Pfizer Global Research and Development
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Pfizer Global Research and Development


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1. Pfizer Global Research and Development. La Jolla, CA. Ann Arbor &. Kalamazoo,. MI. St. Louis, MO. New York, NY. Sandwich,. ENGLAND. Nagoya,. JAPAN ...



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PfizerGlobalResearch and Development
Ann Arbor & Kalamazoo, MI
St. Louis, MO
La Jolla, CA
Cambridge, MA
New London & Groton, CT
New York, NY
Sandwich, ENGLAND
Shanghai China
Milan, Italy Nagoya, JAPAN Singapore Mumbai, Amboise, India France
Pfizer Therapeutic Areas
Cardiovascular, Metabolic Diseases & Endocrine Central Nervous System Inflammation Allergy and Respiratory Infectious Diseases Pain
Gastrointestinal & Hepatitis Oncology Urology & Sexual Health Ophthalmology Dermatology
The TA Model Across the Continuum
CANdidate Research
First in Patient (FIP)Approval Launch Development Commercial
Pharmaceutical Strategy Group (PSG)
Therapeutic Area Steering Committee (TASC)
Therapeutic Area Leadership Team (TALT)
How We Work & Operate Together
People Leadership Discipline Excellence Productivity Improvement
Discovery ClinR&D
PDM DevOps Research WRAQA Technology WWPS HR
WWSS Finance
CM Informatics
People & Community Crossline integration &  experimentation Scientific partnerships Michigan
La Jolla
St Louis
SRM GO RTC WWM & ORSMGTA Patient Focus A&R CVMED Dermatology GI/Hep Inflammation ID Project Progression Neuroscience Oncology Ophthalmology Pain SH/Uro Portfolio Goal Delivery
Features and advantages of the new TA model Themes Examples Empowered and Nimble Smaller project teams with single Points Project Teams of Accountability for decision making RTARC only governance body for Light Governance Research project teams TA Driven Goals Product goals now split by TA, not site
Priorities of R&D lines aligned with TAs
One PortfolioPhilosophy
Centers of Emphasis to drive science in partnership with all TAs
Creation of Research Portfolio Team for crossTA allocations
R&D Challenges: attrition Low Discovery Yields, high Development Failure Rate 40Preclinical Development Candidates Scientific ideas
Reasons for Failure: Safety Toxicology / Adverse events / DDI Efficacy Disease / Outcome measures Pharmaceutical
20Clinical Development Candidates
Prospective Medicines
3Phase III Candidates 12Medicines