The Massey-Gilbert blue book of Mexico for 1903 : a directory in English of the city of Mexico
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The Massey-Gilbert blue book of Mexico for 1903 : a directory in English of the city of Mexico


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Sonora News Company,MEXICO.DEPARTMENT.ANTIQUE DEPARTMENT. CURIORare Old Inlaid CabinetsPaintings, CarVed Leather Work, Opals, Fans,and Chests, Laces, Mexican Drawn Linens,Embroideries, Zarapes,tapestries, Maximilian Rem- "Baskets and FeatherFiligree,the Con- Guidenants, Relics of Wor\.,Views, 'Books,quest, Etc., Etc. Etc., Etc.Interpreters,Calle Estaciones No. 3. Gante No. 4.M. C. American Club.Opposite Depot. OppositeiFire, Marine,Accident Insuranceand HealthB. & UnderwritersWILLIAM WOODROW CO.,D. F.Calle de No. 4, MEXICO,VergaraHOME INSURANCE Co. or NEW YORK (Fire).fBRITISH & FOREIGN MARINE INSURANCE LTD.General Co.,Managers |and (Marine).ANGLO-MEXICANA DECOMPANIA GENERAL SEGUROS,AttorneysjPlateS. A. Glass, etc., etc.)(Health, Accidents,Policies issued to cover all kinds ofFIRE DEPARTMENT.Hotels,Mine, Mill, Factory, Stores,Houses liberaland other LowestDwelling properties. rates,conditions.Policies issued to cover the risk ofMARINEof Ores and allshipment Bullion,kinds of and merchandise from domicile to domicile inproduce anyof the at rates lower than obtainable inpart world, those Europe.Policies issued toPERSONAL ACCIDENT DEPARTMENT.cover all kinds ofaccidents to Professional Mill RailroadMen, Miners, Operatives,at low rates. The scale of death andMen, etc., benefit weeklyis as liberalindemnity as offered Work-any by foreign's collective issued onpolicies reasonable terms!HEALTH INSURANCE Policies issued toDEPARTMENT ...


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Sonora News Company, MEXICO. DEPARTMENT.ANTIQUE DEPARTMENT. CURIO Rare Old Inlaid CabinetsPaintings, CarVed Leather Work, Opals, Fans, and Chests, Laces, Mexican Drawn Linens,Embroideries, Zarapes, tapestries, Maximilian Rem- "Baskets and FeatherFiligree, the Con- Guidenants, Relics of Wor\.,Views, 'Books, quest, Etc., Etc. Etc., Etc.Interpreters, Calle Estaciones No. 3. Gante No. 4. M. C. American Club.Opposite Depot. Opposite i Fire, Marine, Accident Insuranceand Health B. & UnderwritersWILLIAM WOODROW CO., D. F.Calle de No. 4, MEXICO,Vergara HOME INSURANCE Co. or NEW YORK (Fire).f BRITISH & FOREIGN MARINE INSURANCE LTD.General Co.,Managers | and (Marine). ANGLO-MEXICANA DECOMPANIA GENERAL SEGUROS,Attorneys j PlateS. A. Glass, etc., etc.)(Health, Accidents, Policies issued to cover all kinds ofFIRE DEPARTMENT. Hotels,Mine, Mill, Factory, Stores, Houses liberaland other LowestDwelling properties. rates, conditions. Policies issued to cover the risk ofMARINE of Ores and allshipment Bullion, kinds of and merchandise from domicile to domicile inproduce any of the at rates lower than obtainable inpart world, those Europe. Policies issued toPERSONAL ACCIDENT DEPARTMENT. cover all kinds of accidents to Professional Mill RailroadMen, Miners, Operatives, at low rates. The scale of death andMen, etc., benefit weekly is as liberalindemnity as offered Work-any by foreign companies. men's collective issued onpolicies reasonable terms! HEALTH INSURANCE Policies issued toDEPARTMENT. cover loss of time sickness fromthrough YellowTyphoid, Typhus, Smallpox, Fever, Scarlatina, Measles, etc.etc., and rates and conditions for allProposal forms, kinds of can be obtained onpolicies, application to the Head Offices of the Company. GENERAL We write insuranceINSURANCE DEPARTMENT. on kind ofevery msurable risk. We and settle kind of-adjust every whetherloss, for account of our or for the ofCompanies account Com-_the panies in Mexico orrepresented abroad. Our certificates as to damage, are andvalue, etc., Underwritersrecognized accepted by all over the world. Calle No. D. F.Vergara 4, Mexico, ' & Co.,Douglas Lacey BANKERS AND BROKERS, 66 andBroadway y ^^ y A 17 New Street, Members New York Consolidated Stock Exchange. oil and smelter listedmine, stocks,Dividend-paying and aunlisted, specialty. Meritorious mines sold orbought, incorporated. furnished,Capital properties managed. BRANCHES: Build- D. "Davidson"CLEVELAND, O., "Cuyahoga" WASHINGTON, C, ing. Building. "International Trust Com-BOSTON, "Law"BALTIMORE, MD., Building. pany" Building. CAN., Build-MONTREAL, "Temple" "Betz"PHILADELPHIA, Building. ing. "ConfederationCHICAGO, "N. Y. Life" TORONTO, ONT., Life" Building.ST. LOUIS, "Security" Building. ST. N.JOHN, B., "McLaughlin" "Lawler" Build-PRESCOTT, ARIZ., Building. ing. N. Build-HALIFAX, S., "Metropole"LOS "Wilcox"ANGELES, CAL., ing. Building. PITTSBURG, PA., 244 Fifth avenue."Union Trust."CINCINNATI, O., N. "Centennial" Block.CONCORD, H.,"Hill's" Block.HARTFORD, CONN., N. "Tweddle"N. "Prudential" Build- ALBANY, Y., Building.BUFFALO, Y., R.NEWPORT, I., "Kinsley" "Bank of TUCSON, "Blake" Block.MrJfNEAPOLIS, MINN., ARIZ., Commerce" "Mclntire"Building. WINNIPEG, MAN., Block. Build-WORCESTER, MASS., "Griggs" N. "Prudential" Build-NEWARK, J., "McManus"DAVENPORT, IOWA, BR(X)KLYN, N. "Garfield" Build-Y., Building. GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., Build-"Michigan DETROIT/MICH., "Majestic" TViiot" TfciiilfJi^rrTrust" Building. ing. AGENCY IN THE CITY OF MEXICO: 14 Calle de Cadena 14 YOUNG & CO.WILLIAM Merchantsimport Calle de Gante No. 11, Esquina Independencia, MEXICO. British and American Manufacturers.ofRepresentatives SPECIALTIES: Material andand Industrial ;Mining Supplies MiningRailway, Mills CausticSteel and Steel Shoes and Dies for ;Stamp of andSoda, Bleaching Powder, Sulphate Copper Ma-Chemicals ;Heavy generally Telegraph Steel and Ironterial and ;Equipment and Cast Iron Etc.Pipe,Tubing Coffee and Etc.Rice Etc.,flachinery, Messrs. Wm. & Co. act as Commercial andYoung Financial, Purchasing Agents for Native and Foreign Companies. WATSON'S SCOTCH WHISKY "Old Blended***Selected, and "Black Label" 10 oldGlenlivet," years guaranteed. WATSON & Dundee.JAMES Co., Ltd., BURNETT'S "OLD TOM GIN." SIR ROB'T BURNETT & London.Co., Ltd., CHAMPAGNE "AYALA"Extra Extra Dry.Quality AYALA & and Chateau France.Co., London, d'Ay, RIDGWAYS' CELEBRATED TEAS Her Blend,Majesty's Very fine Fine Indian Etc.Blend, Tea,Ceylon London.RIDGWAYS, Ltd., Aldgate, ETC., ETC. The above well-known brands are sold the best stores in Mexicoby City and the of Mexico.throughout Republic WILLIAM YOUNG & CO., Sole and CITY OF MEXICO.Agents Importers, *+ I Vetac*t* t(Mexico)Railways LIMITED G"o Investors and 'Producers:$ GraVelers, The heart of the luxuriant of the Sotavento Rivers of thecountry State of Veracruz is now within reach of investoreasy intending in Cattle and Tobacco lands and all otherCoffee, Rubber, Sugar, tropical products. A over this and River is, besidestrip Company's Railway System a most instructive lesson to the one of thetraveler,being object most and tours a visitor to the go-aheadinteresting agreeable of Mexico can make.Republic Alvarado betweenThe the Railway,Company's system comprises and a fleet ofthe of Veracruz and the Port of Alvarado,City modern with and accommodation,steamers, good passenger freight on San andwhich run from Alvarado the Rivers Papaloapan, Juan San for San Andres Tuxtla.Agustin also of the sameIn the of Veracruz theCity tramways, part between the variousandconvey passengers freight railwaysystem, the harbor, etc.termini, and etc. toFor illustrated timetables, ,information, pamphlet apply C. H. GeneralKEESTOF, Manager, 'Benito Juarez 12, Veracruz. DAYLIGHTOCEAN TO OCEAN *BY RAILWAYTEHUANTEPEC NATIONAL Coatzacoalcos. The National connects the Port of Coat-Tehuantepec Railway Gulf with Salinazacoalcos on the Mexican Cruz on the Pacific Coast of the bestthe faci'ities for travel andRepublic, giving through New Mexicanfrom New York, Orleans, Gulf and allfreight ports to San Francisco and the also to SouthEuropean points Orient, American and Mexican on the Pacific Coast.ports The distance between the two terminals, Coatzacoalcos and Salina is miles.Cruz, only 190 The of Coatzacoalcos and Salina Cruz areports being rapidly Accommodation will be for theimproved. provided largest ships afloat and the most modern facilities afforded for andloading vessels at both terminals.unloading The Railroad is under reconstruction and stockrolling being increased with a view to the fromtrans-shipping largest cargoes steamer to steamer across the Isthmus with all possible dispatch. isIt that the National will be in aexpected Tehuantepec Railway condition to handle with establishedthrough business, properly connections at both Coatzacoalcos and Salma insteamship Cruz, This will offerroute better convenienceJuly, 1903. time, greater and more rates than in existence.satisfactory any t/no. B. IDirector, W. B. Gen'Body, Ryan, TrafficMgr., MEXICO CITY. MEXICO CITY. C MC.MC.MC MC M C M CM TAMPICO The Inland Harbor on the CoastOnly Mexican Gulf Ocean vesselscome the river to andup Tampico discharge passen- and without or at the docks of thecargo lighterage transfer,gers MexicanCentralRailway 'Paradise &he Fisherman's&he DelightSportsman's &he Home the Silver Kingof 15he Garpon is foundThe finest on the whole Atlantic CoastTarpon fishing in the Gulf of Mexico at Tampico. C. R. HudsonH. R. Nickerson TrafficVice-Pres. and Gen'l Mgr. Manager MEXICO MEXICO MEXICO CITY, MEXICOCITY, .M C , M C . M C NMC M C MC.MC 7 C .MC MC.MC.MC M M C M C COLIMA feetHeight 11,743 &he Active Volcano North GuatemalaOnly of beIt can seen from State of the terminus of theTuxpan, Jalisco, present Mexican Central Line now constructed to the PacificRailway's being Coast. is miles fromTuxpan 119 Uuadalajara. Guadalajara &he Pearl theof Occident onTickets sale from Mexico for the BEAUTIFUL CAPITALCity OF at for the round with a orJALISCO $25.00 trip, 15 days' limit, oo with a$30 30 limit, to at OCOTLAN to visit thedays' allowing passengers stop lovelyLAKE OF CHAPALA, whose has not a rival in thesplendid scenery world- to theaccording of the celebrated Baron Humboldt.authority W. V. Murdoch A. V. Gemple " Gen'l Pass. Agent Industrial Agent MEXICO MEXICO MEXICOCITY, CITY, MEXICO MC.MC.MC MC MC MC MM C 8 FOR THEFACTORY^ "W7E in astock assortmentcarry complete of Industrial andAgricultural, Mining and and canMachinery Implements, supply every for and We also handlerequisite factory shop* the in Mexico oflargest supply and RubberLeather Belting, " "Grown Oils and IronGreases, and Wooden Pulleys, Hangers, Boxes,"Steel Shafting, Couplers, PortableScales, Safes, Railways and Hardware of All Kinds. & CIA,ROBERTO BOKER Coliseo Vie No* J Mexicojo Apartado J48,