Super Energy and Sacred Symbols for Perfect Wisdom Enlightenment

Super Energy and Sacred Symbols for Perfect Wisdom Enlightenment


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Description - This New Course of Energy Enhancement is an Integration and improvement on Ancient Techniques over 5000 years old with the best track record of success in producing an acceleration in the Evolution of those partaking of them.


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Published 03 May 2017
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With all Thanks, Love and Gratitude to my Mother
and Father and to all my other Teachers, Theos
Bernard, Sri Yogendra, Robert S. De Ropp, Eric
Berne, Gurdjieff, Father Bede Griffiths, Osho, Zen
Master Hogen, Sivananda, Swami Satchidananda,
and all the other giants upon whose shoulders I
stand - who made me able to be what… I AM

Copyright © 1999 –
Revised and improved – Copyright © 2008 [Energy
Enhancement Synthesis of Light Limited (SOL)] All
rights reserved

All rights reserved. This publication may not be
reproduced in whole or in part, by any person, without
written permission of:

Swami Satchidanand
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ISBN: 978-1438246154
Energy Enhancement Synthesis of
Light (SOL)
An Energy Enhancement Book
For Perfect Wisdom Enlightenment
By Satchidanand


1. The Brain and It's Functions with
Regards to Meditation ……….. Page 22
Chakras and Computer Processors.
Chakras and Communication:
The Ancient Symbol of the Tower of Babel or Babble.
The Antakarana.
The Light of the Soul.

2. The Integration of the Chakras I
………………………………….…… Page 31
The Following Zen Story Illustrates this Integration of the Functions.
Intellect is not Intelligence.
Pressing the “Mind Off” Button.
3. The Meaning of Ancient Symbols
…………………….…………..….… Page 41
The Yin Yang Symbol and the Five Elemental Paths of Chi; Taught in Energy
Enhancement Techniques.
The Fifth Labour of Hercules.
The Worm Ourobouros.
The Zen Circle.
The Swastika.
The Spiral Altar Columns of St Peters in Rome.
The Whirling Dervishes of Jallaluddin Rumi.
The Staff of Aescepulus, Caduceus and Jacobs Ladder.
The Cross.
The Cross of Lorraine and the Celtic Cross (Iona Cross).
The Pyramid and the Om or Amen.
The Sphinx or Centaur.
The Symbol of St Michael and St George and the Dragon.
Alchemy and VITRIOL:
The Secret of the Philosophers Stone.
The Ankh, Squaring the Circle, the Sword in the Stone and the Myth of King
Energy Enhancement Meditation and The Squaring of the Circle.
A Partial Teaching of Meditation Part 1:
The Spine must be in Alignment. Another Partial Teaching on Meditation
Part 2:
Sitting and Grounding in Meditation: The meaning of the Sword in the Stone.
The Sword in the Stone.
The Myth of King Arthur and the Second Initiation on the path of
The Fountain and Pool at the Sufi Alhambra at Granada, Spain
The Lion Fountain at the Sufi Alhambra at Granada, Spain
The 5000 years Old Shiva Lingam and Yoni
The Second Initiation of the Second Chakra.
The Chalice - The Search for the Holy Grail.
The Pentagram.
The Omphalos and The Om Phallus stone from Delphi.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana, Mount Kailash, The Christian and Hindu
Holy Trinity and Alchemical VITRIOL.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana and the Holy Grail.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana and the Cross of Christ.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana.
Squaring the Circle, Ankh and Axis Mundi.
Axis Mundi and Mountains.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana and Plants.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana and Human form.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana and Houses.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana Shamanic function.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana Traditional Expressions.
Modern Expressions of Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana.
Axis Mundi and the Antahkarana in Modern Storytelling.

4. Energy Enhancement and the
Chakras ……………………..….. Page 148
The Functions of the Mind - The Chakras.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs a Plagiarism of the Chakras.
A Table of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the Chakras.
The Psychological Expression of the Chakras.
Chakra body position and Associated Endocrine Gland together with
illnesses associated with the Chakra.
Energy Enhancement and Enlightenment.
Now the exposition of Yoga is being made.
This Whole World is a Factory for the Production of Enlightened Beings;
The Tests of Enlightenment.
Energy Enhancement Techniques.
Preliminary Techniques.
Meditation, Samadhi and Samyama.
What is Enlightenment?
Energy Enhancement Teaches How to Gain More Energy.

5. The Integration of the Chakras II
………………………….……….… Page 168
The Hexagram or the Seal of Solomon and the Enhancement of the Energies.
The Lower Triangle. Upper Triangle.
The Integration of the Triangles.
The First Initiation.
The Second Initiation.
The Third Initiation.
Buddhas Desire, Pain, Old Age and Death and its Relationship to the Three
Initiations of Integration.
Selfish Desire is the blockage of the Third, Manipur or Solar Plexus Chakra.
Pain is the blockage of the Second Chakra.
Death is the major function of the Base Chakra.
Integration Bottom up and Top Down.

6. The Paradigm Shifts of Human
Evolution and the Chakras…. Page 188
The Birth of the Physical Self at 4 months: Chakra 1, The Base Chakra Opens.
The Birth of the Emotional at Self-15-24 months.
Chakra 2, The Relationship Chakra Opens,
The Spoilt child emerges.
The Birth of the Conceptual, Intellectual Self from 7 Months to 7
YearsChakra 3, The Lower Intellectual center, The Solar Plexus Center.
The Birth of the Role Self and the following of Scripts, from 6-7 until 11-15.
Chakra 4, The Heart Chakra.
The Worldcentric or Mature Personality. The fulfilment of the Heart Chakra.
The Fifth Chakra Visshuddhi Chakra.
The Bodymind integration of the Centaur, the sixth Chakra, Ajna Chakra.
The Psychic: Sixth Chakra with the Crown Chakra.
The Subtle, Alta Major Chakra with the Crown Chakra.
The Causal: The Crown or Sahasrara Chakra.
The Non-Dual: Crown Chakra.
The Evolution Gap in Society.
The Problem is that they are just not Enlightened!

7. The Base Chakra - Muladhara
Chakra …………………….….. Page 207
The Negative Programming of Fear.
Illness is when we do not follow our Soul Path.
What will you do After you have Conquered the World?

8. The Blockages on the Base Chakra
…………………………………….. Page 212
Fear is the Basis of Mans Inhumanity to Man.
The Base Chakra, Food, Money and Society.
This Planet is a Factory for the production of Enlightened Beings.
The Sangha; Our Soul Group.