Volusion Shipping Integration

Volusion Shipping Integration


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Published 14 July 2016
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Volusion Shipping Integration
Shipping Management Software
Automates order picking and fulfillment Generates pick lists and packing slips Tracks shipments Notifies on shipping statuses Allows centralized management of all shipping processes Provides categorized reports
To run the features listed above, shipping software needs access to data from customers’ stores (e.g. customer info, shipping addresses, shipping methods, order info, and tracking numbers). The easiest way to connect with the data is to integrate with Volusion andother shopping cartsthat sellers build their stores on.
Reasons to Integrate with Volusion
An Opportunity to Gain a Wider Market Share 40,000+ online store owners become your potential customers Access to Vital Data from Stores You can retrieve customer, order, product, and other data and process it within your system Enhanced Functionality You can use data from stores to run new features and services
shipping addresses SHIPPING order info MANAGEMENT shipping methods SOFT customer info tracking numbers Finding an expert to develop the integration module Waiting no less than a month for the connection to be established Integration maintenance Vast expenses(integration development alone will cost you a few thousands of dollars, not to mention its further upkeep and upgrades)
Solution:Integration withAPI2Cart
Why API2Cart?
API2Cart Offers Plethora of Opportunities For Shipping Solution Providers
Time, effort and money saved
Ability to retrieve order, customer, shipping, and tracking data and its updates
Data synchronization between your system and your clients’ stores
Ability to use this information to automate order fulfilment
An opportunity to extend market share
Why API2Cart?
30+ supported platforms, including Volusion
65+ API methodsto use store data as you need it
Scalable architectureto handle a growing number of added stores
SSL certificateand32-symbol API keyto ensure data security
Detailed documentationwith code samples, nothing hidden
Dedicated tech support
What Else You Get as a Bonus:
Integrationwith30+other popular shopping carts:
andmany others
Thanks you for your attention!
If you are interested in integrating your shipping software with Volusion and other platforms via API2Cart and would like to explore more, contact us by clicking the button below.
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