Tips for Renovating Your Bathrooms
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Tips for Renovating Your Bathrooms

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Tips for Renovating Your Bathrooms


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Published 11 December 2011
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Tips for Renovating Your Bathrooms
Wouldn’t it be fantastic to renovate your worn-out bathroom without wearing out your wallet? You
probably can, if you follow some of our suggestions and do some research.
Good planning can save you a lot of money and future complications. You should get an accurate
measurement of the available area you have for the bathroom. This gives you a good idea of what you
can put in your new bathroom. You might be shocked to see how much might fit in the room. The latest
bathroom shelves
and fixtures can be surprisingly small and efficient.
Virtual Planner
You can probably save quite a lot of money if you do your own designing. You should consider using a
virtual bathroom planning program. This three-dimensional remodel ling software lets you lay out your
whole bathroom on a computer and then virtually walk through it before you start remodeling it. It’s a
valuable asset.
Show No Fear
Don't be frightened by the high price of a bathroom renovation. You can oftentimes recoup most or all
of your remodel ling costs when your house is sold, so you won't be flushing money down the toilet.
Choosing Materials
You need to be cautious in choosing materials. For example, a wooden floor might look nice, but it won’t
stand up to wetness for long.
Experiment with rearranging things in your old bathroom. This gives you new ideas about what you
might like for your renovated bathroom
bath screens
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Tearing out a wall can also be very costly, particularly if it’s a structural wall or if it involves electrical
wiring. Re-wiring is not only costly, it’s something you definitely shouldn’t mess with by yourself, unless
you’re a licensed electrician or want an early appointment with St. Peter.
Get Your Hands Dirty
If you’re somewhat of a handyman, you can save quite a bit of money by doing some or all of the work
yourself. Some contractors will allow you to work along with them. There’s a good chance you can at
least help with hauling debris.
Conserve and Refurbish
Energy conservation can save you a tidy sum in the long run. Replacing leaky faucets, buying water-
saving fixtures and converting to an on-demand water heater can save on your future bills.
Refinished your current cabinets and reframing your old mirror can save you from having to get new
Know Your Limitations
But whatever remodel ling you decide to do yourself, make sure you know how to do it, or you might
wind up costing yourself cash instead of saving it. Boo boos in a bathroom
shower curtains
can be
spotted easily by visitors. You probably don’t want to be reminded of your boo boos for the next
decade, either.
If in Doubt, Hire
There are several pluses to hiring a professional. If he make a mistake, they have to repair it at their own
expense. And professional remodelers also able to buy materials at wholesale prices, which you
probably can’t do. A professional remodeler is also apt to bring a bit higher resale price to your house if
you decide to sell it.
Good luck with your remodel ling project.
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