U.S.A. [microform] : an American history for the upper grades

U.S.A. [microform] : an American history for the upper grades


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* *FAULKNER KEPNER PITKIN:I B R.AFLYOF THLU N IVERSITYOF ILLINOIS973,ON:'*Return this book on or before theLatest Date below.stampedof IllinoisUniversity Library17198?GCT 29 liM15 1985L161 H41U. S. A.American theAn HistoryforGrades .... .Upper.Harold U. FaulknerW. MorrowDwight Professor of HistorySmith CollegeTyler KepnerDirector Social StudiesofBrookline Public SchoolsMassachusettsBroohline,Victor E. PitkinHead Social Studiesof DepartmentSchoolReading HighMassachusettsReading,Drawings byJames Daugherty& Brothers PublishersHarperNew York and LondonU. S. A.& Brothers1945,Copyright, by Harperin the UnitedPrinted States AmericaofAll in this book are reserved. It not berights maymotion- orusedjor dramatic, talking-picturepurpose?without written the holderauthorization from ojthese Nor the book or berights. may part thereofin manner whatsoever withoutreproduced anyin in the casepermission writing except of briefembodied in critical articles and reviews.quotationsFor address: &information Harper Brothers,49East 33rd New York N. T.Street, 16,c-w'I~"*\ *?'3-rContentsPreface ixUnit One The of the New WorldPeoples Europe Open Up61. An Old World Discovers a New WorldAwakening Strange2. Settlers Follow in the Path of 23Explorers3. Establish Different of in theWays LivingEuropeansAmericas 41Unit Two TheNew World from the OldSeparates4. The American Revolution Paves the for Free Na-Waytions in America 645. The ...


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* *FAULKNER KEPNER PITKIN : I B R.AFLY OF THL U N IVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 973 ,ON :'* Return this book on or before the Latest Date below.stamped of IllinoisUniversity Library 17198? GCT 29 li M 15 1985 L161 H41 U. S. A. American theAn Historyfor Grades .... .Upper . Harold U. Faulkner W. MorrowDwight Professor of History Smith College Tyler Kepner Director Social Studiesof Brookline Public Schools MassachusettsBroohline, Victor E. Pitkin Head Social Studiesof Department SchoolReading High MassachusettsReading, Drawings byJames Daugherty & Brothers PublishersHarper New York and London U. S. A. & Brothers1945,Copyright, by Harper in the UnitedPrinted States Americaof All in this book are reserved. It not be rights may motion- orusedjor dramatic, talking-picturepurpose? without written the holderauthorization from oj these Nor the book or berights. may part thereof in manner whatsoever withoutreproduced any in in the casepermission writing except of brief embodied in critical articles and reviews.quotations For address: &information Harper Brothers, 49East 33rd New York N. T.Street, 16, c-w ' I ~" *\ *? '3-r Contents Preface ix Unit One The of the New WorldPeoples Europe Open Up 61. An Old World Discovers a New WorldAwakening Strange 2. Settlers Follow in the Path of 23Explorers 3. Establish Different of in theWays LivingEuropeans Americas 41 Unit Two TheNew World from the OldSeparates 4. The American Revolution Paves the for Free Na-Way tions in America 64 5. The Latin-American Colonies Break the Chains that Bind Them to 81Europe Unit Three Takes Root and in Ameri-The Idea of GrowsDemocracy can Soil 6. The Seeds of Government Are BroughtRepresentative from and Planted Here 106England into a7. The New Constitution Binds the States Together Central 122GovernmentStrong 8. In the of the Means Dif-Early Days DemocracyRepublic, ferent to Different Men 138Things 9. American Make toward Democ-Our Neighbors Progress 155racy Unit Four The of the Americas Push Back the FrontierPeoples 10. and Soldiers the to thePioneers, Diplomats, Carry Flag Pacific 176 11. 193Settlers Move into the Heart of the ContinentCourageous 12. The Frontier Creates New Problems for the Peo-Moving of America 208ples Unit Five National ProblemsProduces SeriousChanging Agriculture 13. and to a in 228Science Machines Lead Revolution Agriculture 14. of Life Set the forDifferences in Agricultural Ways Stage 1the War Between the States 24 15. Hard in the South and West Stir the Farmers toTimes Action 257 Unit Six The Machine Creates a New of LifeWayAge 16. The Ushers in the Machine 278Industrial Revolution Age 17. Govern-The Misuse of Power Business Leads toby Big 291ment Regulation 18. The Unions 306Machine Forces Labor to intoAge Organize 19. Our 321Grows Smaller as Man DistanceCountry Conquers vi CONTENTS Unit Seven We a Nation of Turn to the BetterImmigrants Things of Life We Are a to Our of Life 34420. WayPeople Eager Improve 21. We a Interest in Our andMusic, Art,Develop Growing Theater 358 22. from Lands Make the U. S. A. a GreatPeoples Many Help 374Country Unit American Aid CommonManMarches On to theEight Democracy Government in a Political23. Operates Through 396Parties 24. Political Bosses and Powerful Sometimes ControlGroups Our Political Parties 410 for25. The National Government to the DemandResponds More 424Democracy Demo-26. The States and the Cities Become Laboratories for cratic 437Experiments Unit Nine As the World Grows the United States RealizesSmaller, Its Duties as a Leader in World Affairs 27. We Find Ourselves the Center of a World Slowly Growing Smaller 460 28. The United States and Its Reach a BetterNeighbors Slowly 476Understanding 29. Events Force Us to an Interest in FarTake theIncreasing East 493 30. We to Take Our Place in the Affairs ofbyStep Step Begin the World 507 Unit Ten A World Creates New Problems andRapidly Changing Forces the Americas to Look to the Future 31. The New Deal Seeks New Solutions to Long-standing Problems 528 32. The Americas the United Nations in Defense ofJoin Freedom 545 33. in World Places NewLiving Together Today's Responsi- bilities on All Nations 560 Appendix I. The Declaration of 579Independence II. The Constitution of the United States of America 582 III. Our Presidents: Their Terms and Parties 602 IV. The States the Union 603of V. A Bookshelf 604 Index 607