Selecting the optimal Lamp Shades that match up to your room
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Selecting the optimal Lamp Shades that match up to your room

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Selecting the optimal Lamp Shades that match up to your room


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Published 22 October 2011
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Selecting the optimal Lamp Shades that match up
to your room
There are so many types of
lamp shades UK
to choose from that you may feel confused by the
undertaking of choosing a shade. But if you learn about the various types before you begin hunting
through catalogues, you might be able to narrow your search to the most appropriate types and save
yourself some time.
For example, you might first want to narrow the lampshades down by learning what types are suited to
the theme of the room the lamp will be in. If the decor of the room is traditional, you might want a
conical shade; for a more contemporary look, a drum shade might be just the thing.
There are other considerations that will narrow your choices. For a table lamp, for example, make sure
your lampshade doesn't hang over the perimeter of your table. If the lamp is near a television set, an
opaque lamp-shade of any material will reduce glare. If you'd like a lampshade that imparts a warm
glow, choose one of fabric or semi-opaque paper.
Space doesn't allow us to cover anywhere near all of the types of lampshades. Here are a number of
types of lampshades to get you started, beginning with the basic shapes:
Drum and Cylinder Shades
These two kinds of round lampshades ordinarily have vertical or near-vertical sides; the difference
between them is chiefly in their proportions. Drum shades are normally wider and cylinder shades are
usually taller. Drums lampshades might be the safest of all shapes in terms of fire danger, because the
bulb is situated quite a ways from the shade.
Floor, Empire and Coolie Shades
These three circular types have loped sides of varying degrees. Floor shades offer sides that are almost
as steep as drum or cylinder shades. Empire shades have a medium slope and are well-proportioned for
table lamps. Coolie shades have the most gradual slope, having a smaller top diameter and a wider base.
Coolie shades are really close to the bulb. Release 2011
Square, Rectangular, Oval and Hexagonal Shades
The shape of a lamp shade when viewed from above is normally circular, but it can be other shapes.
Oval shades are quite popular now; they are wider than they're deep, so they require two diameter
measurements at both the top and the bottom to ascertain their shape. Oval shades can create an extra
dimension to your lamp. Some people prefer square, rectangle or hexagonal shades. There are also
other, more exotic shapes offered.
Bell-shaped shades tend to look fancy. With bell shades, the bulb is closer to the shade than with any
other popular shape of shade.
Tiffany lampshades are crafted of hand-rolled stained art glass, and they are what characterize Tiffany
lamps. Light that gets filtered through these classy lamps is stunning. There might be bubbles, lines
and/or seeds observed in the glass, but they're not flaws; they exhibit the design and elegance of
genuine stained art glass. Because all hand-rolled art glass has numerous subtle shadings, every Tiffany
lamp is truly unique.
Wicker Shades
Wicker lampshades are becoming more well-liked as the global fashion trends become more eco-
friendly. Wicker is a plant material that is formed into strands and then woven onto a frame. Therefore,
it is really pliable and is able to be bent into any shape desired.
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