Marketing and communication

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The marketing  as the communications are very important business for a company. Marketing aims to recruit and retain customers for a brand, so that it buys its products or services by stimulating its needs. Communication with common objectives, even if it will be more interested in creating an image and notoriety for a brand, always with the aim of increasing sales in the future.

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Marketing and communication, a question of image!

To increase your notoriety and increase your turnover, think carefully about your communication and marketing strategy is an essential lever. Thanks to the numerous online documents, such as our books on communication , you will be able to perfect your knowledge in these subjects and find valuable avenues to integrate into the design of your own marketing strategy.

Think well about your communication

Increase your notoriety and develop your sales, these are the key issues of any communication strategy. In B To B or B To C, communication can take very diverse forms and must adapt according to the targets.

Which positioning to choose? What partnerships developed? How to retain customers? These are the questions inherent in a company's communication strategy. Consulting examples of marketing analyzes , developed by major brands, will help you identify the challenges and refine your strategy.

At the same time, consumers are investing in social networks and brand communications are upset. Learn, too, to master its new channels and their performance measurement tools.

To do this, you need to read books, documents or resources  on marketing and digital communication (SEM, SEO, SEA or community management).

Viral marketing: a new advertising concept

Viral marketing is also part of a strong marketing trend . Here, the recipients of the advertisement are those who promote it. Recommendations, word of mouth, contests, Street marketing thus make it possible to make the buzz around a product or a service.

You will find on Youscribe the various resources necessary to efficiently manage these communication operations and develop effective viral marketing tools, in line with regulations.

Youscribe, a wide choice of marketing resources

Youscribe is therefore the ideal platform to find everything you need in marketing and communication . Thanks to our site, you will actually have access to several thousand documents on marketing and communication such as publications on the marketing mix , mobile marketing ( see here ) or on crisis communication . So don't hesitate to download our free marketing materials or our communication PDFs . This will only allow you to acquire new skills and have the best learning in marketing!