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SEO and Unnatural Link Penalties Many business owners and entrepreneurs are new to the SEO game and therefore have a lot of technological material to catch up on.


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Published 28 November 2012
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SEO and Unnatural Link Penalties
Many business owners and entrepreneurs are new to the SEO game and therefore have a lot of technological material to catch up on. This article was not intended to confuse you with technological jargon and confusing words that require you to check the dictionary every few minutes. Instead, I will give out a clear cut and easy to read articleinforming you on the state of SEO marketing and the latest issues involving unnaturalback linking that have only arisen within the last year or so. SEO or SearchEngine Optimization is the process of making your website more visible on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The basic main objective of every SEO company is to make their client’s website ranked on the first page of organic listings on these above mentioned search engines. This process involves a number of steps; we will focus here on the back linking. http://www.linkremoval.com/
One way that, for instance, Google ranks their listings is on how big the website is in aspects like word count. An easy way to increase the size of the website without making any exterior changes is by linking your website to webpage articles written on subject matter revolving around the business itself. For instance, a bakery may have a backlink on their website to a blog on baking recipes. These backlinks may not even be visible on the webpage at all when visiting it but Google is fully aware of the content. Sounds simple? Well in the long run every SEO company got on board with this theory and starting back linking to jargon webpages just filled with typed nonsense. There ended up being so much clutter that these major search engines, like Google, had to step in and control matters. Now, there is a difference between natural back linking and unnatural back linking where the former can increase the ranking of your website while the latter will decrease your ranking. Many SEO companies had to struggle to make sure that their backlinks were natural and thus not accruing any penalties causing their websites to be sandbox ed.http://www.linkremoval.com/what-causes-google-penalties.html
Orp Media Link Removal is one of the leading businesses in removing bad backlinks. Orp Media utilizes a fool proof three step method that guarantees your website is natural and professional. First, Orp Media Link removal will locate and distinguish which backlinks are bad and may cause your website penalties. The next step involves removing those unnatural links while contacting the webmasters to ensure that they are permanently erased, a step that many companies will skip. The final step involves erasing all penalties by contacting Google with a report of the active role that has been taken in cleaning up your website requesting that any penalties be removed. http://www.linkremoval.com/google-penalty-removal.html