the best choice Floor Lamps
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the best choice Floor Lamps

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the best choice Floor Lamps


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Published 28 September 2011
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The best choice Floor Lamps Is there a room in your house with overhead lighting that is insufficient or overbearing? Or one with a corner that’s dark? Or maybe you need a lamp for sewing or reading. For all these desires and others, you might want to consider buying a floor lamp. A floor lamp is the most versatile lamp you can buy. You can put a floor lamp just about anywhere in just about any room and use it for just about anything. How’s that for versatility? You have a wide assortment of floor lamps to choose from to fill your particular lighting needs and to suit your home’s decor. Torchiere Torchiere lamps feature a straight pole with a bulb at the top that has a shade that is inverted. This inverted shade directs light to thedesk ceiling fans with lights, which reflects the light throughout the room. This lamps work fine with any light-coloured ceiling, though white ceilings are best. Torchiere light is much less harsh and overwhelming than overhead light, but its diffuse light isn’t good forreading lampsor other close work. Some torchiere lamps have a secondgarden lightson the side that directs light downward for close work. Club These are pole lamps that have a bulb at the top with a regular shade over it. These provide good light underneath the lamp and a mellow general light to the surrounding area. A three-way switch comes standard with club lamps. You can sometimes adjust the height of these lamps. Some feature more than one bulb. Glass Tray This is a club lamp with a glass tray inserted at table height. Since they serve as both a lamp and an end table, they save space. Directional Release
This is a pole lamps with swivel lamps on the side that can focus light in any direction. Directional lamps can act like a torchiere if you point them upward.If you point one or more of the lamps downward, you can use them for task lighting. If you point them sideways, in different directions, several people can use them at once. Arch (or Arc) These have an arch that extends sideways, with the lamplight pointing downward, into the lap of a seated person. With some arch lamps, you can swing the arch from side to side. Others have multiple arms that flex. Cordless These are small, LED arch lamps that run on flashlight batteries. You can easily carrythese lamps from room to room, and you don’t need an outlet for them, so you can put them anywhere. Some of these can be converted into a table lamp in seconds. Down Bridge This type is similar to an arch type, except that the arch doesn’t extend very far at all. They come with a shade and usually have a sophisticated, conservative look. Pharmacy Pharmacy lamps are similar to a down bridge lamp, but without a shade. Here, the top of the pole bends at a right angle, directing the light straight down. These are functional, task-oriented lamps with an adjustable height. Tower These are composed of a translucent tower that encases several light bulbs from top to bottom. These are meant more as a centrepiece than as a light source, as they only provide ambient light. Some of them resemble Asian-style lanterns, while others look like a piece of sculpture or other artwork. If you would like to contact us thru: Phone : 01525 841187 Email :contact@ Release