PrestaShop Inventory Integration
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PrestaShop Inventory Integration

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PrestaShop Inventory Integration Inventory Management Tool www.api2cart.



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Published 22 September 2015
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Inventory Integration
www.api2cart.comInventory Management Tool
• Imports information on inventory levels and notifies
customers when a product is in shortage
• Keeps track of inventory data from stores located on various
shopping carts
• Displays the changes within one dashboard
• Averts overselling by letting clients know when it’s time to
restockTable of Contents
1. Reasons to Integrate With PrestaShop
2. Challenges
3. Solutions
4. Significant Opportunities That API2Cart Offers
5. Why API2Cart?
6. Supported Platforms
7. ConclusionWhy PrestaShop?
Reasons to Integrate with PrestaShop
• A Larger Market Share
250 000+ online shops owners as your potential clients
• Greater Functionality
You can extract and manipulate information on orders, products,
customers, etc.
• Applicable Results
You can use the new functional abilities
to run new features and services
to attract even more clientsChallenges
• Data retrieving and syncing
• Searching for a developer to elaborate the integration module
• Waste of time (a long integration process and further need for
integration module maintaining)
• Significant expenses (integration module maintaining and updating
costs a lot)Solutions
Solution: Integration with API2CartWhy API2Cart?
API2Cart Offers Substantial
Opportunities For Inventory Solution
• Time expenditures cut and money saved for other purposes
• Ability to retrieve product, category, order and client data updates
• Accurate synchronization of orders, products, categories and clients

• Product count to perform inventory updates in no time
• Ability to process information on products and inventory
levels within your systemWhy API2Cart?
API2Cart Features
• 55+ API methods to manipulate the data as you need it
• SSL certificate & 32-symbol API key to ensure security
• Ability to add multiple stores and grow the number as
your needs grow even bigger
• A detailed interactive documentation with code samples,
nothing hiddenWhat Else You Get as a Bonus:
Integration with 30+ other popular shopping carts:
and many othersConclusion
If you interested in integration your inventory management system with
PrestaShop via API2Cart and would like to find out more useful
information on how your business would benefit from it, do not hesitate
to contact us and have your questions answered.