Sperm Motility : Let Us Understand The Basics
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Sperm Motility : Let Us Understand The Basics


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http://www.andrologycorner.com/sperm-motility/ - The importance of sperm motility cannot be stressed enough, normal sperm motility is highly crucial to help couples father a child naturally. Low sperm motility less than 10% is usually associated with sever male infertility. The importance of a maintianing a healthy lifestyle cannot be stressed enough, as it is the only proven way to improve sperm motility and thus achieve fertility naturally.



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Published 06 February 2018
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Sperm Motility : Let us understand the basics
Sperm Motility -
The normal sperm motility for a man to father a child within the 1st year of his marriage is 35 to 40% of his total sperm output as recommended by the WHO. Male infertility can be caused whensperm motilityis extremely low, especially in the range of 5 to 10%. When sperm motility reaches such low values, the chances of fathering a child naturally grossly diminishes. Improving sperm motility is possible though and this can be done with a combination of different fertility medications and also by following a healthy lifestyle habit.
Tips to improve sperm motility -
Here some quick tips to improve sperm motility
1. Try walking for atleast 45 mins everyday for 8 weeks
2. Try eating a diet rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables
3. Try having regular sexual intercourse and avoid long periods of abstinence
4. Avoid foods that have added preservatives and colouring agents as well, since these toxic chemicals can strongly hamper sperm motility
Types of sperm motility and significance of each
Progressive sperm motility:Progressive sperm motility is defined as those sperm that have the ability to swim or move linearly from field to field. These sperms that are capable of such movement can definitely contribute to a pregnancy. Thus the more the number of progressively motile sperm the more is the chances of pregnancy for a couple
An example of sperm progressive motility is given below in the image (source -http://www.andrologycorner.com/sperm-motility/)
The second type of sperm motility we are going to look at is
Non progressive sperm motility:A sperm is stated to have a non progressive type of sperm motility if and when it is unable to move from field to field, but rather moves around a single point in a said field. A non
progressive motile sperm can usually not contribute to a pregnancy in general. An example is given in the image below
The last type we are now going to look at is...
Immotile sperm:Immotile sperm in general do not move at all, we will not know whether the sperm is alive or dead in general, an immotile sperm also usually does not contribute to the chances of achieving a pregnancy.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article on sperm motility, for similar interesting reads do visit this fantastic website called the Andrology Corner!.