The best choice Shower Tubs
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The best choice Shower Tubs


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The best choice Shower Tubs


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Published 08 September 2011
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The best choice Shower Tubs
The age-old argument: he wants to put in a shower stall, but she wants a bathtub. But the thing is,
they’d both be happy if they installed a shower-bath combo.
Not only can the
Bath England
shower tub save on arguments, but it also saves space. It can also save a
lot of time in cleaning separate bathtubs and shower stalls, and save a lot of money in plumbing.
But getting the right shower tub for you can take some forethought and research.
The first thing is to make sure you get something that fits the present decor of not just your bathroom,
but your entire house. You don’t want your house to be a hodgepodge of styles.
You’ll also need to look at your needs, including your future circumstances. For example, if someone in
your family is getting up there in age, you might consider a walk-in shower tub.
You have a lot of kinds of shower tubs and
bathroom taps
to consider. If you already have a tub, you
can most likely install a shower setup for it; otherwise, you should probably buy a ready-made combo
Claw foot.
If you like the antique look, then a claw foot design might be the tub for you. A claw foot will lend
your bathroom an antique look. The basic design is a straight front and a sloped back with legged, ball,
pedestal or claw feet. They’re available in a traditional oval shape or in a heart-shaped or round tub.
These bathtubs have exposed pipes and are freestanding, so you don’t need special carpentry to install
them. They require a full shower curtain; glass doors aren’t a viable option.
Pedestals are also free-standing, but they sit on a built-in platform. They are usually made of acrylic
and normally are cheaper than claw foot tubs. They’re somewhat of a novelty, and they usually are
shower trays
set into a hard-to-use corner, freeing up other space that is more valuable. Because
they have wall support on two sides, they’re simple to install. You can get them as whirlpool, air jet or
regular tubs of various shapes and sizes.
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This type is often sunk into the floor, but it can also be dropped into a platform or set between walls.
With their hidden plumbing and luxurious look, drop-ins are usually the bathroom’s centerpiece.
They’re safer than some other tubs, and are easier to clean. But they’re difficult to install, normally
requiring a professional, and this usually makes them the most expensive type of tub.
Recessed, or alcove, tubs are bordered on three sides-normally by walls-so they only have one side
exposed. Sliding doors work well in recessed tubs, and this popular type of tub is a space-saver.
Walk-in tubs are small tubs designed for invalids and the elderly. They feature a tight-sealing door in
the side for easy access. They have special safety features, and most have therapeutic jets. Some
include shower heads and
thermostatic shower
These therapeutic tubs relax you with soothing jets. Unlike hot tubs, whirlpool tubs are drained after
each use. Whirlpools are available in many drop-in, corner, walk-in and recessed tubs.
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