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Spring 3100


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SPRING 3100theofcollectionFrom the7 ^ rv.PrejingerV JJilDrarypCaliforniaFrancisco,San2008NOL. NO. 121, JANUARY, 1950•Published by the POLICE DEPARlMENT CITY OF NEW YORKWILLIAM P. O'BRIENCOMMISSK>NERJANUARY 1950s3100SPRINGCALENDAR OF EVENTSl"Mi \.. II \\ I \KN .\ulD. DOYLEFRANKDepartment, EditorSecretary of the j.W. HAPPY NEW YEAR!Iw • Vou shoot rahhit all this innnth in New YorkcanSlate, hut if he licails lor Connecticut, let him go.W. FLATHMARTIN AUGUSTJOHN J. Their .season do.sed Decemher 31.Chief In&pectorFirtt Deputy Committioner —\.\. 3 (;iAKDIANS ASSOCIATION. Installationmeeting 8:00 P.M. 124 W . 124 Street.JAMES McELROY gUEENS POLICE POST No. 1103. Meeting«:00 P.M. CInh House.Chi«( of StoFI—I \.\. SKI<(;EANTS' association.5 Meeting, 7:30Governor Clinton Hotel.I'.M.ST. (;E0KGE InstallalionMeeting. 8:00 P.M. 71 W. 2i Street.KETIREU PATROLMEN'S ASSOCIATION.j}n 7kb ^Mue Installalion Meeting. 8:00 P.M. 245 W. 14thStreet.Page 6—ANCHOR FatherJ.\X. CLUB. & Son Communion.St. Francis of Assisi. W. 31st Street, N.Y.C.From the P.C.'s Desk on Firearms in tlic Home 3I.\N. 7—STATEN ISLAND SOCIETY OF IM-Graduates 290 Recruits 4Academy MACULATE HEART. Mass. St. Peter'sChurch 8:00 A.M.Young Men Win Top Valor Awards 6IAX. 9—GREATER NEW NORK POST No. 1999.Editor Prize Short Story 7A Letter to the —Meeting. 8:00 P.M. Sokol Hall 71st Street."and P.A.L. NewsJ.A.B.lAX. 10 HOLY— NAME SOCIETY (Man., Bx.. Rich.)All In Day's Work 11the Meeting. 8 ...


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SPRING 3100 theofcollectionFrom the 7 ^ rv. Prejinger V JJilDrary p CaliforniaFrancisco,San 2008 NOL. NO. 121, JANUARY, 1950 •Published by the POLICE DEPARlMENT CITY OF NEW YORK WILLIAM P. O'BRIEN COMMISSK>NER JANUARY 1950 s3100SPRING CALENDAR OF EVENTS l"Mi \.. I I \\ I \KN .\ul D. DOYLEFRANK Department, EditorSecretary of the j.W. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Iw • Vou shoot rahhit all this innnth in New Yorkcan Slate, hut if he licails lor Connecticut, let him go.W. FLATHMARTIN AUGUSTJOHN J. Their .season do.sed Decemher 31. Chief In&pectorFirtt Deputy Committioner —\.\. 3 (;iAKDIANS ASSOCIATION. Installation meeting 8:00 P.M. 124 W . 124 Street. JAMES McELROY gUEENS POLICE POST No. 1103. Meeting «:00 P.M. CInh House. Chi«( of StoFI — I \.\. SKI<(;EANTS' association.5 Meeting, 7:30 Governor Clinton Hotel.I'.M. ST. (;E0KGE Installalion Meeting. 8:00 P.M. 71 W. 2i Street. KETIREU PATROLMEN'S ASSOCIATION. j}n 7kb ^Mue Installalion Meeting. 8:00 P.M. 245 W. 14th Street. Page 6—ANCHOR FatherJ.\X. CLUB. & Son Communion. St. Francis of Assisi. W. 31st Street, N.Y.C.From the P.C.'s Desk on Firearms in tlic Home 3 I.\N. 7—STATEN ISLAND SOCIETY OF IM- Graduates 290 Recruits 4Academy MACULATE HEART. Mass. St. Peter's Church 8:00 A.M.Young Men Win Top Valor Awards 6 IAX. 9—GREATER NEW NORK POST No. 1999.Editor Prize Short Story 7A Letter to the — Meeting. 8:00 P.M. Sokol Hall 71st Street. "and P.A.L. NewsJ.A.B. lAX. 10 HOLY— NAME SOCIETY (Man., Bx.. Rich.) All In Day's Work 11the Meeting. 8:30 P.M. Holy Cross School, ii2 W. 43 Street. Headquarters. 14Election Night at Police 12J.\X. --CAPTAINS' ASSOCIATION. Meeting. 12:00 P.S.A. Sports — -.- - 16 Noon. Hotel Commodore. The New Manual 18 NEW YORK \ KTERANS POLICE ASSOCIA- TION. Installation Meeting. 150 Nassau Strecl. '49Police Activities in Headlines ol 20 lAX. 14—PATROLMEN'S ASSOCIATION. Entertain- Coordinating Council News. J) ment & Dance, Madison Stjuare Garden. GARRISONNEW YORK CITY 3100. DiimerFrisk 'En\ First _ - - 24 ArlingtonDance. Hall 8:00 P.M. Browsing in the Lihrary 27 .I.\X. 17—POLICEWOMEN'S ASSOCIATION. Installa- 2''Dowti the Line lion Dinner. 6:30 P.M. Krannccs Tavern. OLEENS POLICE POST. Mcelimr. CInh OlTicers' Training School House 8:00 P.M. Looking 'Em Over 18—HOLY NAME SOCIETY (Bklyn,JAN. Qiis.) Meet ing. German Night. SiofF ForEditorial This Issue: IAX. CIVILIAN COCNCIL_179.19— Installation Meeting. Pll. Joseph A. Collahon, Polw. Yetto Cohn, PtI. Thomas P. Rupperts Tap Room. 7:30 P.M. .ttm and Det. William M. Hombrecht. —I.\.\'. 20 The Farmer's Almanac says totlay will lie "snowy, Precipe! reporters contributing to this issue; Pit. Bing Miller 2 Pct.i; blo\vy and stormy." PtI. Williom flynn 6 Pet, Pll. Alexander Demny 9 Pel. Pll. Milton ; I; Hinlie 10 Pel.,; Pll. Irving Klein (U Pel.); Pll. Kenno Pel.);Ed 16 —I.\X. 22 The Egyptian Olielisk, better known as "Cleopatra's Pll. Ben Zurell Pcl.i; Pll. Honnigon Pel.;; Pll.22 John J. 25 Raymond Needle" was erected this day in in1881 CentralWiebo:dl '28 Pel.;; Pll. Corl '30H. Crawford Pel); PtI. Ralph C. Ris- poli '32 Pet PtI. Park.); William F. Sommor 34 Pel. ; Pll, Oovid Abroms (43 Pel); Pll Thomas Devery 40 Pet.,; Pll. Joel Schubert '61 Pel); Pll. Arthur Good- bread 62 Pet ); Pll, Leo Bylewski 67 Pel); Pll Raymond A. Donovon l6B IAX. 24— Two electric eels in the Aquarium, this day in Pel. Pll , Michoel A Corso 87 Pet ; Pll, Nicholas Porpon 102 Pcl.i; PtI 1936 were connected witli light bulbs and lighteilHorry Adier 103 Pel ;; Pll, James Boylan 105 Pel.,;; PtI. John Dillon (110 Pel.;; Pll. Roiel Clark 110 A Pel ; Pll Anthony I. Doyle (111 Pel); Pll, them, and a lot of people wouldn't believe it. C. Kroslewski 112 Pct.i; PtI. Waller C, Sehod Trof, A); Miss Virginio McCormiek Civilion News). IAX 25—LIEUTENANT'S ASSOCIATION. Meeting. Material was olso received from the following precinct reporters, who re- «:()() P.M. Goveriior Clinton Hotel.quested that they be allowed to remain anonymous: 15 Pel.; 52 Pel.; 63 Pel.; 76 Pel.: 77 Pet.; 104 Pel.; 108 Pel, 114 Pel; Traf Trof. F; PWBD; I \X 25—HOXOR LEGION. Installation Dinner. Park Sheraton Hotel. .I\N 26- TRAFFIC SQD. ASSOCIATION. Installalion Published by the Police Deportment, City of New York Meeting. M.uihallaii Centre. 8:00 P.M. Copyright, 1950, by Department, City of New York. \.\'.Address all communications to SPRING I 29— This day in 1861. Mayor Fcrn.indo Wo I'.I'ORE leaving for the south * anil his subsequent' retirement early in 1950, Chief Magistrate I'-dgar Bromberger wrote the Com- missioner expressing his apprecia- tion for the cooperation of the Po- lice Department during his time in jjublic service, both as Commissioner of Investigation whileand on the bench. Excerpts from his letter :"...]say have been impressed with the unselfish and loyal devotion to duty on the part of your entire command and with their high con-Miss Jeon Kane proudly accepts Journal American Awarci from Commissioner O'Brien for her father, Det, Alfred Kane, (r). cept of public service. ... I know that the same spirit which has been heretoforedemonstrated by the Po-DETECTIXE Alfred E. Kane-, brought his confession of doing hisJ. lice willDepartment be continued123rd Squad, was given the dastartlly act. and that the city's interests will beAmerican Award for theJournal Detective Kane has W(jn in addi- loyally and devotedly served by yourmonth of November for his brilliant tion to the award, the plaudits of department in the future as in thework in trackint; down the attacker ."his sui)eri()rs and his fellow officers. past. . .old child inof a fourteen-month Island.Huguenot, Staten Entering the child's home through ISRAELI CHIEFS VISIT HEADQUARTERScellar 3 :30 a.m. Thanks-the about intruder atro-giving day, the bestial child thenciously attacked the and did thisbit her about the body. He cutafter pulling a master switch to off the electricity, and while the child's parents slept in a nearby bed- But a passion for beer was hisroom. downfall. process of ruimingWhile in the Detective Kanedown possible clues. bottle in thefound an empty beer accountedcellar that could not be for by the people in the neighbor- Kanehood. Seizing this thin clue, producertraced the bottle from the to a distributor on Staten Island; gave the detective thethe customers who boughtnames of his particular brand. Kane thenthat and came towent to the ironically was alsoone whose name checked the case ofKane. Mr. Kane and as fate hatlbeer he had bought of the same serialit the bottles were were miss-number and two of them Whalen Iook on as Com-Chief Inspector August W. Flath ond Chief of Deteciivei Williom Amoiof the Deportment s Orgonizotionol Chart tomissioner O'Brien exploins the intricaciesing. Police Force, and Yeheskel Sabor, (r).Ben Gurion (I), Chief Training Officer of the liroeli Upon ((uestioning the family, the Gurion, son of Dovid Ben Gurion, Prime MinisterInspector Generol of the Isroeli Police. Mr. man's son admitted taking the two tour of the New York Police Deport-of Israel, ond Mr. Sobor were conducted on on extensive of the Police Department of liravLbottles and further questioning ment to gotfter vital informotion for the orgoniiatton From the P.C.'s Desk on . . . Firearms In The Home has always been regarded and is putting away his service revolver. At suchSI'.LF-PRESERVATION first law of nature; and the preservation of times, the temptation is take the path resist-as the to of least principle.family group follows from this ance and place the revolver in any convenient drawerthe basis uponThroughout history, the family has been the or on an accessible shelf. It can be appreciated that a nations have arisen and man whowhich the great democratic has finished a tiring tour of duty is anxious to divest himselfendured. of his "artillery" upon arriving home. On the other hand, what regarded inPolicemen are universally is the loss of a minute's time to reflect communities as "familytheir respective upon the preservation and protection of better example could be hadmen." VVhat those who are near and dear to him. A than in the photographs taken by some of loaded revolver is a serious temptation to presentingthe city's largest newspapers in a curious child, and a convenient palliative awards for heroism. Almosttheir monthly to a despondent or overwrought relative. every instance, the patrolman is shownin The circumstances of each family group surrounded by his wife and several at- determines the exact amount of care tractive children. which must be exercised. photogra]>hsNot so apparent in these Many men remove the cartridges frombasic principle which, aklinughis another their revolvers and secrete the cartridgesnot visible, is present nonetheless. Shorn and revolver in two separateof excess verbiage, it states that for every places. Other men are reluctantright, there is an equal and corresponding to unload the children revolverduty. The right to have wife and on the chance that, even though is balanced by a duty support and protect them to the off-duty, they may be calledto upon at any time to pursue a prowlerbest of one's ability. This principle is as fundamental or other criminal in the neighborhood. Much thought mustas the law of self-preservation. be devoted to the choice of a safe hiding place. The more inaccessible that it is to members of Tor a New York City policeman, the dut}' of pni- the family, the better ; and the fewer persons who know tecting his family is perhaps more difficult than ior of its location, the better. Children in particular should the average father. An added element of danger i> never see where father keeps his gun. presented by the requirements of the rules and regula- tions. He is subject to twenty-four hour dut\- and is During my own thirty-three years sers'ice in the obligated to have his revolver with him at all times. department, I have discussed the problem of firearms storage with other members of the force. The most difficult to dramatize the horror of a deathIt is effective prevention is the removal of the cartridges of a ser\'iceresulting from the improper safeguarding from the revolver. Some men have devised ingenious Several years ago, the apathy of the publicrevolver. methods of secreting their firearms. I recall one man who nailed an oldtoward automobile fatalities was abruptly shaken by leather holster to the inside of the closet wall directly over the door. This is the fourthmagazine article, "And Suddenthe appearance of the wall of the closet which cannot be seen without twistingDeath." If the automobile could be described as the the neck around at an awkward angle. The old holster death, then by comparison thepur\'eyor of "sudden" was nailed at a height that he could just reach by revolver which each member of the force brings into standing on tiptoe. After each tour, as he hung his described as "instant"his home daily could better be street clothes in the closet, he would unobtrusively re- death. move the revolver and place it in the old holster. None in his family ever knew where he kept his revolver, relietl uponimpact of "And Sudden Death"The and yet it was instantly available if the occasion arose. vehicle-accident scenes with theirvivid description of Regardless of the manner employed, members of thephotographsmangled bodies. Unfortunately,attendant force must use extra care in protecting their families single bullet holeof wives, children or friends with a from harm. The next time that you remove your re- bodies is not as impressive, pictorially. But thein their volver at home, determine whether it has been properly failure toloss of a loved one or a dear friend through safeguarded. Needless grief may be avoided by a storing the service revolvertake proper precautions in few moments' thought. at home, is equally as deep and equally as distressing. — not intoThe words of the Lord's prayer ^"lead us m//ant O'&ieHP. be uppermost in the minds oftemptation"-—should COMMISSIONERreturns home from dut\'evcrv police officer when he — 3 ACADEMY GRADUATES 290 RECRUITS Force At Highest Peak Since 1939 2''l) pioh.itioiiai) patrol- now read}' Icj take your [jJace beside erating in I'hjrida, at his not being"I^Ok the other policemen of the City of able to attend the ceremonies. Mr.ri men. Di-combiT 12, 1949 was •*" New York." Commentin^j on the Impellitteri then welcomed the newhi-Ul out as a day of opportun- many high rankinfj members of the jiatrolmen in the name of the city.ity. At the coninu-nccnient exercises force who were present, the Com- "The responsibility for the protec-for the recruit class wliich entered of the city de-the Police Academy on ( )cl()l)er 1st. missioner pointed out that they, too, tion of the citizens 1'. DejiartmentI'olice Commissioner William as probationary patrolmen, had at- l>ends upon the Police O'Brien. Actinj; Mayor Vincent K. tended similar [graduation ceremo- almost exclusively. An administra- impellitteri and nies. At the time, it was not within tion," he said, "more or less is justI'residinfj Justice David their powder to know what the future as successful as its police depart-W. Peck of the Appellate Division, held in store for them. ment."each in turn, stressed the pctssibilities "You are startinjjawaitin;^ the members on a lontr, lon^; Then alluding to the fact that all of hike— leastthe j^ra