Specialty CFL Bulbs
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Specialty CFL Bulbs

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Specialty CFL Bulbs


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Published 23 January 2012
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Specialty CFL Bulbs
All over the world, people are starting to switch from incandescent light bulbs over to compact
fluorescent lighting (CFL). Not only are they saving money on their power bills, they’re also
reducing our greenhouse emissions and conserving our resources. Compact
fluorescents consume less than one-third as much electricity as incandescent bulbs do.
If you’re planning to make the switch, just remember the words “watt four.” What for? Because
the “watt four rule” states that when you’re switching over from an incandescent bulb to a CFL
bulb, divide the wattage of the old bulb by four and then get the CFL bulb that’s the closest to
the number. For example, if you’re replacing a 50-watt bulb, you’d obtain a 13-watt CFL bulb.
Nonetheless it isn’t quite that easy, when you possess a lot of ordinary or specialty CFL bulbs to
pick from, and you also should be careful to get one that will satisfy your needs.
The spiral CFL bulbs, which are considered the standard CLF bulbs, have their limitations. You
can’t use them in tight places where there isn’t much air flow, or they’ll overheat. They don’t
work well in cold places either, as they’ll spend a lot of time warming up and won’t reach full
brightness for quite awhile, if at all. You can’t use them for dimming or for three-way switches.
They also aren’t geared for damp places. And some people don’t like the way they look or the
warm-coloured light they give off. For these and other reasons, some people favor obtaining a
specialty CFL bulb. Some of the primary kinds of specialty CFL
energy saving bulbs
are described
Covered Spiral
Standard spiral bulbs (so-called because they resemble standard incandescent bulbs) are
covered by a dome. These deliver a light similar to the “soft white” kind of incandescent bulb.
Globe CFL’s also contain a glass cover, so they resemble the covered spiral bulbs. These bulbs
are designed for use in hot places that regular CFLs might not be able to handle. Globe bulbs
work best for vanity mirrors, overhead bathroom lights and certain ceiling fan lights.
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These contain the word “dimming” on the label, and are available in various shapes and sizes.
They only work with certain switches, so check to be sure you use the correct switch, or you’ll
burn the bulb out quickly.
energy saving light bulbs
somewhat resemble a torpedo. They're engineered for use
in little lamp fixtures.
Triple Tube
Triple tube bulbs are extra small, but they deliver as much light as a much bigger bulb.
These are a hybrid halogen/CFL bulb, with the halogen filament reaching full brightness
instantly. The halogen filament then gradually shuts off as the CFL reaches full brightness.
Some of these closely resemble spiral bulbs, but they’re also available in other shapes, like
circle-line or A-line. They can be used in desk, floor or shade lamps, or in swing arm lamps or
sconces, as long as they have ample air flow around them. These require a special three-way
switch, so they probably won’t work with any regular three-ways you have; and even if they do,
they will probably burn out quickly.
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