Wilmington, N.C. directory [serial]
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Wilmington, N.C. directory [serial]


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L.EGER MEVERTailor rv,i^»lerohant 403 Front Streetn.rvumf ty !t^vtmsT^emmmammeatximmmMjafju \ tisx>siS yjeBaisxAMsaajmamssjsssacm— -—^-^•-^'-^-^•^ HIPP^•-^'r*^'"*—THE MURCHI80N NATIONAL BANKWILMINGTONOFQrsanlzed Marcliy 1899-Capital And Surplus, $ 460,000.00Depots, - - - . $1,500,000.00iJr^i^d 3tate», fi^tate^County enndLCityOepositaryOeaiers in F'orelsrn IQxcHanjgeBvery F^acUity Consistent ^witli Sound BusinessiMetHodsH. C. Vice-PresidentMcQUEBN, President J. V. GRAINGER,JAMES REIUUYO^VEN*3uoee«sor to D. O'CONNORREAL ESTATE AND INSURANCEAND NOTARY PUBLICESTABL4ISHED A. D. 1869110RrincessStreet,Wilmington, IV.O.(Se© Aciv. Rase ^GT)THE CLYDE STEAMSHIP CO.York» Wilmtn^on, N. Georgetown, S. C, LineNew C, andWeekly Freight and P««seager ServiceNEW YORK. CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA LINETbrce or more sallibg* weekly in either direction between New York, Citarte^toa and Jack*sonviite, Fla.« as per published bcheduieFROM PIBR 36. NORTH RtV£U (Foot of Spring Street). New YorkTHE CLYDE NEW ENGLAND AND SOUTHERN LINEDirect Moii-weekly Freightand Passeneer Service between Boston, Mass., Providence, R. f.,Clurlcston, S. C, Brunswick, Qa., and Jacksonviiie, Fia.CLYDE ST. JOHN'S RIVER LINEBetween Jackaoaville, Paiat&a, OeLaad, Sanford, and interaaedlate Landings on theSt. iohn'A RiverH. a. SMALLBONES, Superintendent. Witmlngton, N. C.AgentsTHEO. Q. EOER, Q. M. WM. P. CLYDE & CO., Qen'lCity, N. Y.Ocneral Offices: Cheeebrough Balfdinf. 19 State St., opp. ...


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L.EGER MEVER Tailor rv,i^»lerohant 403 Front Street n.rvumf ty !t^vtmsT^emmmammeatximmmMjafju \ tisx>siS yjeBaisxAMsaajmamssjsssacm— -—^-^•-^'-^-^•^ HIPP ^•-^'r*^'"*— THE MURCHI80N NATIONAL BANK WILMINGTONOF Qrsanlzed Marcliy 1899 -Capital And Surplus, $ 460,000.00 Depots, - - - . $1,500,000.00 iJr^i^d 3tate», fi^tate^County enndLCityOepositary Oeaiers in F'orelsrn IQxcHanjge Bvery F^acUity Consistent ^witli Sound Businessi MetHods H. C. Vice-PresidentMcQUEBN, President J. V. GRAINGER, JAMES REIUUYO^VEN *3uoee«sor to D. O'CONNOR REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE AND NOTARY PUBLIC ESTABL4ISHED A. D. 1869 110RrincessStreet,Wilmington, IV.O. (Se© Aciv. Rase ^GT) THE CLYDE STEAMSHIP CO. York» Wilmtn^on, N. Georgetown, S. C, LineNew C, and Weekly Freight and P««seager Service NEW YORK. CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA LINE Tbrce or more sallibg* weekly in either direction between New York, Citarte^toa and Jack* sonviite, Fla.« as per published bcheduie FROM PIBR 36. NORTH RtV£U (Foot of Spring Street). New York THE CLYDE NEW ENGLAND AND SOUTHERN LINE Direct Moii-weekly Freightand Passeneer Service between Boston, Mass., Providence, R. f., Clurlcston, S. C, Brunswick, Qa., and Jacksonviiie, Fia. CLYDE ST. JOHN'S RIVER LINE Between Jackaoaville, Paiat&a, OeLaad, Sanford, and interaaedlate Landings on the St. iohn'A River H. a. SMALLBONES, Superintendent. Witmlngton, N. C. AgentsTHEO. Q. EOER, Q. M. WM. P. CLYDE & CO., Qen'l City, N. Y.Ocneral Offices: Cheeebrough Balfdinf. 19 State St., opp. Battery I>ark.New York arT.gerga anf Plant*c ln'!;:'."^\"-"'^ of Commerce N, C.Imington, ofLibraryFrom the ^CoonCha.rle6 ^MITTEE: KYLEJAMES Tr&f. Man.int Sec'y-Treas. and GOUVERNEURtS M. F. H. I. S, WILLARD FORSTANDING COMMITTEES W05USl OF the Arbitration Committee, which elects itsChairnr.an, with the exception ofThe first named is own Chaimuin. Committee—R- A. Pars-Towage and PilotageCommittee—Wm. Calder, GeorgeArbitration D. Love, R. N. Sweet,ley, H. G. Smallbones, T. C. W. Worth, D. Iv.R. French, C. Stevenson,J. Taylor).W. Brooks (of Brooks &J. Gore. Committee—Jno. S. Arm- Committee—D. Gore,Banks andCurrency Quotations of Cotton L. Wm. Calder, C. W.F. McNair, W. H. Sprunt,McQueen, M.J. J.strong, C. P. Bolles, Jr.,H. C. Worth T. D. Love. Heyer, Hugh MacRae. B. Rogers, W.Public Utilities Committee—L.Willard, A.Insurance Committee—M. S. J. M. Divine, P.B. Cooper, Geo. R. French, W. Walker Taylor,Springer, Wm. Gilchrist, J. Quince Moore, H. Brown.J. Van B. Metts. Enterprises Commit-Industrial and Business Committee— C. Cov-Health and Sanitation C. Hal. Boatwright, W. H.tee— W. E. Worth, J Zoeller, Alex. Adrian.ington, D. C. I,ove, A. H. Brown, Jas. H. Chadbourn. Public EntertainmentM. W. Ja- Committee—M. F. H.Gouverneur,Advertising H. B. Rogers, Samuelcobi, Jno. R. Turrentine, Jr. Watters, H. O. H. Wright, Sol Bear, L.J. J. Bear, Jr.Rehder, T.D. Meares, T. C. James. A. Arringdale, Traffic Committee—J. A.Legislation Committee—Jno. Transportation and A. Parsley.W. H. Chadbourn, G. H. Smith, D. McKachern. Taylor, C. W. Worth, R. StatisticsW.HNew York and Chicago Quotation Commit- Information and R. Barksdale, Wtee—M. Corbett, H. L. Vollers, L. B. Rogers, Sprunt, B. Solomon, W. J.J. Miller.R. H. Pickett, E. Crow, R. W. Price. Craig, C. H. King, W. L.J. Stores Committee—C.HMembership Committee—Walker Taylor, Quotations on Naval McEachern, T. Rankin, C.WSamuel Bear, Jr.,Roger Moore, Gabriel Kolmes, Robinson, D. J. Gore.H. Chadbourn, P. Pearsall, W. E. Perdew. Worth, M. Heyer, D. L.J. J. (irievance Committee J. HAgriculture aud Immigration Committee Finance and — Bluethenthal, I. M. Bear, KH. W. Malloy, T. King, B. F. Keith, Chas. L. Chadbourn, L. J.J. Holt, H. A. Burr.Mitchell, Thos. F. Bagley, S. P. McNair, Geo. O. Corbett, W. B. Cooper, E. C. Telegraph and Express SerGaylord. Railway, Postal, M. W. DiHarbor, Shipping and Commerce Committee vices Committee-Geo. R. French, H. W. Malloy, H. G. Smallbones, James Sprunt, vine, T. S. McManus. Jas. I. Metts,B. F. Hall, S. F. Craig, H. Brown, W. E. Inspection of Grain Committee—J. Worth, T. D. Mears. M. Corbett, G. Boney.J. J. E EVENING DISPATCH RICHARD P. MCCLAMMY. PROP. Published in WilmingtonThe Only Afternoon Paper isLargerthan that ofIts Circulation Both the Morning Papers Combined Advertising Rates will be Made Known on Application To reach the people of 'V This book must' not be token from the Library building. II COMPLE" In Conij SubscriptioB office: No. The Wilmington Messenger DAILY SEMI-WEEKLY &JACKSON BELLCOHPANY PROPRIETORS THE MESSENGER OneIs of the Best Advertising Mediums In Eastern Carolina HAS A ANDIT LARGE CIRCULATION REACHES THE BEST CLASS OF PEOPLE WILMINGTON, N. G. DIRECTORY 190S Published HILL DIRECTORY CO.by Containing a General and Business Directory, a Guide to the Streets of Wilmington, N. C, Together with Much Useful Information Classified as Miscellaneous. SEE OENERAL INDEX, PAGE lO. Member Association American Directory Publishers COPYRIGHT 1905 BY HILL DIRECTORY CO. Price, $4.00 For Sale by C. W, YATES * CO,, 1 17 Market St. Directories of Otiier Cities on File in tiie Chamber of Commerce Office, 14 Princess St. HILL DIRECTORY CO. Home Office, RicHrv^oNO, Va. Hill Directory Company Richmond,Va. Publications VIRGINIA_____Bristol, Va.-Tenn. $4.00 Charlottesville and Albemarle County - - 4.00 Newport News, Hampton, and Old Point - 4.00 Norfolk, Portsmouth and Berkley - - 6.00______Petersburg 4.00 _Richmond and Manchester _ _ - 6.00 Staunton and Augusta County _ - _ 4.00 Virginia State (New—Fall 1905) - _ - 6.00 NORTH CAROLINA_______Asheville 4.00Durham 4.OO_____Greensboro 4.00______New Bern 4.00Raleigh 4.00Wilmington 4.00 GEORGIAGeorgia State 6.00 MARYLAND - _ _ _ _Hagerstown 4.00 ______Richmond Map .35 Norfolk Map .35 SOUTHERN ALMANAC—Circulation 100,000—By Mail 7 Cents FOR SALE All Directories Published in the United States and Foreign Countries NORTH CAROLINA YEAR BOOK - - $3.00 Wilmington, IN. C Its Growth and Resources [The following matter, furnished by the Chamber of Commerce, contains Secretary Kyle's annual report and a part of President Taylor's address.] Growth of Population. The growth of our population in the past five years has been very notable, being an estimated increase of about 50 per cent. Boom towns easily attract and as readily lose population, while growth that is predicated on sound economic conditions is more gradual but permanent. Wilmington has never had a boom. The percentage of Increase in our population, how- most noteworthy characteristic, change inever, is not the as the the com- position of the population is an economic factor of almost incalculable value. white population has largely increased, and thisThe percentage of has brought with it a ratio of wealth-producing and self-sufficing units which we believe make Wilmington the solidest city in the South. The character deposits, whichof this increase in population is reflected in our savings banks within the past twelve months have increased $450,000. This analyzed is factor of wealth-pro-means that the employee class of the community a duction to itself as well as to the employer class—a condition that denotes material prosperity and social contentment.the highest degree of Real Estate. Real estate values have been gradually but steadily increasing for the conservatively' estimated that propertypast five years, until to-day it is advantageously located shows an appreciation for this period of 100 per appreciation directly traceable to growth of busi-cent. This remarkable is the population,ness and to the increase and change in the character of turn rest upon an efficient municipal government, which hasand these in for the past six years, for good government ischaracterized this community well-being. Of publicno less essential to material prosperity than to social this period, street-building especially has madeimprovements during certain that within a few yearsmarked progress, and it is reasonably theestate values will have so enhanced as to greatly broadengeneral real the tax rate.taxable basis and work a reduction of Truck. measure appreciated whenThe magnitude of this interest can be in a shipmentswhat is known as the Wilmington zone,it is stated that, from this season. Theare estimated to reach the enormous figures of $5,000,000 cr to WILMINGTON, N. C. volume of this industry is a present source of wealth to Wilmington's commerce; but the more that our climate and soil are studied and under- stood, the more certain it is that we are but in the morn of development. A map recently issued by the Federal Government, for the information of the general trucking interest, shows that the precipitation in the Wilming- ton belt is better adapted to truck culture than in any other section of the country. There is no spot on the Atlantic coast so favored as respects either soil or climate, while our geographical location renders it possible for us to reach the consuming centres of the North, East and West with a dispatch and at cost which competitiona from sections further South is impossible. We can market our products at a profit at prices that would mean cost and less than cost to sections further South, while by reason of the lateness of the season North of us we rarely meet competition from even the Norfolk section. HARBOK lilPROVEMENTS. It is a cause of sincere congratulation that Wilmington has been placed on the continuous appropriation list of harbor improvements. At the last session of Congress a continuous appropriation of was made for$450,000 the lower Cape Fear and Bar, for which we must acknowledge our indebted- ness to Congressmen Patterson and Small. There is reason believe thatto the appropriation can be doubled with the proper public effort on the part Wilmington.of Pilotage. The business public is to be congratulated on the repeal of the com- which was accom-pulsory pilotage laws of the Cape Pear River and Bar, plished at the last session of the Legislature through the efforts of the commerce thisChamber. These laws had for a long time restricted the of their repeal must show an ultimate expansion of large proportions.port, and which cannot but bringWilmington is the only free port south of Maine, fact into prominence in shipping circles. The full effect of the repeal of com-us but inasmuch as pilotage feespulsory laws will not be manifest at once, theare a part of port charges, and therefore enter into the freight rate, adjustment. The shipperselimination of this item must soon work a new and thisthemselves can much to hasten a full realization of the benefits,do medium of the Chamber pro-they are not likely to neglect. Through the pilotage ser-vision has been made for maintaining a thoroughly competent draught which may require the servicesvice at the Bar for ships of deep shipping worldof a pilot, and steps have already been taken to notify the of the situation at this port. The Peess. and fearlessIt is of noteworthy significance that a more independent State andin the treatment ofattitude has begun to mark our local press and correct abuseslocal matters. There Is no influence so potent to prevent a firm andpromote progress asand so powerful to initiate enterprise and WILMINGTON, N. C. forceful press. It is the medium of informing and chrystalizing public sentiment, and it may be said witliout exaggeration that neither corruption nor letheragy can abide in company with a virtuous and vigorous press. The Secretaky's Report. Comparative statement of the volume of business done at the port of Wilmington from actual statistics, conservatively gathered and accurately compiled: 1903. 1904. Cotton $21,000,000 $16,000,000 Groceries 8,000,000 8,800,000 Dry Goods 2,250,000 2,700,000 Fertilizers 2,000,000 2,500,000 Lumber 1,000,000 1,200,000 Naval Stores 800,000 1,000,000 Cotton Mills 600,000 360,000 Shoes 575,000 865,000 Hardware 500,000 600,000 Truck 350,000 450,000 Shingles 300,000 300,000 Building Material 375,000 Peanuts 225,000 250,000 Fuel 140,000 155,000 Drugs 125,000 135,000 Ice 55,000 65,000 Miscellaneous 1,975,000 2,140,000 Total $40,495,000 $37,895,000 the high valua-[The falling off in the total amount above is by reason of tion of cotton during the year 1903, but it will be seen that the gain in the other considerable.]volume of all items is The increase of postal receipts at "Wilmington for the calendar year of 1903 is follows:1904 over that of as Calendar year, 1903 $63,151 33 69,311 74 year, 1904 Increase $6,160 41 An increase of 9 per cent.74 are reported and an increaseIncrease in savings banks deposits $450,000, banks of theof 25 per cent, in the volume of business done by the national city. GENERAL INDEX. Abl>reviations, 33 Banks, 18 Building and Loan Association, 19 Business Directory, 351 Cemeteries, 20 Chamber of Commerce, 22 Churches, 20 City Government, 13 Clubs, 22 Commercial Organizations, 22 County Government, 14 Courts, 17 Fire Department, 13 Hospitals and Homes, ^ 23 Jewish Orders, 23 Merchants' Association, • 28 Military, 23 Military Associations, 24 Police Department, 13 Post Office, IG Public Schools, 24 Societies—-Miscellaneous, 25 Societies—Secret, 26 State Government, . 15 Street Guide, 28 United States Government, 16 Young Men's Christian Association, 25