How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

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If you are tired of working day to day jobs, or you simply want to make a substantial income online, one of the best ways is to enroll with affiliate marketing. How to start affiliate marketing? Well, that is one of the most common questions, and it is not an easy one. There are so many different ways and we’ll include everything in this in-depth post!



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Published 14 November 2017
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How to start Affiliate Marketing? The Essential Newbie guide (5000+ words)
If you are tired of working day to day jobs, or you simply want to make a substantial income online, one of the best ways is to enroll with affiliate marketing. How to start affiliate marketing? Well, that is one of the ŵost ĐoŵŵoŶ ƋuestioŶs, aŶd it is Ŷot aŶ easLJ oŶe. Theƌe aƌe so ŵaŶLJ diffeƌeŶt ǁaLJs aŶd ǁe’ll include everything in this in-depth post!
Affiliate Marketing BasicsWhat is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing has earned billions of dollars both to sellers and resellers of tons of different products and services over the last 15-20 years. It is one of the best ways to earn money online and one with the biggest potential. Over the years there were professionals that managed to make hundreds of thousaŶds of dollaƌs aŶd Ŷoǁ theLJ aƌe siŵplLJ shaƌiŶg eǀeƌLJthiŶg theLJ’ǀe leaƌŶed thƌoughout diffeƌeŶt affiliate programslike Wealthy Affiliate (being the best example).
͞Affiliate ŵaƌketiŶg is a pƌoĐess iŶ ǁhiĐh LJou ƌepƌesent certain product or service and earn commission afteƌ that pƌoduĐt is sold oƌ aŶ aĐtioŶ is ŵade͟.
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How does affiliate marketing work?
The affiliate marketing works in a simple way; but you need to understand that there are 3 different types of individuals involved.
a) Vendor Vendor is the first person in the chain of affiliate marketing. The vendor is the producer of the product or the creator of the service. He/she offers the affiliate programs to affiliate companies or directly to affiliate marketers.
b) Affiliate company Affiliate companies or websites are offering the products to affiliate marketers and informing them about the commission they will earn. They take care of everything including the payouts.
c) Affiliate marketer The affiliate marketers, write, promote and market the products and services in order to earn more money and bigger commission. If you start doing affiliate marketing, you will become an affiliate marketer.
There is a huge potential and you can earn a lot of money. The commission you will earn depends on the producer or the affiliate marketing website/service you signed up on. The bigger the commission and sold pƌoduĐts, the ŵoƌe ŵoŶeLJ LJou’ll ŵake! Let’s go oŶ.
5 Reasons why you will love affiliate marketing! You’ll loǀe affiliate ŵaƌketiŶg ďeĐause:
- It gives you freedom to work whenever you want
- It is a relatively easy way to earn money
- It is a passive income that may earn you money while doing nothing
- There is a huge potential and ways to earn more money
- New opportunities come every day
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4 ways for which affiliates get paid There are 4 categories of payouts in which affiliates earn money from, which includes the following;
a) Pay per lead Pay per lead is when you get a lead to the vendor. That person needs to get to the website of the vendor through a banner or a link from your website.
b) Pay per sale Cost per Sale or Pay per Sale is the basics of Affiliate Marketing and the most profitable one. You get commission for every product or service you sell on your website or other channels. Pay per sale is the most common way to get paid when involved in affiliate marketing. This is what you should strive for, since it comes with the biggest commission.
c) Cost per action However, cost per action is different and usually means that you will get paid if the visitor leaves an email, a phone number, or another type of information (most frequently, companies/advertisers pay for email and phone).
d) Pay per click Pay per click gives the least earnings from any of the methods. You earn small amounts of money for each click the readers make on your website.
Combining two or more earning ways is maybe the best solution; however, choosing to use only one of them is also not a mistake. Again, even though you will most likely go with the cost per sale model since it will earn you the most money; in other niches, using the cost per action model is better. Just carefully look at the percentages and the amount of money involved and you are all set. Now, which of the programs do you need to take into serious consideration?
Below we will share 8 easy steps to kick start your affiliate marketing business and earn money online.
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Step 1: Select Your Topic
Topics or niches are extremely important in affiliate marketing. Choosing the best affiliate programs is not enough; the niche on which you will focus is the thing that will determine how successful you will be. Writing about atopic that you are passionate about is a must. Another important step is to pick a niche that is profitableďut has loǁ ĐoŵpetitioŶ. Thus, doŶ’t ŵake a ƌushed deĐisioŶ, do a thoƌough research and find the best niche possible.
How to select best topic? Demand and competition OŶĐe LJou seleĐt the ŶiĐhe, LJou Ŷeed to thiŶk of the ĐoŶteŶt LJou’ll Đƌeate, aŶdthink will readers buy the products I will write about? Do they need this product or service? Does it offer some value to them? The more detailed your idea is, the better. I remember I had one of my friends writing and promoting a cream that helps for herpes. Yes, the topic was unpleasant, but it had low competition and he was making good amount of money since the cream producers was paying good commission and people will pay for something that is helping them remove something ugly and hurtful. Think about niches and research, since they are truly one of the keys for your future success, revenue and growth.
Passion & Knowledge Another thing related to niches is to find something that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable writing for. This is not a must, butit ǁould ďe so ŵuĐh ďetteƌ aŶd LJou’ll haǀe a Đoŵpetitiǀe adǀaŶtage siŶĐe LJou’ll ƌeallLJ ǁaŶt to ǁƌite gƌeat ĐoŶteŶt aďout that topiĐ. This is also iŵpoƌtaŶt ďeĐause as LJou pƌogƌess LJou’ll Ŷeed to ǁƌite ŵoƌe aŶd ŵoƌe aŶd ďetteƌ aŶd ďetteƌ ĐoŶteŶt, aŶd if LJou doŶ’t like the topics, you might just quit and write less frequently and write content with lower quality just because LJou’ll lose iŶteƌest!
Top three evergreen niches and sub niches to promote as an affiliate: Evergreen profitable niches are nothing but the niches which will always be in demand for years to come. Usually, evergreen niches are broader. People research and purchase products frequently from these evergreen niches which is why these three niches are favorites for every affiliate;
1) Health
2) Relationship
3) Wealth
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1) Health The Health niche is number one on the list. The majority of people frequently purchase products or seƌǀiĐes fƌoŵ this ŶiĐhe. EǀeƌLJoŶe kŶoǁs the ĐoŵŵoŶ saLJiŶg ͞Health is ǁealth͟. People aƌe ǀeƌLJ concerned about their health. They are always requiring information, guidelines, solutions and pre measures to their health related pƌoďleŵs; so, that’s ǁhLJ this ŶiĐhe is ďeĐoŵiŶg populaƌ daLJ ďLJ daLJ.AŶd also, this niche is the best and most profitable niche for an affiliate to promote.
The Health niches cover the following topics (sub niches):
Weight loss, Diet, Nutrition, Hair loss, Aging, Teeth whitening, Cure diabetes, Depression, Obesity, Healthy eating etc.
2) Relationships Relationships are another huge evergreen profitable niche. It’s ĐoŵŵoŶ psLJĐhologLJ that as a huŵaŶ being, everyone feels they need to date someone whetherit’s a ŵale oƌ feŵale. It’s Ƌuite ĐoŵŵoŶ that a woman attracts a man and in the similar way, a man attracts a woman. People are always looking for relationship advice, information and products.
So, relationships cover the following sub niches:
Dating tips, Family, Divorce, Marriage, Get your ex back, How to save relationship, Parenting, Intimacy etc.
3) Wealth People on the planet want money to survive, and to fulfill their needs. There are thousands of people daily searching on the internet with different keywords on how to make extra money, how to make money online, how to earn passive income etc. So, this niche is considered to be one of the hot and evergreen niches and great wealth generator for an affiliate.
The following is the list of sub niches of the wealth niche:
Affiliate marketing,Stock market,SEO,How to make money online,List building,Kindle publishing,Social media marketing,Freelancing,Work from home,Forex trading etc.
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A list of other most profitable niches and sub niches; Gardening,Travel tips,Cooking,Dog training,Personal development,Learn guitar,Leadership,Golf,Quit smoking,Blogging,Career development,Motivation,Website hosting,Photography,Loan,Real estate,Insurance,Anger Management,E-learning etc.
If you want to build a real and solidAffiliate marketing business, these are the most profitable niches and sub niches to choose from. You should also keep in mind while choosing your niche that you should follow your passion and knowledge as your primary priorities.
How to narrow down the topic? This leads us to my formula for the ideal niche. The perfect niche = low competition and profitable niche for which you already have knowledge and passion for. Obviously, this is rare and hard to find; but if you manage to do it, it will surely lead to long-term success in affiliate marketing.
Step 2: Choose your products to promote Ok, after you choose your topics and niches (yes; you can do multiple ones), then you need to find the best products to promote. There are various affiliate programs on the Internet that let you manually choose the best and most profitable products. One of the programs that are most widely used is Clickbank, although Amazon also has an amazing program. Clickbank and Amazon offer amazing commissions and they offer both digital and physical products. However, many individual vendors that offer great products have affiliate programs published on their respective websites.
Physical products vs digital products The first thing you need to determine is whether you will sell physical or digital products. Once you determine that, search for websites or programs that will let you enroll. One option is to sign up on websites that specialize on affiliate marketing or to go to the company websites to which you want to become affiliate for. Example; if you want to sell shoes from Nike, go to the official Nike website and search for an affiliate section of their website. Usually, the serious websites and great products have affiliate programs.
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Must considerable factors for choosing an affiliate products
You might think that the price and type of product are the most important factors, but there are several factors bellow.
A) Product price Pick products that are not that expensive. The most advised price to sell products is around $20-30. Thus, be sure to select products between that price ranges as they sell more.
B) Commission rate How much will I get for every sale I make? Is the commission fair? Try to research before applying for any program and of course, always search for the best rate.
C) Conversion rate Besides the commission, research the conversion rate of the products or services as well. The higher the percentage, the better.
List of best affiliate programs The first thing you need to understand before applying for any type of program is that they offer several types of payouts or earning methods: cost per sale and cost per action.
The great thing is that you can be affiliate for basically anything. You can be affiliate for websites and LJou’ll Ŷeed to fiŶd useƌs to ƌegisteƌ. You ĐaŶ ďe aŶ affiliate foƌ a softǁaƌe oƌ app. You ĐaŶ ďe aŶ affiliate for products, books, credit cards, anything. This is the basics on how to start affiliate marketing.Now, let’s see ǁheƌe aŶd hoǁ to sigŶ up. I’ŵ goiŶg to iŶĐlude all the ďest places to start earning some good commissions.
Clickbank The first one I want to talk about is ClickBank and I will give it most space in this article.ClickBank is an affiliate program with a profile of online retailing of digital goods.ClickBank cooperates with more than 12,000 authors of digital products and 100,000 active marketers who successfully sell these products. It is one of the oldest and most successful affiliate marketing programs till date because of its versatility in the offers. There are so much digital products to choose from in any niche that you will be confused which one to choose. However, one pro tip is to use the products you believe in and of course, that pay good. A lot of people make millions on ClickBank and you can be the next one!
According to one statistics, ClickBank sells goods around the world every 3 seconds. After all, ClickBank operates in more than 200 countries. Can you imagine such an audience?
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The temptation to work with such a program is great, because it is one of the most respected and highly paid on the Internet. Profitability from the sale of goods is up to 75% of the value of the goods. That is how clickbank made its name; it was because of the high commissions.
Commission Junction Commission Junction is something similar to ClickBank, but the only difference is that there are much more CPA or cost per action payouts on commission junction. Usually, here, sellers or companies post stuffs that are on a limited time frame. They also set up some high deŵaŶds aŶd that is ǁhLJ I doŶ’t Ƌuite like their policy. One thing that is great on CJ is the high payouts for each product you sell. Additionally, each campaign and product is clearly presented and described, so you can easily understand how it is.
Amazon/Ebay The huge online retailers like Amazon and Ebay and much more, including Racuten are part of the list. Thus, the idea to use these oŶliŶe ƌetaileƌs is to ǁƌite aďout these pƌoduĐts that LJou’ll lateƌ sell. The commission is significantly lower than compared to other solutions listed here, but you will make a lot more sales since you can present products that are amazing and from trusted brands. On top of that, Amazon, Ebay and the likes have well-developed websites with trusted sellers, reviews and reputation that increases the chance of sales. The product categories you can choose from are basically endless, and new products are added every second.
Avangate (Software)
Avangate is one of the oldest software affiliate marketing programs. Focused strictly on software, this amazing website has a lot to offer. Tons of great software solutions are part of the program and you can simply write about them, promote their great software and promotions and thus earn more. Great anti-virus programs and VPN companies are part of their affiliate marketing programs. So, signing up and promoting software a product is maybe a great idea to do if you are knowledgeable about software and apps. Please note that most of the software companies that offer their software products through avangate have the same programs offered on their websites too.
Individual Websites/Products/Services Sometimes, great products and services do not offer their affiliate programs to any other website other thaŶ theiƌ offiĐial ǁeďsites. Thus, doŶ’t settle, and do a thorough research of the best producers in your niche! If you plan to sell phone cases, search the niche and see which producer sells the best phone cases and see their affiliate programs. A great tip is to be part of affiliate marketing forums where you can find solutions from other marketers. Finding a great website with solid affiliate marketing program can lead to your long-term success!
OďǀiouslLJ, ǁhat LJou’ll Đhoose depeŶds oŶ the ŶiĐhe aŶd hoǁ LJou feel ǁƌitiŶg aŶd pƌoŵotiŶg ĐeƌtaiŶ products. However, have in mind the money and competition. More money and less competition is always the best.
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Step 3: Prepare Keyword List Afteƌ LJou’ǀe fouŶd the pƌoduĐts LJou ǁaŶt to pƌoŵote, LJou’ll Ŷeed to do keLJǁoƌd ƌeseaƌĐh aŶd pƌepaƌe a keyword proper keyword research and improve your rankings and sales. The keywords should be related to your niche and to your products.The successful affiliate marketing is based on quality keyword research. The goal here is to find the keywords that have the most average monthly searches, but also have low competition.
What are keywords? Keywords are those words or phrases which we usually search in search engines to get the desired information. Each article you write should be SEO optimized. This means that it needs to be focused aƌouŶd set of keLJǁoƌds that LJou’ll pƌeǀiouslLJ seaƌĐh aŶd fiŶd. UsuallLJ, the ďest ǁaLJ to fiŶd keywords and keyword phrases is the Google Keyword Tool. Once you find a set of keywords (again, aim for keywords with low competition) you can then start your writing.
Why long tail keywords are the best keywords? The best advice for starters is to use long tail keywords. Thus, research long-tail keywords for the creation of your content since they usually come with low competition.
Top keyword research tools Like we said; in order to find the best keywords, use Google Keyword tool. It gives volume of monthly searches, various statistics, keyword recommendations and competition info. Semrush is also another great alternative that also can make a great competitor analysis.
No matter which keywords you choose the writing needs to be according to the rules of SEO Yoast (this is for Wordpress only). Here, is the process for a perfect SEO optimized articles explained and simplified:
1. Research for the best keywords with a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner or similar.
2. Select 1-2 focus keywords and several alternative keywords
3. Try to have around 1-2% keyword density of your focus keyword within the whole article
4. Try to make the article/post at least 300-350 words, while the ideal article is advised to be around 2000 words (Google and search engines love long articles).
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5 keyword research tips
It is iŵpoƌtaŶt to ƌeŵeŵďeƌ that it doesŶ’t haǀeto be hard, and that anyone can do it. Here are 6 tips that will surely help you implement a great keyword research.
1) Keyword Tool You must get to know and explore for keyword tools. Keyword tool is a web-based software that informs users about monthly average searches of a certain keyword, competition for that keyword and keyword phrases with low competition. 2) SEO Keywords
When you use a certain keyword tool the goal is to find the best SEO keywords. When you find them, you must use them in the creation of your content. The smarter and better you use them, the better you will rank for them. Always search for keywords that are searched a lot on the Search Engines, but have low competition. 3) Best Keyword Research Tool
Since we are determined that you must use a keyword tool and find relevant SEO keywords, now you must find the perfect keyword tool. One of the best and most relevant is of course the Google Keyword Tool that is located in AdWords. You need to create an AdWords account with your gmail account. Other alternative for Google Keyword Tool is Semrush.
4) The Trending News Are Great Keyword Source If LJou doŶ’t kŶoǁ ǁhiĐh keLJǁoƌds to use foƌ LJouƌ aƌtiĐles, theŶ LJou ĐaŶ siŵplLJ ǀisit Google TƌeŶds and see what the trending news are. Use the person or event that is trending and write a relevant article, or create a video about that topic. We guarantee you high traffic, if you find the perfect keywords with the keyword tools we previously mentioned.
5) Anyone can do it You doŶ’t Ŷeed to haǀe teĐhŶiĐal kŶoǁledge to do a keLJǁoƌd ƌeseaƌĐh. AŶLJoŶe ĐaŶ siŵplLJ haǀe aŶ idea about certain content and simply search keywords that are related to that idea. The keyword tools will just suggest and help you select the best and most profitable keywords.
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Step 4: Get Your Unique Affiliate Link When you finally have the keywords and the product or products you wish to promote, then you need to get the unique affiliate link or links for each product. This depends on which affiliate program you will choose. They are used so they can track the visitors of your website and the possible sales they will make. Each sale earns you commission and every product offers different commission.
No ŵatteƌ ǁhiĐh of the affiliate pƌogƌaŵs LJou Đhoose, LJou’ll Ŷeed aŶ affiliate liŶk.
What is an affiliate link? This links is used so vendors can track the visitors you bring to him, and whether those visitors are making sales.
Why do we need affiliate link? You need the affiliate link so you can get paid and the vendor registers the action by your visitor. You need the affiliate link so you can track the sale process too.
Step5: Create Your Website or Blog
The website or blog where you will promote the programs that are part of your affiliate marketing plan is equally important as the other steps. This is because the right and perfect website design can make miracles for you. There are templates that are SEO optimized with great on-page SEO. Websites that are created for the sole purpose of making more sales. UsuallLJ, LJou doŶ’t Ŷeed to haǀe aŶLJ teĐhŶiĐal knowledge to set up such sites. There are tons of free templates that will require only a hosting plan and a domain name. However, the key component of the affiliate marketing website is the sales funnel, which you must setup in order to get more sales.
Get Hosting The first thing you need to do is find a web hosting provider. Web hosting provider is the company ǁheƌe LJou ǁill host LJouƌ photos, ǀideos aŶd aƌtiĐles. OŶĐe LJou seleĐt a ǁeďhostiŶg pƌoǀideƌ (LJou’ll usually need to pay around $4-5 a month), and you usually get one domain name and control panel where you can manage everything. Within this control panel you will find WordPress installation.
As web hosting provider hostgator proved to be the fastest solution with the most uptime and best plans. If you are trying to create a normal affiliate marketing website, go with hostgator most affordable solutioŶ aŶd LJou aƌe all set. It’s fast, staďle, aŶd ƌeliaďle ǁith gƌeat Đustoŵeƌ suppoƌt.
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