Consumer price index. 5 - 1987 Monthly


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ISSN 1010-2779 Consumer price index 5 D 1987 Monthly Community lower PRICES: Little increase in May; inflation rate of the than that for the USA for the first tine since 1980. Between April and May 1987 the CPI for the Community as a whole (EUR 12) rose by 0.2%. This moderate increase was obtained thanks to the good results in most of the Member States: Spain and Luxembourg both recorded a decrease of 0.1%, whereas the index for Belgium remained unchanged. In Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Portugal prices went up slightly by 0.1%, meanwhile France reported an increase of 0.2%, Italy of 0.4% and Greece of 0.6%. The quarterly index for Ireland rose by 0.6% between mid-February and mid-May 1987, which corresponds to an average increase of about 0.2% per month. At present the inflation rate for the Community as a whole is 3.2% (May '87 compared to May '86). This means that for the first time in 7 years (beginning of 1980) the inflation rate for the Community as a whole is lower than that for the USA (3.7% in April 1987): however the result of Japan (-0.1%) remains still far below these figures. The corresponding data for the Member States (May'87 compared to May '86) are as follows: France +3.4% Netherlands -0.6% Luxembourg United Kingdom +4.1% -0.3% Germany (FR) +0.2% Italy +4.2% Belgium +1.7% Spain +5.9% Ireland +2.8.% Portugal +9.5% Denmark (*) +3.2% (April) Greece +17.



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