Learn How To Draw Animals
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My name is Kremi and I'm a freelance illustrator and I love to draw all kinds of things. One of my favorite drawing topics is animals. In this PDF on drawing animals, I want to share a few techniques you can follow and learn how to draw. If you want to check out my other drawings, please visit my drawing portfolio blog at http://www.wildflower-art.com/



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Published 08 June 2018
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Learn How To Draw Animals
Animals are one of the most common things that you can see, regardless of where you come from. Due to this, they have been a favorite subject to be drawn by artists of all kind. It is very evident with the accumulated works throughout history that showcased various animals from all over the world coming from different periods of time. Thus,animal drawingis one of the most popular kinds of art.
A Complicated Art
If you want to learn to draw animals, you should understand that this is a complicated kind of art. Remember that your subject here is a living being. In fact, the complexity of this form of art is comparable to how hard drawing a human figure is. You do not only have to depict the shape of the animal but even capture its essence too. However, the problem here is that unlike people, you cannot tell an animal to sit still forever until you finish your drawing. Thus, more imagination is needed.
Here are some of the other things that you should know about drawing animals.
Be Creative Because They Are Unique!
It is essential for you to become extra creative when drawing an animal. That is because they are not the same. Each one of them is unique. Thus, you have to approach each differently. This difference of approach is important in all aspects.
For instance, the way you’d approach them physically can be different. You can watch them from afar without being noticed or have a personal close-up encounter or even a one-on-one play session with them. Various ways of encountering animals can have a very obvious on the outcome of your drawing.
The way you draw an animal can be different too. They can be drawn in various ways. You can choose to depict them as cartoons. In fact, they can even come out as a mere line or swirl. You can also opt for a much realistic portrait. It all depends on you.
Observe First Then Draw!
Before you can start drawing, it is imperative that you first observe your subject. It is best to see the animals in a natural environment. If you can’t find a live encounter, then you can always opt for videos. You can also look at photos or books. As you do this, you would see that there are plenty of styles that one kind of animal could draw. Although it is possible to master a lot of techniques, it is still best that you concentrate on one technique and make this your niche.
To find your niche, gather a variety of materials. By seeing animals in their different forms, you are exposed to their basic shapes. If you want to know precisely the basic contours of your chosen animal, the best way to do this is by photocopying its picture. Once you have a copy, start drawing out basic shapes which you see. Observe how its body’s outer lines manage to bring all these shapes together and form the subject.
Start Out With The Basics!
It is best that you start basic. After drawing the basic shapes, you could then build on it by the use of layers. Start adding details by shading and knowing essential animal muscles that have become your subject’s trademark. Keep on practicing, and you’ll be able to perfect your drawing in no time!
If you would like to see more cool drawing by my, Kremi, please visit mydrawing portfolio blogand I will appreciate if you share your thoughts with me.