The rationale of punishment
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The rationale of punishment


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SoPTHERATIONALE OF PUNISHMENT.BYBENTHAM,JEREMYLONDON:-HEWARD,BY ROBERTPUBLISHEDSTRAND. f^O sWELLINGTON STREET,MDCCCXXX.<>-/LONDON :PRINTED BY C. W.AND REYNELL,Broad GoldenStreet, Square.ADVERTISEMENT.THE account is M. Dumontfollowing given byof his with to thelabours, two volumesrespecthim atpublished Paris in under the titleby 1811,of Theorie des Peines et des Of thisRecompenses.threework, editions have been in France,printedand one in England."When I in Paris in 1802 Les Traitespublishedde Civile et in threeLegislation Penale, Ivolumes,announced other works of the same which Ikind,in the samehad, extracted from themanner, manuof Mr butscripts which were notBentham, thenfor theready press."Success has labours : threeencouraged mythousand were distributed morecopies rapidlythan I had dared to would be the case withhopethe first work of a but little knownforeign author,the continent. Iupon have reason also to thinkADVERTISEMENT.not beenit hasworkas this is,that all recentbeensince it has frequentlywithout its influence,toin official relatingcompositionsmanyquotedcodes.civil or criminal" these newwhichButcircumstances preventedofsame coursethefromvolumes entering uponcooledsometimeshavetheascirculation precedingthehaveI should resignedand willinglyzeal,myif the authortask I had myself,uponimposedhimself.ithave undertaken Unhappily,wouldand if thesedo asso to ever,as littlehe is disposedIdress ...


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SoP THE RATIONALE OF PUNISHMENT. BY BENTHAM,JEREMY LONDON: -HEWARD,BY ROBERTPUBLISHED STRAND. f^O sWELLINGTON STREET, MDCCCXXX. <> - / LONDON : PRINTED BY C. W.AND REYNELL, Broad GoldenStreet, Square. ADVERTISEMENT. THE account is M. Dumontfollowing given by of his with to thelabours, two volumesrespect him atpublished Paris in under the titleby 1811, of Theorie des Peines et des Of thisRecompenses. threework, editions have been in France,printed and one in England. "When I in Paris in 1802 Les Traitespublished de Civile et in threeLegislation Penale, Ivolumes, announced other works of the same which Ikind, in the samehad, extracted from themanner, manu of Mr butscripts which were notBentham, then for theready press. " Success has labours : threeencouraged my thousand were distributed morecopies rapidly than I had dared to would be the case withhope the first work of a but little knownforeign author, the continent. Iupon have reason also to think ADVERTISEMENT. not beenit hasworkas this is,that all recent beensince it has frequentlywithout its influence, to in official relatingcompositionsmanyquoted codes.civil or criminal " these newwhichButcircumstances prevented ofsame coursethefromvolumes entering upon cooledsometimeshavetheascirculation preceding thehaveI should resignedand willinglyzeal,my if the author task I had myself,uponimposed himself.ithave undertaken Unhappily,would and if thesedo asso to ever,as littlehe is disposed Idress whichthe Frenchindo notworks appear that willit is mosthave theythem, probablegiven in his cabinet.remain shut up : the manuhave lain there thirty years"They Theorie desLaI have extractedfrom which scripts which have1775. Thosewritten inwerePeines, areTheorie desme with La Recompenses,supplied thrown aside as usewere notlater :a little they hewn whichas materials,but laid asideless, rough and formbeat a future partday polished,might studiesor asofof a legislationsystemgeneral use.made for his ownauthor hadwhich the " more volumuchThese manuscripts, though to thethe work I havethanminous presented meoffered toare Theyvery incomplete.public, ofsametheoften different subject,essays upon andtake the substanceit was towhich necessary I hadIn somethem into one.unite chapters ADVERTISEMENT. 5 but notes to direct me. For thenothing marginal fourth book ofLa Thcoriedes I wasPeines, obliged to collect and a of fragments.prepare variety The death wasdiscussion the ofupon punishment unfinished. At the author intended toone time, treat of this but this intention hasanew,subject not been carried into effect. He had prepared Peninothing upon transportation nothing upon tentiaries. The idea of the was asPanopticon unformed. I have derived the foundations ofyet these two from a work Mrofimportant chapters Bentham to Lordsinces, published (Letters &c. I have taken all that suitedPelham, &c.) my of themethodgeneral treating subject, by sepa it from allrating controversy. " After these it will not be matterexplanations, of if the facts and allusions do notsurprise, always accord with the date of the original manuscripts. I have an Editor accordused the ofrightsfreely to the of the text and the Inature occasion,ing have ortranslated, commented, abridged, supplied, but it need be after what washardly repeated, said in the discourse to the formerpreliminary that this on haspublication, co-operation my part had referrence to the details and notoughtonly, diminish it isto the confidence of the readers not; it aswork that I to them, is, faithfullymy present as the nature of the work ofwillthings permit, Mr Bentham. G ADVERTISEMENT. " that these theseIt has been said, additions, should bear some distinctive mark but ;changes, this of is it isdesirable,though species fidelity It is to whatimpossible. only necessary imagine firstis the labour of a of comsketch,finishing and unreviewedunfinished manuscripts,pleting of andsometimes consisting fragments simple to that it ain ordernotes, comprehend, required a of infucontinued freedom, species imperceptible if I so which it ission, may speak, scarcely possi ble for the individual himself to remember. This of no It be believedis, however, importance. may that the author has not found his ideas disfigured or since he has continued to entrust mefalsified, with his papers. " I he hasmusthowever thatdeclare, altogether refused to share and that he willlabour, not,my in be for it. As he hasmanner,any responsible never been satisfied with a first and hasattempt, never which he has not writtenpublished anything at twice he has foreseenleast that the reviover, sion of so old an would lead him too faressay, and be hisfrom, with,away incompatible present In this manner he has hisengagements. justified refusal but he has authorised me to that; add, which he would bearmake,any change might only the as the hisupon form; respects principles, have not : on the timeopinions changed contrary, and reflection have them additionalgiven strength.