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Studyrama's Fair - Paris - International Studies and Career Fair


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FAIR TECHNICAL FILE th 10 Studyrama International education and career fairinBrussels th October 13, 2015 THON HOTEL BRUSSELS CITY CENTRE Table of contents


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Published 23 September 2015
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th 10 Studyrama
International education and career fairinBrussels
th October 13 , 2015
Table of contents Your contact details………..……2 Proceedings………………..……..3 Deliveries …………....……………4 General information…………......5 Your stand......……………..…......6 Rules ……..………………………..7 Fire safety...……………………….9
 Business managerand contact onsiteNadine UM DIN Phone: +33 Mob.: +33
 Fair directorHugo CHOSSON Phone: +33 Mob.: +33
 CommunicationAnneCharlotte SCHAEFER Phone: +33 Mob.: +33 anne
 Sales assistantIris DUPIN Phone: +33
Our team is available to help!
 Stand set up time
th Tuesday, October 13 , 2015 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Please respect the schedule to benefit from the best conditions for your installation.
 Fair date & time
th Tuesday, October 13 , 2015 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
 Dismantling of your stand and goods removal
Removal of goods must not be madebefore 8 pm on Tuesday, th October 13 , 2015. Early dismantling and removal is YOUR responsibility. Studyrama staff will not be held responsible should any problem arise. Please note that all goods must be removed at the end of the fair, th on the same day : October 10
 Delivery address
Evelien ElpersEvent planner Salon Studyrama THON HOTEL BRUSSELS CITY CENTRE Avenue du boulevard 17 1210 Brussels  Belgium
 Delivery dates & time
th Deliveries are possible from Friday October 9 , 2015 (from 9 th am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm) until Tuesday October 13 , 2015 (from 2 pm)
 SpecificitiesStudyrama team will receive the goods delivered through a contractor and we will drop it off on your stand.Please mention your name and stand number on each box, to make it easier for our team. To avoid any problem, please provide our team’s phone number to your contractor.
 Directions to the fair
By subway (métro):line 2 & 6  Rogier station By tramway:line 25 & 55  Rogier station By train:the hotel is close to BrusselsNorth station where the trains from Brussels airport arrive. There are also connections with BrusselsMidi station, where Eurostar and Thalys trains stop.
 For lunchThon hotel have a catering service with a minimum of 10 people. We advise you to have lunch in: Brussels GrillAvenue du Boulevard 21+32 274 13 30
 Hotels in Brussels
Apart from Thon Hotel, you can find an accommodation nearby:
Hôtel Sheraton Bruxelles Place Rogier 3  Brussels 1210 +32 2 224 31 11 
Hôtel Queen Anne Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 110Brussels 1000 +32 2 217 16 00  www.queen
Hôtel Crowne Plaza 3 rue Gineste 3Brussels 1210 +32 (0)2 203 62 00 
 Stand configuration
There is no booth with walls on this fair. You should bring only selfsupporting signage (modular stand, kakemono,...) and not hanged signage (posters,...) If you do not have the material, we can provide you with white kakemonos.Please ask for it before the fair.
Stand composition
1 table 4 chairs Un sign holder Electricity Wifi
 Your participation to the fair involves the knowledge and acceptance of the following rules
Hours The exhibitors commit themselves to respect the hours defined by STUDYRAMA to guarantee the functioning of the fair. Those who do not respect this rule can be exposed to inconvenience for which the organizes cannot be held responsible. Respect of the aisles For safety reasons, you must respect the aisles. Your goods, furniture or people dedicated to your stand cannot intrude the aisles and must be in the space of your stand. Good neighbourhood behaviourSTUDYRAMA group will not accept any behaviour that will cause negative impacts on the exhibitors and reserve the right to take actions accordingly. Flyer distributionFlyer distribution operations inside or around the exhibition area are forbidden, except if there is a prior contract signed with STUDYRAMA. Respect of the equipment availableAdhesive products on the dividing walls and furniture are permitted if you remove them at the end of the fair. Every and any process which could damage the material provided (strong adhesive products, drilling,) is strictly forbidden. Any violation of these rules results in your responsibility of the billing of the cleaning or of the damages :150per wall and per piece of furniture..
Insurance You must take out an insurance policy for your personal liability, as well as a guarantee for all damages for your goods and others’. You are entirely responsible and liable for the objects that you wish to expose. The exhibitors are entirely responsible for the deliveries and removals of merchandise. Studyrama is not liable for any loss of theft of any packages and parcels. Cité Internationale is not responsible at any time Theft, loss and damages Public events are the target of people with bad intentions. It is mandatory to look after your goods and personal items. STUDYRAMA group cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss and damages on the goods of the participants, during the whole exhibition (set up/business/dismantling). Cité Internationale is not responsible at any time Involvement of an external stand designer The set up of a specific stand involves the following rules: the stand set up and dismantling have to be done in the hours set by the organizers the stand has to respect the operative safety rules of establishment organizing public events (ERP in French) People onsite have to be able to provide the official report of fire safety of the used materials. Music on your stand Music on your stand is allowed only if it used with moderation and does not bothered your neighbourhood. The organisers reserve the right to stop the music if these rules are not followed. Otherwise, the Intellectual Property Code foresees that the authors, composers, and editors give their authorization and receive payment for the public distribution of their work. If you wish to distribute the music, you must respect the legal obligations of the SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de musique). For more information, please visit:
 Rules relative to fire safety on exhibitions must be respected:
The materials used for the construction and decoration of the stand are regulated. The French classification is as follows: M 0 = Noncombustible M 1 = Nonflammable M 2 = Low flammability M 3 = Flammable M 4 = Highly flammable You have to be able to prove the fire resistance of the authorized materials by providing the official report of fire safety. Authorized Materials: M1 materials for the decorations and floating elements (garlands, small decorative item,…)M2 materials for curtains or net fabrics. However they are forbidden on the clearance zone M3 materials for plants and artificial flowers. Painting and lacquer are forbidden because flammable The control of the compliance of the rules will be checked by the security officer. If he considers it necessary, he will ask you to remove the noncomplying materials. The nonrespect of his authority will result as the suspension of the opening of your stand. STUDYRAMA group cannot be held responsible in this case.