Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg E7-20238 - Proposed Information Collection Request
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Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) - FedReg E7-20238 - Proposed Information Collection Request


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Federal Register/Vol. 72, No. 198/Monday, October 15, 2007/Notices 58337 OMB Number: 1219–0048. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: contacting the employee listed in the Recordkeeping: None. ADDRESSES section of this notice or I. Background Affected Public: Business or other for- viewed on the internet by accessing the Title 30 CFR Sections 56.19057 and profit. MSHA home page (http:// Cite/Reference: 30 CFR 56.5005 and 57.19057 require the annual www.msha.gov/) and selecting ‘‘Rules 57.5005. examination and certification of a hoist and Regs’’, then selecting ‘‘Fed Reg Total Respondents: 300. operator’s fitness. The safety of all metal Docs.’’ Total Responses: 5,400. and nonmetallic miners riding hoist III. Current Actions Estimated Total Burden Hours: 2,174 conveyances is dependent upon the hours. attentiveness and physical capabilities Title 30 CFR Sections 56.19057 and Burden Cost: $90,000. of the hoist operator, in routine and 57.19057 require the annual Comments submitted in response to emergency evacuations. Improper examination and certification of a hoist this notice will be summarized and/or movement, overspeed, and overtravel of operator’s fitness. The safety of all metal included in the request for Office of a hoisting conveyance can result in and nonmetallic miners riding hoist Management and Budget approval of the serious physical harm or death to all conveyances is dependent upon the information collection request; they will passengers. While small ...



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Federal Register October 15, 2007 / Monday, 72, No. 198/ Vol. / Notices
OMB Number:12190048.SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:contacting the employee listed in the Recordkeeping:None. Affected Public:Business or other for-I. BackgroundvAiDeDwReEdS SoEnS or  tht ih nfoitec son ehtsisocetc se profit. Title 30 CFR Sections 56.19057 and e internet b:/y/  ac ing Cite/Reference: MSHA require the annual 57.1905730 CFR 56.5005 andm shhoame page (http 57.5005. examination and certification of a hoist awnwdwR.egs’’,.tghoevn/ni glectec esle snd a)‘‘ngti deF ‘‘ge RseluR  Total Respondents: or300. os fit Total Responses:sc.. paterl oanDmetaall  of efyt eas .hTenssisho00,45’’ Estimated Total Burden Hours:cot eynvceaniss ped edneu tn nopthe 2,174 g inid rrsneim cillatemnon dIII. Current Actions hours. attentiveness and h Burden Cost:itleT RFC 03 sno9i$t,c0e00S05196. 557d an7 1.0975r qeiuert he an nu0a.l psycilac itilabaptofs ietsioh ehotarepo n ror, ie anutin d Comments submitted in response to this notice will be summarized and/or emergency evacuations. Improper examination and certification of a hoist included in the request for Office of am hooviestmienngt ,c oonvevresypaenecde,  caannd  roevseurltt rianv el of oapnedr antoonrs fifateehs .sT ntse alet mll aofy m cillatemding hoiiners rits Management and Budget approval of the information collection request; they will serious physical harm or death to all conveyances is dependent upon the also become a matter of public record. passengers. While small mine operators attentiveness and physical capabilities are likely to have fewer hoists and hoist of the hoist operators, in routine and Dated at Arlington, Virginia, this 10th dayoperators, Congress intended that the emergency evacuations. Improper of October, 2007. Mine Act be enforced at all mining movements, overspeed, and overtravel David L. Meyer, a hoisting conveyance can result in ofoperations within its jurisdiction Director, Office of Administration and physical harm or death to all seriousregardless of size and that information Management. collection and record keeping passengers. Small mine operators are [FR Doc. E720237 Filed 101207; 8:45 am]requirements be consistent with to have fewer hoists and hoist likely BILLING CODE 451043P operators.efficient and effective enforcement of the Mine Act. However, Congress didType of Review:Extension. recognize that small operations may faceAgency:Mine Safety and Health DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Administration.problems in complying with some Mine Act provisions. Section 103(e) of theTitle:Hoist Operatorssycila  Ph Mine Safety and Health AdministrationMine Act directs the Secretary of Labor Fitness.  Proposed Information Collectionnot to impose an unreasonable burdenOMB Number:12190049. Request Submitted for Publicroami rfona yningnbtaien os whesse sihT .tcA eni Mhe terndp uontib llnisunoams Affift.ected Public:Business or other for-Comment and Recommendations; Hoist OperatorsPhysical Fitnessitlatsna nition does not haofmrtaoi nocllcemp it ac aonub sa evgis ifintnacTes RalottnednopoTesno :s latpseR3s:2 .  .046 ACTION:Notice. number of small entities.Estimated Total Burden Hours:10.7. SUMMARY:The Department of Labor, asII. Desired Focus of Comments:T ottasosC$l0A.nnualized Capital/Startup part of its continuing effort to reduce AdCmurirneisnttrlayt,i tohne  (MMiSnHe AS)a ifse tsyo laincid iHealth sltCo oTas:t$ 9O8p,5er6a0t.ing and Maintenance paperwork and respondent burden, t ng conducts a preclearance consultation ceoxtmenmseiontns  ocfo tnhcee irnnfing thtei pr ocpololseecdti on thiCs onmotmiceen tws ilslu bbem situtemdm ianr irzeesdp oannsde/ toor  program to provide the general public irent relatedo trom tahe oHnoist included in the request for Office of and Federal agencies with an rOepqeurateomrs naPhysical Fitness. MSHA is and ement opportunity to comment on proposed and/or continuing collections of phaartt:i cularly interested in comments iaMlnsfaoo rbmgecatoiomne  ca olmlea tctBteiuro dnog fer etp quaupbelpsirtc;o  rtvehacle oyor fd w.t ihlle  information in accordance with the t Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 coli noitamrofni ofn ioctle edposo erp rhtteehe whluatEvaatD aedlingt Ar Virton,,at igin01htih sf  oay dr,betoOc .7002 (PRA95) [44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)]. This for the proper performances  onfe cMeSssHarAys program helps ensure that requested data is provided in the desired format, ifnufnocrtimoantis,o inn hclaus dpirnagc tiwhel tuhteirl itthe DDiMaravneiacdgt eoLr,.m OMfneeftiyc .eer ,o f Administration and reporting burden (time and financial ca y; resources) is minimized, collection est ehtdrubo neht fAimate of a ccruca yfoM HSalEvhe tteuas d[FR Doc. E720238 Filed 101207; 8:45 am] instruments are clearly understood, and ollection of information, inec lpurodipnogs eth e BILLING CODE 451043P the impact of collection requirements on cvalidity of the methodology and respondents can be properly assessed. DATES: assSubmit comments on or beforehancethods t eht etimps onueggum tsdesuS ;DEPARTMENT OF LABOR December 14, 2007. quality, utilityand claor iteyn of the Mine Safety and Health Administration  ADDRESSES:not amitc lo oebed; lectand eS,dnemtnc mo Debs toornfbiie Ferraro, Management Services Division, ress the use of 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Room 2171, autamet,de eltcorinc, mechanical, o rprapriope atoAddoposed IPreR noitcuS tseuqtimaornfleol Conci ted bmitPublfor Arlington, VA 222093939. Commenters other technological collectionComment and Recommendations; are encouraged to send their comments tec on computer disk, or via E-mail to hniques or other forms of information Ferraro.Debbie@DOL.GOV. rearor Ms. Fsesgnittimnortcelemiub sic onsiosshconet, (elogy per.g.,Rock Burst Control Plan can be reached at (202) 693cheleoln de tof oitcfo n) to f respont ehb ruiminimez1 829ACTION:Notice.  (voice), or (202) 693 on those who are to information9801 (facsimile).SUMMARY:The Department of Labor, as FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:respond. part of its continuing effort to reduce Contact the employee listed in the A copy of the proposed information paperwork and respondent burden, ADDRESSES conducts request can be obtained by a preclearance consultation collectionsection of this notice.
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