep. Compounds like melatonin can help one fall asleep more quickly and effectively while other compounds like GABA and magnesium Glycinate can help support natural calmness that impacts our ability to stay asleep. These compounds are all natural but still should be discussed with a health professional before implementing. Meditation is a bit of a curveball on this list, but has shown a remarkable degree of influence over sleep quality, duration, and effectiveness. There are even ahandful of insomnia appsnow available to help harness the convenience of technology to address sleep issues.
Final Considerations Sleep is something that many of us cast to the backburner when attempting to self-diagnose issues in our lives. The truth is that sleep has the ability to impact every aspect of our health and day to day function. Without quality sleep it is hard to have a quality life; period. One might be able to skirt along with minimal rest for a few days,maybeeven a few weeks, but eventually things will catch up. Cognitive functionality is the first to suffer, followed by energy levels, then systemic immune functions and digestive processes. The body uses sleep to help repair and prepare itself. Without quality sleep it is forced totake continual damagewith little reprieve or way to heal. Considering the effect of natural sleep aids may offer much needed assistance. Finding the best mattress for your sleeping style and sleeping preferences can also offer significant support. Consider which of these brands offer the best options and make the best informed choice you can. There are plenty of mattress reviews online to help guide your search and gain insight towards other’s experience with those products.