Bulletin of the European Union
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Bulletin of the European Union


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7/8, 2006
Activities of the institutions and bodies
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7/8 2006•The Bulletin of the European Union reports on the activities of the Commission and the other Community
institutions. It is produced by the Secretariat-General of the European Commission and published
10 times a year in the official European languages.
The following reference system is used: the first digit indicates the part number, the second digit the
chapter number and the subsequent digit or digits the point number. Citations should therefore read as
follows: Bull. 1/2-1994, point 1.1.1 or 2.2.3.
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Sent to press in October 2006
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References in the text
References to other parts of the same issue of the Bulletin are given in parentheses in text,
thus (→ point 2.1.53).
Publications cited in this Bulletin
Bull. Bulletin of the European Union
Supplement — Bull. Supplement to the Bulletin of the European Union
General Report General Report on the Activities of the European UnionContents
Part One Activities in July and August 2006
News in brief 6
1 Institutional questions 7
2 Better lawmaking 9
3 Lisbon strategy 10
4 Information and communication 11
5 Human rights 12
6 Economic and monetary policy 14
7 Statistical system 18
8 Employment and social policy 19
9 Equal opportunities for women and men 23
10 The internal market 24
11 Competition 30
12 Enterprise 34
13 Research and technology 36
14 Information society and the media 39
15 Economic and social cohesion 41
16 Trans-European networks 44
17 Agriculture and rural development 45
18 Fisheries and maritime affairs 48
19 Area of freedom, security and justice 54
20 Education and culture 65
21 Environment 67
22 Transport 73
23 Energy 78
24 Health and consumer protection 81
25 Enlargement 8626 Common foreign and security policy 89
27 International organisations and conferences 91
28 Common commercial policy 93
29 Development cooperation 98
30 Humanitarian aid 102
31 European neighbourhood policy 104
32 European Economic Area (EEA),
European Free Trade Association (EFTA) 105
33 Relations with third countries and regional groupings 107
The western Balkans 107
Southern Mediterranean and the Middle East 107
Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and central Asia 110
United States, Japan and other industrialised countries 112
Asia 113
Latin America 113
Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and overseas countries
and territories (OCTS) 114
Diplomatic relations 121
34 Financing Community activities, resource management,
protection of financial interests 124
Budgets 124
Financial operations 130
Protection of the Communities’ financial interests
and the fight against fraud 130
35 Community law 132
Monitoring the application of Community law 132
Decisions by the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance 132
36 Community institutions 142
European Parliament 142
Council 142
Commission 145
Court of Auditors 146
European Investment Bank 146
European Economic and Social Committee 149
European Schools 149
Part Two Documentation
1 Additional references in the Official Journal 152
2 Corrigenda 155
3 Index 156PART ONE
AUGUST 2006News in brief
¡ Single currency: Decision on the adoption by Slovenia of the single currency on 1 January
2007 (→ point 1.6.6).
¡ Employment: Decision on guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States
(→ point 1.8.4).
¡ Reduced taxation on services: Proposal for a decision authorising to apply a reduced rate
of VAT to certain labour-intensive services (→ point 1.10.9).
¡ Research and technology: Proposal for a decision establishing the European joint under-
taking for ITER and the development of fusion energy (→ point 1.13.6).
¡ Mobile networks: Proposal for a regulation on roaming on public mobile networks within
the Community (→ point 1.14.1).
¡ Urban contribution to growth and jobs: Commission communication on cohesion policy
and cities (→ point 1.15.1).
¡ Economic and social cohesion: Regulations establishing a European grouping of territorial
cooperation (EGTC) (→ point 1.15.4); the European Regional Development Fund (→ point 1.15.5);
a Cohesion Fund (→ point 1.15.7) and the European Social Fund (→ point 1.15.8); laying down
general provisions on the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and
the Cohesion Fund (→ point 1.15.6).
¡ Fisheries: Regulation on the European Fisheries Fund (→ point 1.18.3).
¡ Rights of the child: Commission communication — ‘Towards an EU strategy on the rights
of the child’ (→ point 1.19.1).
¡ Illegal immigration: Commission communication on future priorities to fight illegal immi-
gration of third-country nationals (→ point 1.19.6).
¡ Visas: Proposal for a regulation establishing a Community code on visas (→ point 1.19.5).
¡ Matrimonial regimes: Green Paper on conflict of laws in matters concerning matrimonial
property regimes (→ point 1.19.19).
¡ Pesticides: Commission communication — ‘A thematic strategy on the sustainable use of
pesticides’ — and proposal for a directive (→ point 1.21.1).
¡ Water: Proposal for a directive on environmental quality standards in the field of water policy
and Commission communication — ‘Integrated prevention and control of chemical pollution of
surface waters in the European Union’ (→ point 1.21.2).
¡ Passenger rights: Regulation concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with
reduced mobility when travelling by air (→ point 1.22.11).
¡ Enlargement: Regulation establishing an Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA)
(→ point 1.25.2).
¡ Development consensus: Commission communication on governance in the European con-
sensus on development (→ point 1.29.3).
¡ Lebanon: extraodinary Council conclusions on the crisis in Lebanon (→ point 1.33.6).
¡ Draft budget for 2007: established by the Council (→ point 1.34.1).
6 Bull. EU 7/8-2006