The Ultimate Clickbank Affiliate Guide By Peng Joon
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The Ultimate Clickbank Affiliate Guide By Peng Joon

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29 Pages


Internet Marketing Guru Legend Peng Joon reveals his secrets to cracking the Clickbank code to help you make as much money as possible online!



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Published 03 May 2018
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The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
By Peng Joon
Table of Contents
Introductîon�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 3 Who Am I And Why Should You Lîsten To Me? ������������������������������ 4 Mîndset���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 5 Choosîng A Nîche ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 The Websîte ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 8 Domaîn Name And Hostîng ����������������������������������������������������������� 10 Websîte Content�������������������������������������������������������������������������������12 The Money Is In The Lîst����������������������������������������������������������������� 15 Traic Generatîon – Introductîon ������������������������������������������������� 17 Traic Generatîon – Youtube �������������������������������������������������������� 18 Traic Generatîon – Forum Postîng��������������������������������������������� 19 Traic Generatîon – Facebook Groups ����������������������������������������20 Traic Generatîon – Pînterest ������������������������������������������������������ 22 Traic Generatîon – Seo���������������������������������������������������������������� 24 Traic Generatîon – Paîd Advertîsîng ������������������������������������������ 25 Adwords ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 26 Facebook Advertîsîng ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 27 Just Do It!����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 29
How many tîmes have you read storîes about ordînary people makîng extraordînary money by promotîng products on Clî The Clîckbank marketplace enables anyone to promote an în-demand product wîthout havîng to go to the trouble and expense o creatîng the product themselves. It almost seems to good to be true, doesn’t ît?
The problem îs, most people realîze only too well that the opportunîty îs there or them to take advantage o but they over complîcate thîngs. Usually în the ollowîng order. They make unwîse choîces regardîng the product whîch they are goîng to promote. They get overwhelmed wîth task the o settîng up a websîte or blog to promote the product. They get so conused by the dîferent ‘sure fire’ methods to drîve traic to theîr ofer that they just don’t know whîch way to turn!
It all becomes too much so they gîve up and start to look or the next shîny object whîch wîll enable them to make money onlîne!
It doesn’t have to be lîke thîs, ît really doesn’t!
It îs possîble to choose a Clîckbank product to promote whîch wîll stack the cards în your avor beore you even start promotîng ît, not to mentîon the methods whîch wîll drîve traic to your ofer around the clock. It îs possîble, and I am goîng to take you by the hand and show you exactly what you have to do. Don’t worry, ît îs not dîicult and îs just a case o takîng ît one step at a tîme.
So, wîth that în mînd, let’s get started and set up a busîness whîch could very well gîve you a taste o the înternet marketîng lîestyle whîch you have read so much about.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
Who am I and why should you lîsten to me?
My name îs Peng Joon and I have been where you probably are now.
I dîdn’t have a clue about how to make money onlîne and ater rîtterîng away my days at unîversîty playîng ‘World o Warcrat’, I ended up scrapîng through my finals but wîth over $42,000 o debt.
On leavîng unîversîty I managed to land what was consîdered to be a stable job în Malaysîa whîch came wîth a monthly salary o $330, yes really!! Desperate to earn extra money, I put my years o gamîng to good use and put together a 32-page guîde on the ‘World o Warcrat’. At $7 per guîde ît was never goîng to make me rîch but seven months later when I sold my first copy, I realîzed ît was possîble to make money onlîne and the rest îs as they say, îs hîstory!
I went onto launch a product called ‘Farmvîlle Secrets’ whîch generated over 1.3 mîllîon dollars în less than 8 months and have sînce gone on to teach thousands o people rom all over the world how to make money onlîne.
In my humble opînîon, the Clîckbank method whîch we are goîng to talk about în thîs eBook îs one o the easîest ways to make money onlîne today.
As long as you ollow the sîmple steps that are requîred, you too wîll experîence that wonderul eelîng o receîvîng notîficatîons throughout the day and nîght that you have made yet more sales o the product whîch you are promotîng.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
Beore we go any urther I eel ît îs especîally împortant that we touch on the subject o mîndset.
When you are startîng any kînd o busîness I know that ît îs easy to eel overwhelmed.
You start to look too ar ahead as opposed to takîng thîngs one step at a tîme and beore you know ît, procrastînatîon starts to set în.
Then, to make you eel better ît îs easîer to look at other busîness opportunîtîes because ît gîves you a warm tîngly eelîng and ît gîves you the alse împressîon that you are actually doîng somethîng în order to achîeve your dream o makîng money onlîne.
Thîs scenarîo în the world o înternet marketîng îs so common there îs even a name or ît, ‘Shîny Object Syndrome’
The thîng îs, everyone has theîr doubts and worrîes when ît comes to settîng up an onlîne busîness. The trîck to overcomîng these worrîes and doubts îs to ollow a trîed and tested ormula and just do ît. When you come to an obstacle, find a solutîon and push on. Just thînk o the rewards that are awaîtîng you when your busîness îs up and runnîng. When everythîng îs set up and makîng sales your sense o achîevement wîll be extraordînary!
So, wîth that în mînd let’s push on and I’ll leave you wîth an înspîratîonal quote rom the one and only Henry Ford.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
Choosîng a nîche
Choosîng whîch nîche you are goîng to go înto or thîs venture îs an împortant decîsîon to make but not as dîicult as some people would have you belîeve I you look on the Clîckbank marketplace you wîll see that there are products or sale în more nîches than you can îmagîne. I you haven’t already got an account, go to Clî and open one.
It îs quîck and easy to do and there îs no cost whatsoever. When ît comes to pîckîng a nîche ît îs împortant that you choose somethîng whîch îs known as evergreen. I you haven’t come across thîs term beore ît sîmply means that ît has an everlastîng appeal as
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
opposed to a nîche whîch îs based on trends or seasonal gîmmîcks. Examples o evergreen nîches would be weîght loss, how to make money or meetîng your îdeal partner.
I we had a tîme machîne there would be no doubt that people would stîll be eager or more înormatîon about these subjects în ten, twenty or even one hundred years’ tîme!
On the other hand, an eBook on how to take advantage o a Google loophole wîll last or only as long as the loophole îs avaîlable (whîch probably won’t be or very long!)
From my experîence, choosîng a nîche îs where many people come unstuck beore they even get started so wîth that în mînd, I am not only goîng to recommend a nîche but also a Clîckbank product whîch you can promote.
It îs no problem whatsoever î you would rather go înto a dîferent nîche and choose a dîferent product but î you do, please make sure that ît meets the ollowîng crîterîa.
The nîche îs a popular evergreen subject The product whîch you decîde to promote îs o an extremely hîgh qualîty The vendor has an excellent track record as opposed to a shady background. The ofer needs to have a unnel în place whîch means that a customer îs ofered hîgh qualîty upsells whîch results în hîgher commîssîons. The vendor should provîde hîgh qualîty marketîng materîals at no cost to the ailîate.
Help and advîce should be made avaîlable to the ailîate at all tîmes. The nîche that I have îdentîfied on whîch to base thîs eBook îs weîght loss and the product îs The Fat Decîmator System whîch can be ound athttps://atdecîîates
The Fat Decîmator System îtsel îs pretty ground breakîng în that ît has been put together by Kyle Cooper who was în charge o a Force Recon unît în the Marînes and hîs collaboratîon wîth a Korean medîcal student named Sam Pak
Lots o testîmonîals are out there rom happy customers who have seen amazîng results, so thîs îs somethîng that can be promoted wîth confidence.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
The websîte
When you have decîded on whîch Clîckbank product you are goîng to promote, the next step îs to put a websîte together on the subject o the nîche. Most people won’t go to the trouble o doîng thîs so the very act that you are wîll already put you head and shoulders above the vast majorîty o your competîtors. I you are lîke most people who are new to the world o înternet marketîng, the very mentîon o buîldîng a websîte be fillîng you wîth ear because you eîther belîeve that thîs îs somethîng whîch îs completely beyond you or somethîng that you just can’t aford.
Don’t worry because you are wrong on both counts.
A sîmple websîte or blog îs all that îs requîred, and you can’t really go wrong by usîng WordPress. Go to YouTube and search or the ollowîng, ‘How to înstall a WordPress blog’ You honestly won’t belîeve how easy ît îs. I you would rather pay someone to do or you, look no urther than Fî Fî has changed over the years, ît used to be the case that you could get any job done on there or $5 and whîlst you can stîll get some jobs done at that prîce, you can now expect to pay more.
It îs stîll very cheap though and î you want a WordPress blog înstallîng, all you need to do îs to carry out a sîmple search.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
You wîll be presented wîth loads o results, but ît îs always a good îdea to look at each provîders eedback rom past clîents, just as you would when buyîng somethîng o eBay.
Here îs a typîcal example, thîs person îs oferîng to buîld a proessîonal websîte or only $60 wîth nînety nîne past clîents gîvîng hîm an average o five-star eedback.
Here’s another example, thîs person wîll also create a WordPress websîte or only $60 and has a eedback score o five stars rom over one hundred past clîents.
You don’t need me to tell you how cheap that ît îs but î unds are tîght, here’s a lîttle tîp.
Fînd our or five gîgs whîch are around that prîce and wîth good eedback. Then sîmply send a prîvate message tellîng the provîder that your maxîmum budget îs $30 (or whatever you eel comortable în payîng) You wîll be surprîsed how many wîll come back to you wîth a message that they wîll be happy to do ît at that prîce.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
Domaîn Name and Hostîng
You are goîng to requîre a domaîn name and hostîng or your websîte but that wîll cost you ar less than you probably îmagîne. You wîll need a domaîn name whîch relates to the nîche în whîch you are promotîng and î you are strugglîng to come up wîth anythîng, here’s a tîp. Got to and însert prîmary and secondary words relatîng to your nîche.
Press the ‘go nameboy go’ button and a selectîon o avaîlable domaîn names wîll be presented or you to purchase.
I one o the domaîn names appeals to you, don’t purchase rom!
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde
The best place to purchase rom îs as ît îs ar cheaper but to brîng the cost down even urther, carry out a sîmple Google search or ‘GoDaddy dîscount code’
More oten than not you wîll be able to use one o these codes and get a domaîn name or under $5 or the year. For hostîng, the choîces are wîde and varîed but somethîng lîke a basîc plan rom wîll suice and wîll cost no more than a ew dollars per month.
The UltImate ClIckBank AilIate GuIde