The place-names of Cumberland and Westmorland
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The place-names of Cumberland and Westmorland


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PUBLICATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTERNo.ENGLISH VII.SERIES,The Place-Names Cumberland andofWestmorlandPublished the of Manchester atby UniversityTHE UNIVERSITY PRESS M.(H. MCKECHNIE, Secretary)12 Lime Oxford ManchesterGrove, Road,GREEN & Co.LONGMANS,London : Paternoster Row39New York : Fourth and Thirtieth Street443-449 Avenue,: 8 RoadBombay HornbyCalcutta : 303 Bowbazar StreetMadras: 167 Mount RoadTHE PLACE-NAMESOF CUMBERLAND ANDWESTMORLANDBY, Lrrx.D.,in theProfessor of English Language University.MANCHESTERAT THE UNIVERSITY PRESSGREEN &LONGMANS, Co.,NEW &c.YORK,LONDON, BOMBAY,1915UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER PUBLICATIONSNo. XCVIII.ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDCONTENTS.PAGE- -Preface vii.- -Introduction xi.- - - xxxvii.Bibliography-Abbreviations -xliv.-Place-Names of Cumberland i- ofWestmorland -131- - -Word Lists 185'- - - -Phonology 207PREFACE.THE ideal wouldof the ofinvestigator origin place-namescombine a with localthorough familiarity configuration,a of local based on ofknowledge history study originaland a of method. Indocuments, mastery phonologicalthe absence such a workof thecombination, mightbe best undertaken two or threeconceivably by expertsin the local historianworking harmony. Unfortunatelyor and the seem to be tooantiquarian onlyphilologistin conflict. Books with Britishfrequently dealing place-innames have been written a cases with agood manybias towards the one or the other side. The philologists,local ...


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PUBLICATIONS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER No.ENGLISH VII.SERIES, The Place-Names Cumberland andof Westmorland Published the of Manchester atby University THE UNIVERSITY PRESS M.(H. MCKECHNIE, Secretary) 12 Lime Oxford ManchesterGrove, Road, GREEN & Co.LONGMANS, London : Paternoster Row39 New York : Fourth and Thirtieth Street443-449 Avenue, : 8 RoadBombay Hornby Calcutta : 303 Bowbazar Street Madras: 167 Mount Road THE PLACE-NAMES OF CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORLAND BY , Lrrx.D., in theProfessor of English Language University. MANCHESTER AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS GREEN &LONGMANS, Co., NEW &c.YORK,LONDON, BOMBAY, 1915 UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER PUBLICATIONS No. XCVIII. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED