Public Comment, Assessment Rate Adjustment Guidelines for Large  Institutions, ABA, America
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Public Comment, Assessment Rate Adjustment Guidelines for Large Institutions, ABA, America's Community

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BANKERS Mr. Robert E. Feldman James Chessen Executive Secretary Chief Economist American Bankers Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Association Attn: Comments/Legal ESS 1120 Comecticu~t Ave., 550 17'~ Street, NW NW Washington, DC 20036 Washington, DC 20426 202-663-5130 Re: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; Proposed Assessment Rate Robert Davis Adjustment Guidelines for Large Institutions and Insured Foreign Branches Executive Vice President in Risk Category I; 72 ~ederal keeister 7878, No. 34, ~ednesda~, February and Managing Director, 21,2007 Government Relations America's Commumity Bankers Dear Mr. Feldman: 900 19rh Street, NW Suute 400 Washington, DC 20006 The Arnencan Bankers Association ("ABA"),' America's Community Bankers 202-857-5088 ("ACB)' and the Financial Services Roundtable ("R~undtable")~ appreciate the rdavis@ opportunity to comment on the proposed assessment rate adjustment guidelines for Rich Whiting large institutions (hereafter referred to as the prernium-adjustment authority). Executive Director Financial Services Roundtable 1001 Pemsyivmia Avenue, NW Suute 500 South ' The American Bankers Association, on behalf of the more than two million men and women Washington, DC 20004 who work in the nation's banks, represents all types of financial institutions in this rapidly 202-289-4322 changing industry. The ABA's membership includes community, regional and money center rich@fsro~md ...



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