The English and Scottish popular ballads

The English and Scottish popular ballads


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1rS^C^^t- ^"T^\THESCOTTISHANDENGLISHBALLADSPOPULAREDITED BYCHILDFRANCIS JAMES(J>ARTBOSTONCOMPANYANDMIFFLINHOUGHTON,STREETn EAST SEVENTEENTHNEW YORK:Ktocrflfior CambriDgrPicctfflf,W)tC.W.RUSSEU. STREET,GREATSON AND STILES,: HENRY 39LONDON STBVBNS,<3tfcou0anbs/, aBY ELIZABETH SEDGWICK CHILDCOPYRIGHT, 1898,ALL BIGHTS RESERVEDCONTENTSADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS 283GLOSSARY 309SOURCES OF THE TEXTS 397INDEX OF PUBLISHED AIRS 405BALLAD AIRS FROM MANUSCRIPT:3. The Fause the 411RoadKnight upon9. The Fair Flower of Northumberland 41110. The Twa Sisters 411+^11. The Cruel Brother 41212. Lord Randal 41217. Hind Horn 41320. The 413Cruel Mother41340. The of Elfan's NouriceQueen42. 414Clerk Colvill46. Wedderburn's 414Captain Courtship41447. Proud Lady Margaret53. Beichan ............. 415Young58. 415Sir PatrickSpens61. Sir Colin 415. 41563. Child Waters68. 416Young Hunting41675. Lord Lovel77. Sweet 416William's Ghost84. 416Barbara AllanBonny89. Fause 416Foodrage.41795. The Maid freed from the Gallows97. Brown 417Robin41798. Adam ......'.....99. Johnie 418Scot418100. Willie o Winsbury106. The 418Famous Flower of Serving-Men419144. Johnie Cock419157. Gude Wallace419161. The Battle of Otterburn419163. The Battle of Harlaw420164. Fifth's of FranceKing Henry Conquest420169. Johnie Armstrong421173. HamiltonMaryCONTENTS^o182. The Laird Logie. .222. LivingstonBonny Baby421......226. Lizie Lindsay'228. PeggieGlasgow422.... ...


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1rS^C^^t- ^"T^ \ THE SCOTTISHANDENGLISH BALLADSPOPULAR EDITED BY CHILDFRANCIS JAMES (J>ART BOSTON COMPANYANDMIFFLINHOUGHTON, STREETn EAST SEVENTEENTHNEW YORK: Ktocrflfior CambriDgrPicctfflf,W)t C.W.RUSSEU. STREET,GREATSON AND STILES, : HENRY 39LONDON STBVBNS, <3tfcou0anb s/ , a BY ELIZABETH SEDGWICK CHILDCOPYRIGHT, 1898, ALL BIGHTS RESERVED CONTENTS ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS 283 GLOSSARY 309 SOURCES OF THE TEXTS 397 INDEX OF PUBLISHED AIRS 405 BALLAD AIRS FROM MANUSCRIPT: 3. The Fause the 411RoadKnight upon 9. The Fair Flower of Northumberland 411 10. The Twa Sisters 411+^ 11. The Cruel Brother 412 12. Lord Randal 412 17. Hind Horn 413 20. The 413Cruel Mother 41340. The of Elfan's NouriceQueen 42. 414Clerk Colvill 46. Wedderburn's 414Captain Courtship 41447. Proud Lady Margaret 53. Beichan ............. 415Young 58. 415Sir PatrickSpens 61. Sir Colin 415 . 41563. Child Waters 68. 416Young Hunting 41675. Lord Lovel 77. Sweet 416William's Ghost 84. 416Barbara AllanBonny 89. Fause 416 Foodrage .41795. The Maid freed from the Gallows 97. Brown 417Robin 41798. Adam ......'..... 99. Johnie 418Scot 418100. Willie o Winsbury 106. The 418Famous Flower of Serving-Men 419144. Johnie Cock 419157. Gude Wallace 419161. The Battle of Otterburn 419163. The Battle of Harlaw 420164. Fifth's of FranceKing Henry Conquest 420169. Johnie Armstrong 421173. HamiltonMary CONTENTS^ o182. The Laird Logie . . 222. LivingstonBonny Baby 421..... .226. Lizie Lindsay ' 228. PeggieGlasgow 422.....of ..The Earl235. Aboyne.....247. ElspatLady .423 .BartinAndrew250. . ...; V .Willie .and256. Alison .258. BroughtyWa's . . ...Curst WifeThe Farmer's278. .Keach i the Creel281. The ."*286. The Sweet Trinity Maidand299. Trooper 425TITLESOF BALLADINDEX ARE VERY BRIEFLYWHICHOF OB BOOKS CONTAINING BALLADS,OF COLLECTIONSTITLES BALLADS, ....THIS WORK .CITED IN .......AND LITERATURE...OF MATTERSINDEX . .... .BIBLIOGRAPHY 567BE MADE IN THE PRINTTOCORRECTIONS