Rpt - ESC09 SV Audit 6-2x

Rpt - ESC09 SV Audit 6-2x


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Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009 EVENT AUDIT DATES OF EVENT: Conference: March 30 – April 3, 2009 Exhibits: March 31 – April 2, 2009 LOCATION: McEnry Convention Center, San Jose, CA EVENT PRODUCER/MANAGER: Company Name: TechInsights/CMP Media, LLC Address: 600 Harrison Street Phone: San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 947-6626 Website (Show): http://esc-sv09.techinsightsevents.com/ REGISTRATION COMPANY: ITN International Inc. YEAR EVENT ESTABLISHED: 1989FREQUENCY: Annual DATES OF NEXT EVENT: Conference: April 26 – 29, 2010 Exhibits: April 27 – 29, 2010 LOCATION: McEnry Convention Center, San Jose, CA 1. STATEMENT OF MARKET SERVED Embedded Systems Conference serves the electronics systems design market and is dedicated to hardware, software, components, tools, and services. The conference and exhibition offer solutions for the entire system design process including improved design, writing more efficient code, real-time development, and more effective project management strategies. Qualified attendees include engineers and technical management, executive and other business management, and design and development engineers. Other attendees include industry and financial analysts, consultants, product marketers, and investment banking/venture capital firms. 2. STATEMENT OF VERIFICATION METHODOLOGY: All conference, expo only and exhibitor booth staff registrants who registered pre show were required to ...



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Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009  EVENT AUDIT  
  March 30  April 3, 2009 March 31  April 2, 2009 McEnry Convention Center, San Jose, CA  TechInsights/CMP Media, LLC 600 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 947-6626 http://esc-sv09.techinsightsevents.com/    ITN International Inc.  1989 Annual  April 26  29, 2010  April 27  29, 2010 McEnry Convention Center, San Jose, CA
na.y852 00 5aS nrFna05 167 3,225 9,9-- 25,6 2 34 *97scci1,o 1 30245,oN t 4 *et.duaid 3,1187*0,1545 1c etis-nat stnuofiriVe   ond aed
   Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009   4. JOB FUNCTION     PERCENT IDENTIFIED BY JOB FUNCTION TOTAL ATTENDEES PERCENT OF TOTAL JOB FUNCTION ENGINEERING/TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT (NET) 1,788 31.9 35.0 Design & Development Engineering Management 1,022 18.2 20.0 Research & Development Engineering Management 416 7.4 8.2 Technical Management (CTO, CIO, Director of Engineering, System Architect, VP of Engineering) 525 9.4 10.3 Firmware/Software Engineering Management 298 5.3 5.8 ENGINEERING/TECHNICAL STAFF (NET) 1,929 34.3 37.8 Design & Development Engineering 970 17.3 19.0 Research & Development Engineering 458 8.2 9.0 Test Engineering 182 3.2 3.6 Systems Engineer 284 5.1 5.6 Hardware Engineer 360 6.4 7.1 Firmware/Software Engineer 618 11.0 12.1 EXECUTIVE/CORPORATE/GENERAL MANAGEMENT 854 15.2 16.7 OTHER 536 9.6 10.5 Total Conference and Exhibit Only Attendees Identified by Job Function 5,107 91.0 100.0 Total Conference and Exhibit Only Attendees Not Identified by Job Function 467 8.3 --Intellectual Property Symposium Cross-Over Attendees 37 0.7 --TOTAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBIT ONLY ATTENDEES 5,611 100.0 100.0   35.0% of the Attendees Have Engineering/Technical Management Job Functions  Engineering/ Technical Management 35.0% Engineering/ Technical Staff 37.8% Exerpcourtive// Other GeCnoeral aMtgem t 10.5% 16.7%          
   Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009   5. PURCHASING AUTHORITY FOR EMBEDDED PRODUCTS  PERCENT IDENTIFIED BY PURCHASING PURCHASING AUTHORITY FOR EMBEDDED PRODUCTS TOTAL ATTENDEES PERCENT OF TOTAL AUTHORITY NET INFLUENCES 4,553 81.1 91.7 Final decision maker 1,418 25.3 28.6 Significant influencer 1,768 31.5 35.7 Recommend new products 2,101 37.4 42.3 Other 410 7.3 8.3 Total Conference and Exhibit Only Attendees Identified by Purchasing Authority 4,963 88.4 100.0 Total Conference and Exhibit Only Attendees Not Identified by Purchasing Authority 611 10.9 --Intellectual Property Symposium Cross-Over Attendees 37 0.7 --TOTAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBIT ONLY ATTENDEES 5,611 100.0 100.0   The above counts and percentages are based on 5,611 Conference and Exhibit Only Attendees. Since any one attendee may have checked more than one response, the total number of responses exceeds the total attendance and should not be added together.       91.7% of the Attendees Influence the Purchase of Embedded Products   100% 50%42.3% 35.7% 28.6% 0% Final decision maker Significant influencer Recommend new products         
Learn the latest design Evaluate products/select Meet with vendors to get Learn more about what is solutions by attending classes vendors answers to questions about going on in the embedded in the technical conference specific products industry
50% 39.2%
.reh t detegobet dd aulhonod eca dns taetdnnae total ceeds thndte mee haye avcniSna eno yta enly Attendees.  eca dnE hxbitiO spref  oexs seonatot ehtrebmun le ren onse, sponek dhccet ahomering tendy atns btuois loisng tedesat lhe trnea LGNITISIV ROF SNO BY REASENTIFIEDCRNE TDIOTAT LEPNTCEF  OESDEER PA LANETTGNITTOT srt neod tna oeg Mee42.0th vt wi6,1 srod 5.92 85ses/ctduen vctle.9 2vElaauetp ornce 1,547 27.6 3nhcelacinoc erefascls se tin theG INITISY ARIMPR SNOSAERISIV ROF    9   RIMA6. PAEOSYRR ROV SNF  CmsfeonncreSie ocilaV nyell002    mEebdddeS syetSyy osmpro Prtpecelllaut -- etnI 37 0.7 ttendees-svOreA ui mrCsobyd ieifntde IotN seednettA ylnO29.0628 g 1,itinV sif roossnR aestnudna rep tnec  0 e Thovabcoe  n,516 1oCfnreneages are based o DNA ECN TIBIHXEALOT T--REFEON C 101,51601.0.0 0 ATTONLYES  ENDEuo thwtam ro ebag on in  is goindedddni  ehtebme8 08.237trus2,y tsoiq eu sotwsrecifi speboutns a193,1 stcudorp crnea L.3358 4. 2Reasons for Visiitgn3 9,647 .0 3 T--aloton Crefe ecn dnaihxE tib9 To 52.Conftal eca renehxbidnE y nl OiteendteAtitnedI s yb deif
OSnxLy (ksor Wux 9.11 8.8 494  )Linu(IX Hat Red 3.2  681,120)x  8 270 5.7 4.X QNiV a ats 7.6tnoMx) 376 6(MV Linuciirmu( 7.9 1.M  dniW SMV( reviR) ksorxw7. 170 94.M  332ostfciorndow (Wi)  1s CE967,.13 24 5M 7.roicftsoEm (ddbedeS atdnra)d1 0,58 18.9 25.5 LynTANIPORE    LATOT GNISU YLTENRRCUS EMSTSYG LAP REEC TFOT TOS PERCENATTENDEES GNETSYEPO ITARIEIFBYD  INTNTDE  deedmb Eence Silicon Val dyStsme soCfnre yel9002        agescent bas are n,5deo oCfn16 1.000 1ovabe Thstnuoc erep dna XHIBIT ONLY ATTEDNEE S,51611000. 037 -.7TO- L TAFNOCNEREA ECE DNorssmuC opisS myees tendr At-OveletnI -- 4.52 82tyeropPrl uactleybO epartnfiei dtems 1,4ting SysnO tA ylxE dibihot Nde IenttesdeefnoC lana ecner3. 746,1ot T--9 gnS aritsm4 syetifiedent Oped byylnOttA edneI see ncd anhiExt bi7.T tolaC noefer9 Other 27 0.5 04.7 3.5 20  s)eulcuN( scihparG rento.0 M.2 325 2)X1 erda( hTgocirexp Lss 5.9 E.32 )y3 91etnItirg Hills (.7 Green534 2.5 CuSO )2 
25.5% 24.7% 23.4%
Microsoft (Windows CE) Microsoft (Embedded Standard) Red Hat (IX Linux) Wind River (Vxworks) Lynux Works (LynxOS) 11.9% Monta Vista (MV Linux) 9.1% QNX 6.7% Micrium (uCOS) 5.7% Green Hills (Integrity) 5.3% Mentor Graphics (Nucleus) 4.9% Express Logic (ThreadX) 3.0% Other 0.7% 0%
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