Ref. 2432N04A 27 June 2011 Confirmation of Assessment Team for ...
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Ref. 2432N04A 27 June 2011 Confirmation of Assessment Team for ...


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27 Jun 2011 – Marine Conservation Biology Group, Virginia Institute of Marine .... Allee effects in the endangered island fox – successful postdoc application to ... Chief scientist on five research cruises on theRVPrince Madog. ... ... 1990-1992 Post-doc position ...



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 5 6   H I G H   S T R E E T   L Y M I N G T O N H A M P S H I R E   S O 4 1  9 A H   E N G L A N D T E L E P H O N E    ( 0 ) 1 5 9 0  6 7 9 0 1 6 F A C S I M I L E     ( 0 ) 1 5 9 0  6 7 1 5 7 3 E - M A I L     m e p @ m a c a l i s t e r - e l l i o t t . c o m W E B S I T E  w w w . m a c a l i s t e r - e l l i o t t . c o m
 MacAlisterElliottandPartners Ltd.(MEP)isunder takingthefullMSC certification assessmentprocessforthesaithe( Pollachiusvirens )fisheryintheNortheastAtlantic (ICES Sub Areas IIa, IIIa, IV and VI) conducted by member vessels of the Scottish FisheriesSustainableAccreditationGroup(SFSAG).  No comments having been received from stakeholders,  MEP confirms that the team thatwillundertaketheassessmentprocesswillbe thefollowing:   Dr. Jo Gascoigne: Dr. Gascoigne is the Director for  Fisheries Certification at MEPandaformerresearchlecturerinmarinebiolog yatBangorUniversity.She has been involved as expert and team leader in five  previous MSC assessments, including three other saithe fisheries (Euronor sai the, UK Fisheries Ltd./DFFU/Doggerbank saithe, Scapêche/Comapêche sai the, northern Menai Strait mussel, and Mauritania mullet trial assessme nt) as well as five ongoing assessments (Euronor/Comapêche cod and haddock, Nor mandy-Jersey lobster, SARPC toothfish, Tristan da Cunha rock lobster and UK Fisheries Ltd./DFFU/Doggerbank cod, haddock and saithe). For this assessment, Dr. GascoignewillbetheProjectManagerandresponsib leforPrinciple1.   Dr. Fox is based in Scotland where he is a lecturer  in Fisheries Ecology and MarineBio-resourcesandBiologicalModellingwith theScottishAssociationfor Marine Science (SAMS). He previously worked for CEF AS from 1992 to 2007 and has over 20 years experience in fisheries scien ce including numerous field surveysaswellasbiologicalresearchandmodellin gofcommercialspeciessuch as cod, plaice and herring. Dr. Fox is a member of national and international scientificplanning committeesandwasformerly the Chairofthe ICESPlanning Group on North Sea Ichthyoplankton Surveys. He was a member of the expert

 Ref.2432N04A 27June2011  ConfirmationofAssessmentTeamforNorthSeaandw estofScotlandsaithe fisherybytheScottishFisheriesSustainableAccre ditationGroup(SFSAG) 
assessmentteamfortheMSCCertificationoftheOs preyNorthSeaPlaiceTwin-Rig Trawl Fishery and the Ekofish Group North Sea P laice Otter Trawl Fishery. DuringthisassessmentDr.Foxwillbeinchargeof Principle2.

  Dr. Sophie des Clers: Sophie is an independent expe rt in fisheries management andsocioeconomics,aswellasanaffiliatedresear chfellowofUniversityCollege London. She has been involved in one previous asses sment (UK Fisheries Ltd./DFFU/Doggerbank saithe) and is currently worki ng on three other ongoing MSC assessments (Biscay sardine seine fishing, Norm andy-Jersey lobster and Euronor/Comapêche cod and haddock). During this ass essment she will be in chargeofPrinciple3.
 Allinterestedstakeholdersareencouragedtoconta JoGascoignebyemailortelephone. 
 ChrissieSieben Email: Tel:+44(0)1590679016 
 Dr.JoGascoigne Email: Tel:+33(0)296255108


 Familyname:  Firstnames:  DateofBirth: Nationality Key Qualifications: Position: Education:

Dr.JoGascoigne CurriculumVitae

GASCOIGNE Jo 4May1971 British Fisheriesandaquaculturesustainabilityandpolicy;marineecologyand conservationbiology;marineprotectedareas;marineenvironmental impactassessment;shellfishculture;fishingtechniquesandpractices. Expertinmarineecologyandconservation,fisheriesandshellfish culture;TechnicalDirectorforseafoodeco-certification,MacAlister ElliottandPartners;HonoraryResearchFellow,SchoolofOcean Sciences,UniversityofWalesBangor Ph.D.19992003 AtheoreticalandexperimentstudyofAlleeeffects.Astudyon populationdynamics,reproductivebiology,sustainabilityoffisheries andextinctionriskinmarinepopulations,withspecificfocusonthe queenconch Strombusgigas . MarineConservationBiologyGroup,VirginiaInstituteofMarine Science(VIMS),CollegeofWilliamandMary,USA.Fieldworkatthe CaribbeanMarineResearchCentre,Bahamas,withextensivescientific diving.Alsofieldassistantonprojectonphysical-biologicalinteractions incoralmetabolism,involvingsaturationdiving. M.Phil.1994 EcologicalandeconomicimpactsofforestryintheFlowCountry, Scotland. DepartmentofGeography,UniversityofCambridge,UK. M.A.19901993 NaturalSciences(ZoologyandEcology),CorpusChristiCollege, UniversityofCambridge,UK.  English(native),French(fluent),Spanish(fluentreading,lowspoken)

Languages: Employment 2007date:Expertinmarineecology,fisheriesandshellfishculture.Ongoingprojects include:  MarineStewardshipCouncil(MSC)pre-assessmentfornumerousfisheries,including demersalfish,largeandsmallpelagics,highlymigratoryspecies,molluscs,crustaceans, freshwaterfish;locationsincludingFrance,UK,Spain,Germany,SouthAfrica,West Africa,IndianOcean,SouthernOcean,transboundary(variousclients,MacAlisterElliott andPartners)  MSCfullassessmentsexpertandprojectmanager:twoFrench,oneUKandone Germansaithefishery;aFrenchcodandhaddockfishery;thelargestUKbottommussel fishery;alobsterfisheryunderFrench-Jerseyco-management;theFrenchSouthern Oceantoothfishfishery;theTristandaCunhalobsterfishery.  ReviewofsustainabilityissuesinEuropeaneelfisheriesandproduction.  Completedprojectsinclude:  ReportonpolicyhurdlesandtoolstosupportEUfisheriesinmovingtowardslow-carbon, low-impactpractices(SeasatRisk).  ReviewoftheOmanilobsterfisherieswithaviewtoimprovingmanagementpractices andeconomicoutputperlobster(MacAlisterElliottandPartners,FiveOceansLLC).  QuantitativesurveyoffisheriesintheThamesestuary(MacAlisterElliottandPartners)