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UNIVERSITY^PENNSYLVANIA.UBKARIE5KEYSTOME ST^TE NOTABLESThe Philadelphian and His CityinWho PhiladelphiaWho'sWartimeInVOLUME IHARTWELL STAFFORDEditor 1920PUBLISHED BYNational News ServiceStafford'sPHILADELPHIA, PA.Record an Historic TownAn Historic ofNational News ServiceCopyright 1920 by Stafford's[ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)iiApELPHIAN ANIA D, 1920F{ The Philadelphian \ WHO'S WHO IN PHILADELPHIA IN WARTIME\ and His City )oughbred horses on his farm, "Wingo," Chest-nut Hill. Pa. Member Philadelphia Stock Ex-change; patron of arts and owner of extensivecollection of paintings, sculptures, tapestries.Business address. Drexel & Company, Phila-delphia. Pa.POTTER, WILLIAM, lawyer; son of Thomasand Adaline (Coleman Potter; born Pliila^Jdelphia, Penna. Educated U. of Pa. Mar-ried Jenny Kennedy Vanuxem; (2), Hetty(1),Vanuxem (both deceased); father of FrederickVanuxem, Adaline,deceased; Elizabeth Van-uxem Goodman. Alice (deceased). PresidentJefferson Medical College; federal fuel admin-istrator for Pennsylvania; member board ofdirectors of city trusts; council of HistoricalSociety of Penna. ; former minister to Italy.As a private citizen was decorated by theformer king of Italy with the Order of St.Maurice and St. Lazere, and by the presentking with the Order of the Crown of Italy(grand officer). Has two sons in law andeight nephews governmentin the service.(Continued on page 226)EDWARD TOWNSEND STOTESBURY JOHN WANAMAKERCapitalist ...


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UNIVERSITY^ PENNSYLVANIA. UBKARIE5 KEYSTOME ST^TE NOTABLES The Philadelphian and His City inWho PhiladelphiaWho's WartimeIn VOLUME I HARTWELL STAFFORD Editor 1920 PUBLISHED BY National News ServiceStafford's PHILADELPHIA, PA. Record an Historic TownAn Historic of National News ServiceCopyright 1920 by Stafford's [ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) iiApELPHIAN ANI A D, 1920 F { The Philadelphian \ WHO'S WHO IN PHILADELPHIA IN WARTIME \ and His City ) oughbred horses on his farm, "Wingo," Chest- nut Hill. Pa. Member Philadelphia Stock Ex- change; patron of arts and owner of extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, tapestries. Business address. Drexel & Company, Phila- delphia. Pa. POTTER, WILLIAM, lawyer; son of Thomas and Adaline (Coleman Potter; born Pliila^J delphia, Penna. Educated U. of Pa. Mar- ried Jenny Kennedy Vanuxem; (2), Hetty(1), Vanuxem (both deceased); father of Frederick Vanuxem, Adaline,deceased; Elizabeth Van- uxem Goodman. Alice (deceased). President Jefferson Medical College; federal fuel admin- istrator for Pennsylvania; member board of directors of city trusts; council of Historical Society of Penna. ; former minister to Italy. As a private citizen was decorated by the former king of Italy with the Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazere, and by the present king with the Order of the Crown of Italy (grand officer). Has two sons in law and eight nephews governmentin the service. (Continued on page 226) EDWARD TOWNSEND STOTESBURY JOHN WANAMAKER Capitalist Merchant Ex-U. S. Postmaster General, etc., etc. STOTESBURY, EDWARD TOWNSEND, capi talist; born February J6, 1849, Philadeipliia. NEWBOLD, E., banker; son ofARTHUR Educated Friends Central School. Married, Newbold;Juhn S. and Anna P. (Buckley) Fraiices Bergman Butcher; second, Mrs.first, born Aug., 1859. Educated Episcopal Academy Lucretia Roberts Cromwell. Began as clerk and of Pa., class of 1879. Married RitaU. with firm of Rutter & Patterson, wholesale Dixon. his father'sConunenced business with grocers, Philadelphia; later with Harris & becamefirm, W. A. Newbold, Son & Co., and Stotesbury, sugar refiners. Connected with a partner in 1880; became a member of the bankers, for many years,Drexel & Company, firm of Drexel 1, 1905; director& Co. Jan. becoming partner in 18SJ. Now head of Drexel Philadelphia Savings Fund; Insurance Co. of & Company and member of P. Morgan &J. Company forNorth America, Pennsylvania of New York. Chairman of numer- Annuities;Insurances on Lives and Granting Assisted in financing the in-ous companies. the Commercial Trust Co.; treas. the War treasurerternational Chinese loan, 1909; of Commission of the Episcopal Church; one of Republican National Campaign Fund, cam- the executive committee of Public Safety and paigns of Roosevelt, 1904, and Taft, 1908. D fense and chairman of the Finance Commit- many contributions to philanthropicHas made tee. Protestant Repid>lican. Clubs,Episcopal; For many yearsand charitable organizations. League, Rac-Philadelphia, Rittenhouse, Union rearing thor-has been actively interested in andQuet. Union (New York). Office, 5th Chestnut Sts.. Philadelphia. Pa. WILLIAM CAMERON SPROUL Governor of Pennsylvania SPROUL, WILLIAM CAMERON, governor of IViinsyivania; born Octoraro. Lancaster county, Pa.. September 1876.16, Educated private schools Neuaunee, Lake Superior, Michigan; graduated from high school. 1887; Swarthmor© College, 1891. Married Emmeline W. Roach January 21. 1892. He was elected to senate cf Pennsylvania, 1896; re-elected in 1900; elected president pro tempore of the senate in 1903, renominated in 1904; elected governor of 1919. Resident Seaboard Steel Casting Company, Chester, Pa.; trustee Swarth- more College and Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble Minded Children. Clubs, Union League, University Club. Corinthian Yacht Club and Manhattan and Engineers* Clubs of New York. Residence, Executive Mansion. Harrisburg. Pa. Office. Capitol. Har- risburg, Pa. WANAMAKER, JOHN, merchant; son of Nel- son and Elizabeth D. ( Kochersperger) Wana- niaker; born Philadelphia, July 11. 18.38. Edu- cated public schools; commenced as errand boy in hook store at age of 14; went Indiana,to returned in 1856; retail clothing salesman, 1856-61 ; established in 1861 with NathanWILLIAM POTTER ARTHUR E. NEWBOLDBrown clothing &house of Wanamaker Lawyer—Ex-U. S. Minister to Italy, etc. etc. Banker—Drexel & Co.(Conl'xwucd on paae 225) (The Philadelphian \ WHO'S WHO IN PHILADELPHIA IN WARTIME and His City ) SCOTT, lawyer; bornGRAHAM, GEORGE son andPliila., September 13, 185U; James Sarah Jane (Scott) Graham. Educated public private tutor, University of Penna.schools, Emma M. Ellis; secondMarried first wife, three daughterswife. Pauline M. Clarke; has li^-ing, one son and a daughter deceased; law- select council, 1877-1880;yer. Member of elected sixelected district attorney. 1S80; opposi-times successively, four times without tion; prof, criminal law and procedure Uni- eleven years, resigningversity of Penna. for congress fromin 1898; serving fourth term in the second congressional district of Penna; di- rector Columbia Avenue Trust Company and business and public utili-several corporations, Recreations,ties. Republican; Presbyterian. riding, boating, walking and golf. Member Yacht Club of New York,Metropolitan and Club of Club and Chevy Chase Washington, Union League. Art Club, Racquet Club, University Club of Philadelphia, Mason Grand Commanderand Knight Templar, Past of the latter. Residence, Bellevue-Stratford. Bu?iiness address. West End Trust Building, T'bibi., York.Pa., anage 226) ELKINS, GEORGE W., retired; son of Will- Louise (Broomall) Elkins; borniam L, and 1919.Philadelphia Sept. 26, 1858; died Oct. 23, EDGAR CONWAY FELTON POWELL EVANS Engineer and ManufacturerSteel Manufacturer FELTON, EDGAR CONWAY, steel manufac- CRAMP, WILLIAM M., shipbuilder; son of turer; born Tlnnlow, Delaware C ounty, Pa., Wdliam and Sophia (Miller ) Cramp; bornApril son Samuel Morse anti Maria\5, 185S; Philadelphia Jan. 29, 1832. Educated Phila.PhiladelphiaLow (Lippitt) Felton. Educated public schools and Central High School. Mar-private schools and Harvard College, 1879. ried Caroline Day Nov. 9, 1 854 ; father ufWas president Pennsylvania Steel Company Horace, born 1855; Andrew, born 1857; Sarah,Bethlehem Steelbefore it was absorbed by the I860; bornborn 1858; Bertha, born C-aroline,Trust Com-Company in 1916; director Cirard 1863. and Norman, bn-rn 1868. Always re-pany, Franklin National Bank, Western Saving fused public office, and at the time when Mr.Fund Society. During the war was examiner Whitney was sec. of the navy, orders wereBoard forShipbuilding Labor Adjustment which meant the prac-placed with Mr. CrampPhiladelphia district; federal director for tical rebuilding of our navy, the vessels whenPennsylvania, Uniied States Employment Serv- completed proving to be the finest of their ice, Department of Labor; director De-U. S. type afloat. When over seventv years of age,Labor, Pennsyl-partment Civilian Service and his Norman W. Cramp, foundedhe, with sonvania C'^uncil of Xa'ional Defense. Repub- whichthe contracting firm of Cramp Co., lican, Mcmlier Philadelphia Club, University handled many important contracts for the gov'tClub. Merion Cricket Club. Residence. Haver- during the late v?_r. Was decorated by the ford, Pa. Business address, Morris Building, Rus?inn gov't and received a person,d testi- Philadelphia, Pa. (Continued on page 226) GEORGE W. ELKINS Capitalist (Retired) HancockEducated public and private schools, {.'rammar and \\'est Phila. Academy under Prof. Married Stella Mclntire, died inHastings. (1), Ludlow Cummer;1913; (2), Mrs. Alethaire father of William, born 1882; Stella Van Tuyle, George W., born 1886, andi)orn 1884; Jr., all first wife. In businessLouise, born 1890. by retired; formerlyfrom 1880 until 1904, when he officer in numerous otherpres. Barrett Co. and Church; Re-corporations. Attended Episcopal own judgment as to candi-publican, but used Recreations, golf, fishing,date's capability. Portlandmotoring. Clubs, Cumberland and andYacht (Portland, Me.) ; Metropolitan Union League, A'-t, Hunting-Lambs (N. Y.), Phila. Cricket, Pine Val-don Valley Country, Yacht, Cor-ley, Phila. N. Y. inthian Yacht, Bachelor Yacht. Residence. Farms. Abington, Pa. Office, 1234 LandFolly Title Bldg.. Philadelphia, Pa. EVANS, POWELL, engineer and mfr.; son of Dr. James and Marie Antoinette ( Powell Evans; born Little Rock. Marlborough County, Educated public schoolsS. C, June 1, 1868. of A.B. and PhiFlorence, S. C, and Beta Kappa, Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y. Mar- HINCKLE SMITH WILLIAM M. CRAMP ried Julia Estelle Merchant Nov. 26. 1898; Banker (Continued on page 226) of the American NavyThe Father (The Philndelphian \ WHO'S WHO IN PHILADELPHIA IN WARTIMEand His City ) KINNARD, LEONARD HUMMEL, president the Bull Tcleplione Company uf Pennsylvania and Associated Companies; born September 5, 1869, Hariisburg. Pa.; son of Leonard Hervey and Mary Elizabeth (Hummel) Kinnard. Edu- Business College. Married Sarah Elizabeth Pet- ers, Harrisburg. Pa., April 4, 1893; father of Leonard Richard, born August 21. 1897. Local manager of the Pennsylvania Telephone Com- pany (Bell) at Carlisle. Lancaster and Harris- burg, respectively, from 1891 •1896; division sup- erintentlent. located at Harrisburg, 1896-19U2; gen superintendent, 1902 general manager, ; 1902-1907. Located at Philadelphia with the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania nnd Associated Companies as general commercial superintendent, January, 1908. to November, (Continued on page 226) CLARK, WALTON, engineer; son of Erastus and Frances (Beardsley) Clark born Utica, N. Y.. Apr. 15, 1856. Educated Utica Gram- mar School. Married (1) Alice Maud Shaw in 1880; (2) Louise Beauvais 1885; father of Frank, born 1882; Walton, Jr , born 1887; Theobald Forstall, born 1889; Beauvais, born 1891, and Darthela, born If '8. Connected with New Orleans Gas Co., 1873; Chicago, 1887; Kansas City, 1888. Then received de- JAY COOKE NATHAN HAYWARDBanker (Retired) President, American Dredging Company COOKE, JAY, retired banker (Charles D, Barney & Co.); born April 12, 1872. Phil; HAYWARD, NATHAN, president American delphia; son A.of Jay, Jr., and Clara (Moo Dredging Company; Itorn Boston, Massachu- head) Cooke. Educated Cheltenham Military setts, August 27, 1872; son James Warren and Academy and University of Pennsylvania, Sarah Bancroft (Howard) Hayward. Edu- Married Nina Louise Benson September 25 cated Roxbury Latin School. Harvard College,father1895; of Jay, 2nd, born April 27, 1897 1895; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Entered business November 1, 1892; partner 1897. Married Anna Howell Lloyd April 30, Charles D. Barney & Co. January 1, 1896 1 907 ; children. Howell, born February director various companies. Appointed federal 13, 1908; Nathan, born October 25, 1909; food administrator for Philadelphia County De^ Sarah Howard, born July 10, 1913; Malcolm ceniber 10, 1917. Republicaji. Protestant Lloyd, born May 15, 1915. Instructor at Episcopal. Recreations, shooting, golf and fish Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1897- ing. Member Union League, Rittenhouse Club, 1898; associated with Bell Telephone CompanyRacquet Club, Automobile Club of Philadel of Pennsylvania in ^ arious engineering posi- phia, Huntingdon Valley Country Club, Sunny tions, being the chief engineer during the last brook Golf Club, Metropolitan Club (New ten years of this period, 1898-1916; president York). Links Club (New York) and Automo of American Dredging (^onipanv since 1917. Is bile Club of .\nierica York). Residence(New consulting engineer of Bell Telephone Com- Hill. Business address, FranklinChestnut pany. Member of board of directors of Bell Bank Building. Philadelphia. Pa. Telephone Company; Delavvarf and Atlantic (Continued on page 226) WALTON CLARK Second Vice-President, United Gas Improvement Co. grees of M.E. from Stevens Institute and Sc.D. from U. of P. Episcopalian ; Republican. Clubs, Union League, University, Merion C^ricket, Phila. Cricket. Society of the Cin- cinnati and various technical societies. Resi- dence, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Office, The United Gas Improvement Co., Philadel- phia. Pa. GREEN, ROBERT McKAY, soda fountain manufacturer; born March 26, 1842, Chichester Township. Dclaw.ire County, Pa.; son ol Peter Wickersham and Rachel (McCay) Green. Edu- cated i;i country schools. Married Louisa Barry (ielston May 21, 1869; children. Frank Delaplaine, born May 19, 1870, died March 31, 1916; Robert McCav, Jr., born October 29, 1871; Louise Gelston, born March 26, 1874; Mary Delaplaine, born April, 1878, died ISSl; Edgar Lee. born January Helen10, 1882; Louisa, born January 14, 1887. Apprenticed to the carpenter trade, 1859-62; enlisted in thc 124th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers.LEONARD HUMMEL KINNARD 1863; was seven years buildera in Chester, President, the Bell Telephone ROBERT McCAY GREENCompany of Pa.; three years, 1871-1874. in Washington, Pennsylvania and Associated Companies (Continued on page 226) Soda Fountain Manufacturer