Solving 'IN_PAGE_ERROR' Running Microsoft 'Office' Setup_


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File system and difficult disk issues can root from a number of problems, including energy black outs,


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Published 27 September 2012
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Solving 'IN_PAGE_ERROR' Running Microsoft 'Office' Setup
File system and difficult disk issues can root from a number of problems, including energy black outs,
improper system maintenance, virus infection, human errors, and hardware problems. When these
problem happens, the effects are directly reflected in procedures like, setting up a brand new
application, being able to access a current file or folder, repairing the present installation, and much
more. Thus, it is simple to evaluate file system corruption. In worst cases, you will need to reformat
the whole hard disk partitions and seek the assistance of
Partition Recovery tools
, particularly when
there's no data backup available. Following a general overview, let us limit the issue with a realistic
problem,which could occur when attempting to setup or repair Microsoft 'office' on the Home windows
hard disk drive. Particularly, whenever you make an effort to repair or install Microsoft 'office' 2002
(XP), Microsoft 'office' 2003 or Microsoft 'office' 2007, the setup may exit quietly without notifying or
exhibiting any error message on-screen. For say, whenever you attempt to install or repair Office, it
prompts you to definitely specify the merchandise Identification key, but exits suddenly.
For typical Office setup failure, you can even examine the connected log file, that is produced by
Office Setup in Temp folder in.txt format. This file might contain among the below or similar log
records with various module and performance:Exception code: C0000006 IN_PAGE_ERRORModule:
C:WINDOWSSystem32msi.dllFunction: 0x7642452f
Exception code: C0000006
IN_PAGE_ERRORModule: C:WINDOWSsystem32IMAGEHLP.dllFunction: 0x76c94afaAs pointed
out, the portrayed issue is generally caused by file system damage or hard disk drive problems. Thus,
to solve the issue, consider applying the solutions pointed out underneath:'Analyze' after which
'Defragment' hard disk using Disk Defragmenter tool. To do this, you'll want administrative privileges
to gain access to the partition/volume.Repair the disk using Autochk.exe, Chkdsk.exe,, and
Chkntfs.exe tools. When the problem continues, reformat hard disk and restore the erased data from
backup. Make use of a
Partition Recovery Software
while any type of backup issues.
Utilization of a Partition Recovery utility enables to scan the realistically crashed hard disk drive and
restore the lost/erased partitions in only couple of easy steps.For the best recovery and results,
among the best tools is Stellar Phoenix Home windows
File Recovery
software. Outfitted with
advanced plus safe checking calculations, the Partition Recovery Software works with Home windows
7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. The program includes slew of helpful options like, Raw file recovery,
disk cloning, disk imaging, etc.
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