The Terrapin : [yearbook]
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The Terrapin : [yearbook]


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pD KmH0f^WP*mliair-.of MarylandUniversityTHE I960 TERRAPINVolume 59Published by theStudentUndergraduate Bodyof the University MarylandofCollege Park, MarylandCopyright, I960Callison, Editor-in-ChiefC. StuartManagerfames L. Oosterhous, BusinessTable ContentsofActivities 12Athletics 145Academic 205Residences 273Seniors 365Index 425:C. Stuart CallisonED1TORIN-CHIEF GENERAL STAFF|im OosterhousMANAGER L.BUSINESSEDITOR Barbara MullinixMANAGINGAssociate Editors:Activities Linda D. BeckAthletics Chet SteckelAcademic Mai tv StavridesResidences Page Swart/Seniors Ruth Hull Paige Bennington Cathy LawBlairAudrey Kathi KilmerPeggy Boughter Louis KlineDavid Butts Kathy KnoxPhoto Manager Debby GriffinDaniel Champion Nancy LewisPage SwartzArt EditorCobey MonicaOlivia fulia Mat/cekCopy ScaggsAnne Coleman N'orie MaupinIndex Editor Phyllis ZaroffBetty Conklin Anita MooreBarbaraSecretary GundersdorffCullen MaryKathy Judy ParkGenera] Stall Manager McAdoo JoPatty Domingus Lynn RadesJohn RogersCirculation(ini Edmonds Perri RosdolCopy Reader Joyce DilliplaneLois Einfeldt Phil RossSection Editors:Randa Engel Eric SchmitterMaryland Leslie YaffeLifeAelda Engle N'ickie SiegelSue LaSGA Organization ffanCarol Etchells James SimsSGA Activities Carolyn GouzaDoris Feintuch Betsv SlagleLynneQueens CashmanMargie Felix Bettv SteeleCommunications Paula DubovMary Fessenden Tinny StevensDrama ]ill ShimerSheila Fram Gay StoddardMusic Lisa BriskerJanet Greek ...


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pD Km H0f^ WP* m liair-. of MarylandUniversity THE I960 TERRAPIN Volume 59 Published by the StudentUndergraduate Body of the University Marylandof College Park, Maryland Copyright, I960 Callison, Editor-in-ChiefC. Stuart Managerfames L. Oosterhous, Business Table Contentsof Activities 12 Athletics 145 Academic 205 Residences 273 Seniors 365 Index 425 : C. Stuart CallisonED1TORIN-CHIEF GENERAL STAFF |im OosterhousMANAGER L.BUSINESS EDITOR Barbara MullinixMANAGING Associate Editors: Activities Linda D. Beck Athletics Chet Steckel Academic Mai tv Stavrides Residences Page Swart/ Seniors Ruth Hull Paige Bennington Cathy Law BlairAudrey Kathi Kilmer Peggy Boughter Louis Kline David Butts Kathy KnoxPhoto Manager Debby Griffin Daniel Champion Nancy LewisPage SwartzArt Editor Cobey MonicaOlivia fulia Mat/cekCopy Scaggs Anne Coleman N'orie MaupinIndex Editor Phyllis Zaroff Betty Conklin Anita MooreBarbaraSecretary Gundersdorff Cullen MaryKathy Judy ParkGenera] Stall Manager McAdoo Jo Patty Domingus Lynn RadesJohn RogersCirculation (ini Edmonds Perri RosdolCopy Reader Joyce Dilliplane Lois Einfeldt Phil RossSection Editors: Randa Engel Eric SchmitterMaryland Leslie YaffeLife Aelda Engle N'ickie SiegelSue LaSGA Organization ffan Carol Etchells James SimsSGA Activities Carolyn Gouza Doris Feintuch Betsv SlagleLynneQueens Cashman Margie Felix Bettv SteeleCommunications Paula Dubov Mary Fessenden Tinny StevensDrama ]ill Shimer Sheila Fram Gay StoddardMusic Lisa Brisker Janet Greek Ann SwankReligion Linnell Robinson Victoria Hainsfurthur Diane VanceOrganizations Marjorie Turner Kay Haven DvelynFall Sports Don WadleighKirtley Fran Horwit/ WalkerWinter NancySports Roger Crawford Marion Hartman Pricilla WeinbergSpring BrownEmory Bobbie Hastings WeitlierwillIntramurals Oogie[can Richer Li I Henderson Ronald WhiteAdministration fudy Todd Helen Holland WilsonAprilColleges Lynn Andretta Mary |o luso CathyOverseas Program Kristen Streubinf, Barbara Carole[antz WindhamHonoraries WileySally Janice Jenkins \an<\Military Arthur Bacon lean fester Doris WolvertonActivitiesGreek Pat Argerake Sand) Johnson I nid ZippermanSororities Pain Clayton Sandi a (.old Janet GlassmanFraternities |ini Kenney Dorm Activities Ellen Wolfson Women's Dorms Anita Mac Goldberg Men's Dorms Charles Buffum Senior Picture Nam \ Maskcll Senioi Copy s.nidi, i Goody Layout Siis.mSenior Met/ger Photographers: l [em siii 11j Morton Katz Parkei Pete Gram \F.di olm I' mmons YosknskvRay I om Bigelow l)i( k Culbertson Ellsworth Nail! Advisei Mi. Wernei Severin TERRAPINI960 * * * • • • • ••«••• • • • • • •••% 9 » • • • • • • • • • • a Byrd Stadium... a hours Hut sleeps:A sunny day, cheering crowd, a winning sleeping. whofew for —team The — take on ahurrah! weekend's here a time The I960 Terrapin wishes to you through world college studentto relax, to catch your breath before the arrival journey the oj the miniho shine you the hei tic week. and with variety of and interests are his hereAnd what will this week bring? More (hiss- activities, which life -es, meetings, exams, Maryland with ACTION!desserts, parking tickets, at a life filled umi, —gripes, sunshine, smiles, and oh, yes, a