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Taxes, duties, tax exemption ... find all the tax information you need to understand the intricacies of taxation . In one click, you will have access to clear information on tax news in France and around the World. Stay informed !

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Understanding general taxation

What are the current laws and current tax reforms ? Discover the reports of our experts on taxes that concern you and find the answers you expect. For all that concerns tax law, go to: .

The entire French and European tax system is analyzed for you, to better design your strategy in this area. The different facets of taxation are deciphered by specialists in the matter to allow you to better anticipate the impact of these compulsory levies. Thanks to our you will therefore know how it is possible to pay less tax

Optimizing its tax exemption

Tax exemption is a frequent optimization process. The tax exemption allows the wealthier classes to make investments, while benefiting from tax cuts . Thus, buying new housing under the Duflot law or investing in a business or a charitable project gives access to different tax credits .

Discover, too, how to tax-free and develop the best strategy. Consult our downloadable materials on taxation, taxes and fees and do not miss any key information. If in addition our documents are not enough for you, you can contact a lawyer specializing in tax advice. The latter will help you get the most out of what you pay in taxes.

Decipher taxes

Professional tax, property tax, VAT… know what to expect by consulting our various supports. You will also learn what the real purpose of these taxes is : who collects them, who created them and in what budgets your money will be reinjected.

Practical, you can also calculate the amount of your future taxes by consulting the various documents available to you. Finally, find out what taxes are related to your activity, how they are calculated and the dates on which payments must be made.