There Are Locum Tenens Jobs Everywhere

There Are Locum Tenens Jobs Everywhere


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Description - If you’ve heard that practicing locum tenens is synonymous with being a traveling doctor, don’t let that scare you off. The chance to travel is seen by some as an advantage of the locums lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean it’s a requirement!



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Published 08 November 2017
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There Are Locum Tenens Jobs Everywhere (Including Your Own Backyard)
If LJou’ǀe heaƌd that pƌaĐtiĐiŶg loĐuŵ teŶeŶs is sLJŶoŶLJŵous ǁith ďeiŶg a tƌaǀeliŶg doĐtoƌ, doŶ’t let that sĐaƌe LJou off. The ĐhaŶĐe to tƌaǀel is seeŶ ďLJ soŵe as aŶ adǀaŶtage of the loĐuŵs lifestLJle, ďut that doesŶ’t ŵeaŶ it’s a ƌeƋuiƌeŵeŶt!
With the current demand for physicians across the country, you can find locum tenens job opportunities just about anywhereincluding close to home. So whether you want to stay near family, have pets to take care of, or just enjoy where you live and want to stay put, locum tenens is still an option.
3 Reasons to Pursue Local Locum Tenens
Besides the ability to stay close to loved ones and avoid the hassle of travel, there are a handful of other reasons to consider local locum tenens.
1. Take Advantage of Eleventh-Hour Shortages
SiŶĐe LJou doŶ’t haǀe to tƌaǀel, LJou ŵaLJ fiŶd that loĐuŵ teŶeŶs puts LJou iŶ a positioŶ to ďe aďle to help loĐal faĐilities that need to fill spots quickly. When someone is sick or has an emergency, locum tenens clinicians can scoop up last-minute shifts. You win an unplanned opportunity to earn money, and the facilities will be grateful for your help.
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2. Make Extra Income
LoĐuŵ teŶeŶs doesŶ’t ŵeaŶ tƌaǀel aŶd it also doesŶ’t haǀe to ŵeaŶ full-time work. You can pick up assignments locally to supplement your week, when you could use a little extra income or whenever it fits your schedule. One option is to use locum tenens tomake your vacation pay double, taking on an assignment during paid vacation from a full-time job.
3. Test-Drive Different Settings and Facilities
Locum tenens can allow you to explore local career options and get exposure to different patient populations and practice settings. Perhaps you want to see what it would be like to work for the hospital in the town over. By taking on a locum tenens assignment, you have the chance to find out what you like and switch things up without committing to a big change.
Find What You Want, Where You Want It
A career in locum tenens can open doors wherever you want to beand that includes right where you are. One benefit of ǁoƌkiŶg thƌough aŶ edžpeƌieŶĐed staffiŶg ageŶĐLJ like VISTA is haǀiŶg a ƌesouƌĐe to talk to aďout ǁhat LJou’ƌe looking for in a job. Be open about what constitutes your ideal assignment. You may not find the perfect match in your own backyard right away, but when new assignments come up, your recruiter will know to connect you.
Get more of your questions about locum tenens answeredclick below to download FAQs of first-time locum tenens clinicians. Or get started by visiting ourjob boardand searching near you.
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