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INSAR. Number 6 Winter 1998-99


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EUROPEAN ARCHIVES NEWS Exchange of archival information: Member States and institutions of the European Union INformation Summary on ARchives Number 6 Winter 1998 DLM-Forum '99 The DLM-website ft^ft Income covered activities in Denmark 4 Appraisal in Finland Calendars EUROPEAN CITIZENS AND ELECTRONIC NFORMATION: Archives in the applicant countries T^> τ τ THE MEI 3M LJ Data archives in the Netherlands eOCIET New archives building in Lower Austria 1 2 E I Record OOPERATION EUROPE-WID Editorial his sixth issue of INSAR, European Archives News, appears at the beginning of the last year of the second millennium, a year that can be considered truly pivotal in the history of modern Europe. TOn 1 January 1999 the euro became a fact of life. Furthermore, the ratification process being all but completed, the Amsterdam Treaty is expected to come into force by May of this year. This Treaty fur­ther reinforces the European citizens' right to information and the transparency of the European institutions. Negotiations for entry into the European Union are taking place with five eastern and central Euro­ DLM-FORUM '99 pean countries, as well as Cyprus and Malta. Five other countries in eastern and southern Europe are preparing for the moment when they too will enter into accession negotiations. Continuing a series of articles started in INSAR 4 (pp.



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