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The earth in travail the hidden costs of cheap food from consumers

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The Earth in travail by the Master — The hidden costs of cheap food by Mark Sommer From consumers to caretakers Interview with Vandana Shiva by Jason Francis Nobel Prize for Peace 2007: Gore’s win a triumph for planet White Paper for a peaceful Middle East Interview with André Azoulay by Andrea Bistrich VSHARE INTERNAol. 26, No. 9 — November 2007TIONAL 1 VOL. 26, NO. 9 — NOVEMBER 2007 ContentsSHARE 2b Benjamin Creme —INTERNATIONAL lectures and tours [ISSN 0169-1341] “Everyone has the right to a standard of living ad- 3 The Earth in travail equate for the health and well-being of himself and by the Master — his family, including food, clothing, housing, and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sick- 4 Point of view: ness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond their control.” The hidden costs of (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25) cheap food Editor: by Mark SommerBenjamin Creme (London) Editorial staff, contributors, correspondents: Canada: Diana Holland; Germany: Andrea 5 From consumers to caretakers Bistrich; The Netherlands: Felicity Eliot, Erik Interview with Vandana ShivaHutter; New Zealand: Shirley Nairn; Spain: Carmen Font; United Kingdom: Gill Fry, Janet Lenton, by Jason Francis Patricia Pitchon, Phyllis Power; United States: Monte Leach 17 Maitreya’s priorities:9 Trends:Editorial office (letters/questions to editor): New UN document onPO Box 3677, London NW5 1RU, UK Gore calls for Global Mailing address Share International: PO Indigenous RightsMarshall Plan Box 41877, 1009 DB Amsterdam, Holland. Production and administration: 19 White Paper for a SI teams in Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles 11 Israeli youth rebel against peaceful Middle East Printed by: army service Interview with André Azoulaywww.drukpartners.nl, Diemen, The Netherlands Interview with Lior Volynitz by Andrea BistrichShare International is published monthly, ex- by Aleš Kusteccept bi-monthly in January/February and July/Au- gust of each year, by SHARE INTERNATIONAL 21 Facts and forecasts: FOUNDATION, a non-profit, non-governmental 13 Voice of the people: organization. Gore’s win a triumph for planet Worldwide rallies for DarfurShare International also appears in Japanese. Abridged versions are available monthly in Dutch, 24 Letters to the editor: French, German, Slovenian and Spanish. A Polish 15 Signs of the time: Repeat appearanceversions is published periodically. UFO in British Colombia, Articles in SI may contain either British or Amer- ican spelling and punctuation, depending upon the Canada 26 Questions and answers author’s preference. Figures in billions refer to US billions, i.e. 1,000 million. Contributors to this publication and those who have been interviewed or quoted do not necessarily en- dorse Benjamin Creme’s statements about the pres- ence of Maitreya the World Teacher, or the associ- This month’s authors ated esoteric ideas. While we publish articles which we believe will Benjamin Creme is the British chief editor of Andrea Bistrich is a Share International co- interest and enlighten our readers, we do not nec- Share International, an artist and an esotericist worker based in Munich, Germany. essarily endorse every idea expressed in them. for many years. Jason Francis © Share International. His telepathic contact with a Master of Wisdom worker based in Massachusetts, USA. The reproduction of articles in any form from Share allows him to receive up-to-date information on Aleš Kustec is a Share International co-worker International requires written permission which the Christ’s emergence and to expand on the based in Ljutomer, Slovenia.will not be unreasonably withheld. Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Mark Sommer, host of the award-winning radioThe picture reproduced on the cover – Flame- The Master — is a senior member of the Hier- programme A World of Possibilitiescoloured Deva – was painted by Benjamin Creme between 1976 and 1977. The Deva or Angelic archy of the Masters of Wisdom; His name, (www.aworldofpossibilities.com), is an author evolutions are parallel to that of the human and well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being and internationally syndicated columnist who di- of infinite variety and colour, from subhuman to revealed for various reasons. Benjamin rects the Mainstream Media Project, a US-superhuman. Many work in a direct healing and Creme is in constant telepathic contact with this based initiative to bring new voices and view-protective relation to humanity. Master Who dictates His articles to him. points to the broadcast media.Yearly subscriptions: US$30, £24.00, or EUR 32.50. SHARE INTERNATIONAL2 VOL. 26, NO. 9 — NOVEMBER 2007 The Earth in travail by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 14 October 2007 It may be said that at last some men are beginning to must see it as a top priority to remedy what he has take seriously the dangers posed by global warming hurt and so restore to health his ailing planet. He and the consequent climate changes that this is must learn to simplify his demands on the planet bringing about. It is true that there is much and learn the beauty of simplicity and the joy of disagreement over the reality and extent of the sharing. dangers, and of the best means of approaching the Man has but little choice: the urgency of the task problems which are agreed to exist. However, there demands immediate action; few indeed realize the is no doubt that some men, at least, are recognizing true scale of damage already done. The question may that men face a formidable task in halting the be asked: can planet Earth be saved and by what progress of destruction and in stabilizing the means? environment. It is also true that even the most aware The answer is a resounding YES! and by means and concerned of men know little of the extent and which involve the transformation of the present complexity of the problems. modes of living by the majority of men. The problem of pollution is such a case. Pollution The paramount ambition of all so-called takes many forms, some obvious and easily dealt ‘developed’ countries is to achieve an ever higher with, if the will to do so exists. Some, however, percentage of growth of their economies to become, require a science and a remedy as yet unknown to thereby, richer; and, in an economic world based on man; they are so toxic and destructive that they must competition, to attain dominance and power, and so be given high priority to overcome. The effect of enjoy a higher standard of life. This being so, the pollution on the quality of air, food, on animals, and pillaging of the Earth, the cavalier waste of on fish, in rivers and the oceans, is known but largely resources, is seen as only natural and necessary. This ignored. The most destructive of all, that caused by irresponsible action has at last brought planet Earth nuclear radiation, awaits discovery by Earth almost to its knees. scientists. The upper levels of nuclear radiation are Urgent beyond the present atomic technology. They are also the most toxic and hazardous to man and the lower Maitreya, you can be sure, will not be long in kingdoms. On all those levels the problems of addressing this urgent problem and in presenting His pollution must be overcome. This can be achieved solutions. The first step, He will advocate, is the only by a complete reconstruction of the present acceptance of the urgency which many today deny. political, economic and social structures. Sharing, He will say, is the beginning of the process Man has ravaged and polluted