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J'adooore, ingredient n°4: Surprise (extracts)


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This books talks about designing for emotions.



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Published 05 October 2012
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KenazJart,a Exdperoienoce oDesrigneers
6J’adooore six ingredients that create fansIngredient No.4 of J’adoooreTable of ContentsIntroduction to the J’adooore series An autopsy of enchantment Facial cues that give away surprise Why bother surprising people? Three starting points to create surprise 21 leads towards good surprises Frame surprises to limit bad ones Six strategies used by storytellers The component of mind-blowing surprises Dazzling people online [interview Voyages-Sncf.com] How to create ongoing enchantment as a large corporation Four downsides to creating surprise Other things I meant to say Annexes Checklist for Surprise (130). Interviews: Voyages-Sncf.com (102). 8002248243834767392019019118213417
8Why this book?J’adooore six ingredients that create fans INTRODUCTION TO The j’adooore seRIesIt was the beginning of November and I was inally taking my 3-day retreat to Brussels. I stayed at the Bloom Hotel. My days were illed with walks in the city and stopping at cafés or restaurants to enjoy my book... or books, I should say. At some point, as I was savouring my dinner at a nice  restaurant, the waitress asked me what I was reading. As I gave her the title of my book, she replied that she would have the kitchen hold the next dish for a while. With a beaming smile, she added: “I understand now”. She knew what it felt like to read the Twilight saga.I was at a point in my career where I didn’t have much motivation to carry on being a website expert. I would spend all of my energy helping users that I rarely met face to face, leaving me feeling lonely and disconnected. I spent endless days protecting them from a horde of technical glitches and marketing professionals in order to just keep the website simple. It’s not that this vocation was bad, but it wasn’t providing any new challenges.As I was walking through the city, I realized that I was looking for something. Perhaps every time I walk in a city, no matter which city, no matter which country, I am always looking for the same thing. My blog had a speciic section just for this. The one containing the most posts, actually. As I was walking through Brussels, I was looking for shops, restaurants, activities...with a look, a concept... an experience. Lush, the fancy soap company, wasn’t satisfying for me any longer; I had seen them in New York, London and Paris. I guess that I’m always looking for the same thing whether I am in Helsinki, Stockholm, Montreal, Porto, or Barcelona. I’m looking for places with a signature experience. When I discovered the Mr. Potato-Head-all-you-can-it-in-the-box-challenge in New York, I was satisied. The concept is as follows: no matter how many pieces of the  Mr. Potato Head collection (ears, hats, shoes, bag,...) you manage to put in the box, as long as it closes, you pay a lat rate of $18. When I discovered that a youth hostel in Stockholm had rooms on a river boat, I was satisied.  As I was walking in the streets of Brussels, thinking about my great book, my great hotel room, this great little café by the Parliament; I was thinking that there should be more great books that you don’t want to put down, more great restaurants that people are willing to queue to get into, more hotels where you are just delighted to open your hotel room’s door. And this is what was missing from my profession. I was working hard on taking away elements of negative emotions, frustration, anger, misunderstanding, and complexity instead of doing what the entertainment companies do: generate positive emotions... on purpose. I would spend all my energy making websites easy to use, instead of making them great to use.That was it... I inally had gotten it. I wanted to become an experiential designer, a designer whose purpose was to generate emotions. I wanted more of those great products on Earth. I wanted to make our everyday life more fun, delightful, even dare I say fulilling. Once I was back in Paris,  I decided that I needed to increase my technical skills. Throughout the last 10 years, my hobby has been personal development: I acquired some knowledge about the low as described by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the languages of love... but I needed more. I’m a technical gal; I need data, I need patterns, I need analysis. Checking out the psychology curriculum in several universities made me pass on that option. I didn’t want to have my brain focused on diseases and pathologies. As I couldn’t ind a university curriculum that would teach me and certify me as an expert on positive emotions, I decided to write a book. From my previous experience writing a book, I had realized that it was a great way to simultaneously collect information, get interviews, relect on topics from a distance as well as provide focus.9
01I was going to look into emotions, one at a time. I had ideas for several books:J’adooore six ingredients that create fans INTRODUCTION TO The j’adooore seRIes“Pride: what is it that makes us proud to work for a company?’’sPpaasrks itohna: t wlighhatt sp trhoed fuircee?s the And “J’adooore: what is it that creates fans?’’What made me write this bookHave you noticed how some people are willing to queue all night long, on a chilly November night, just to be able to get a pair of €130 Jimmy Choo shoes? Have you noticed how some people are willing to wait in line, in freezing December, in order to get the new iPhone, the same one that will be available in all the shops the very next day? Have you noticed how some teenagers, although averse to English lessons, are willing to break the law and download episodes of their favourite American TV shows in its original versions as soon as they air an episode in the US? Have you noticed how “I-show-no-interest-in-books” 9-year-old children are happy to pick up a 700-page book and can’t wait for the next one? Have you noticed, how the “I-never-read” teenager reads the same book 3 times in a row?11
21J’adooore sxii gneridnestt ah trcaet eafsn NIRTDOCUITNOT  OhTeoodaj  eroesIRse31
J,adoooreIngredient No. 4
02An autopsy of enchantmentSomeone is part of a story line, he or she expects something.They might not feel concerned. They are probably worrying about something different.He or she starts to understand that something different is going on. It’s not one of those typical Oprah moments in which she surprises people: this time, she is the one in for a treat.He or she checks with peersHe or she ponders to make sure that it is OK to be enchanted.the meaning of it all.J’adooore six ingredients that create fans ingredient n°4 sUrPrise an autopsy oF enchantmentHe or she expresses full blown enchantment.He or she shows signs of surpriseHe or she shares it with others over and over again.And the key to it all is held within...12
8321 leads towards good surprises1Size, super-sized/mini-sizedL’endroitLocated in the Batignolles neighbourhood, this restaurant offers a wide variety of salads. Should you see one making its way to a table, you are bound to notice the diner’s face, full of signs of surprise: eyebrows raised, mouth wide open. The salads are super-sized.J’adooore six ingredients that create fans ingredient n°4 sUrPrise 21 leads TOWaRds GOOd sURPRIsesAabreorurcno dmhtbei eg&olFbtiec. htsro eponenisg 2Plenty of somethingwe love: when  I say plenty... I mean plennnntyno matter what the eye candy is, the girls’ gleeful expression remains  the same.93
245Misplacing, high-jackingIkea celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Billy bookshelf by setting up numerous Billy loaded with books at the famous Bondi Beach in Australia.Château d’Estoublon created a sensation in the gourmet world with this perfume-bottle shaped container for olive oil. While Veuve Clicquot went the other way around by packaging its champagne in what looks like a paint bucket.Ultimate enchantment strikes worldwide as Michelle Obama stars in a sitcom. Totally unexpected coming from a irst lady.J’adooore six ingredients that create fans ingredient n°4 sUrPrise 21 leads towards good surprises43
The potential for quality timeQuality time is one of those moments in which a special someone gives you undivided attention or when you share an activity with someone.A motherIn a magazine for young parents, you can read the story of a mother who likes to surprise her child by taking him out of school for lunch and go to a nice place with him. Just the two of them.Le QuinzièmeCyril Lignac is a French chef who is often on TV. He owns a 31coming by. Le Comptoir des Cotonnierssells clothes for women. When walking into the shop, you will ind clothing styles that are more appropriate to young women’s taste on one side, while on the other side of the shop... the style will delight women of a more mature age. Le Comptoir des Cotonniers is designed to please daughters and mothers alike, particularly those shopping together. This means, the shop encourages mothers and daughters to spend some quality time together, under the same roof. They organize fashion shows where they cast mother and daughters. On their website, special links to promote complicity contests.The sons of the creators of Le Comptoir des Cotonniers have recently launched their own brand, The Kooples, following a similar concept. On the left of the shop, clothes for women are on display, while on the right, clothes for men. They dress couples. That feeling of surprise strikes when the shopper realises that it is a place designed to bring one’s signiicant other to spend - yet again - a little quality time together.J’adooore six ingredients that create fans ingredient n°4 sUrPrise 21 leads towards good surprisesCould you pull a Tony Micelli on your customers?Creating a good surprise by 12helping customers. Providing unexpected acts of service will particularly resonate with some of your clients.RFSThe French mobile company, back when they were popular and on the rise, would call you when your service package wasn’t adequately tailored to your usage. They didn’t try to sell you anything else in the process. They simply would say: “We just wanted to tell you that you could be paying less money”. It was perceived as an act of services, particularly for those customers that don’t really take a second look at their monthly statements... As well as for those that think it’s too much trouble to call and igure out what plan might be adequate for them.Apple... againWhen the irst MacBook Air was released, Loïc Le Meur, the serial entrepreneur with 78,000 followers on Twitter, mentioned via this platform that he was having some trouble transferring the data on his MacBook Air. A few hours later, he posted : “Someone from Apple just called me, they asked if they could help me!!!!”Apple when you are not Loïc Le Meur. Carla, who proofreads this book, tells me that the other day she had an issue with an app on her iPod touch. She contacted their customer service department online. Not only did they gave her a quick and appropriate response, but they also checked back on her 24 hours later just to see if she had sorted out her problem.Carla is the kind of person who is starting to get a bit annoyed with all the Apple blablabla going on, and they still managed to enchant her. eb thgim eh taht reh denraw tndah I .deraeppa eh nehw ecaf sdneirf ym nees evah dluohs uoY .noitnetta dedividnu elttil a uoy evig thgim eh ,sdrow rehto ni ...ytrap ruoy teerg dna elbat ruoy yb pop thgim eh ,ereht og uoy dluohS .tnemessidnorra ht51 eht ni ,siraP ni tnaruatser7565
48By creating an underdog, digging out adversityDaegu 2011: Usain Bolt creates a sensation as his false start disqualiies him from the 100 metres inal. This jaw-dropping turn of events left journalists in a buzz: because of the new rules established by the committee, any false start would mean disqualiication, no second chances allowed.Therefore, this new rule would change the outcome of the race: if Bolt, the fastest man in the world couldn’t win it, who would?The whole world debated the new regulations, in a good part disagreeing and qualifying it as “unfair”.www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mLrt0xuxsEJ’adooore six ingredients that create fans ingredient n°4 sUrPrise Six StrategieS USeD BY StOrYteLLerSDolores Umbridge, a character from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, creates a surprise by demonstrating how mean and nasty she can be. By introducing this character into the plot, the school itself becomes the underdog.The plump, pink-clad, kitten-lover tortures students and undermines respected teachers. She even goes as far as iring the beloved professor Dumbledore! She inally establishes numerous regulations to oppress all of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry, to almost suck all the joy out of it.58