Yearbook Of Comparative And General Literature Number 17 1968
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Yearbook Of Comparative And General Literature Number 17 1968


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YEARBOOKf"t'YV"I'ty' OF\\f :*"''*"''*'= ; 'COMPARATIVEi_ ''*' ' '''.'''"1968 Hf >f'NUMBER J_y ^ ^'.^LITERATURE1968809 159 68-22^5lerence /tion\bookkansas cityypublic librarycity,;ouriYEARBOOKOFCOMPARATIVEANDGENERALLITERATURENUMBER 196817ctipublishedINDIANA UNIVERSITYincollaborationwithTHE COMPARATIVE LITERATURE COMMITTEEOF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISHTHE AMERICAN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE ASSOCIATIONTHE LITERATURECOMPARATIVE SECTIONOF THE MODERN LANGUAGE OFASSOCIATION AMERICAHORST FRENZeditor-in-chiefeditors : HENRY H. H. ULRICH WEISSTEINREMAK,' KENNETH GROS Louisreview editorassistants . NOLA CAROL LOCKEeditorial LANDUCCI,editorial committee WILLIAM B. EDGERTONWILLIAM R. PARKEREDWARD D. SEEBERNEWTON P. STALLKNECHTcommittee F. BILLESKOVadvisory J. JANSEN CopenhagenHASKELL M. BLOCK BrooklynPALMER BOVIE RutgersWERNER P. FRIEDERICH North CarolinaKENNETH OLIVER OccidentalHENRI PEYRE YaleJACQUES VOISINE SorbonneKURT WAIS TubingenJOSEPH K. YAMAGIWA MichiganWERNER P. FRIEDERICHfounded byRONALD W. STERKELdesigned byPrice and$4.50 Subscriptions contributions biblio-(articles,and news should be sent to thegraphical data, notes, items)Literature Ballantine Hall IndianaComparative Office, 402,Indiana 47401. andUniversity, Bloomington, European AfricanSales Librairie S. 11 rue Genevathrough Droz, A., Massot,3, Switzerland, and 73 rue Cardinal France.Lemoine, Paris,1968 LiteratureCopyright Comparative Committee ...


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YEARBOOK f"t'YV" I'ty' OF\\f : *"''*"''*' = ; 'COMPARATIVEi_ ' '*' ' '''.'''"1968 Hf >f'NUMBER J_y ^ ^'.^ LITERATURE 1968809 159 68-22^5 lerence / tion \ book kansas cityy public library city, ;ouri YEARBOOK OF COMPARATIVE AND GENERAL LITERATURE NUMBER 196817 ctipublished INDIANA UNIVERSITY in collaboration with THE COMPARATIVE LITERATURE COMMITTEE OF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH THE AMERICAN COMPARATIVE LITERATURE ASSOCIATION THE LITERATURECOMPARATIVE SECTION OF THE MODERN LANGUAGE OFASSOCIATION AMERICA HORST FRENZ editor-in-chief editors : HENRY H. H. ULRICH WEISSTEINREMAK, ' KENNETH GROS Louisreview editor assistants . NOLA CAROL LOCKEeditorial LANDUCCI, editorial committee WILLIAM B. EDGERTON WILLIAM R. PARKER EDWARD D. SEEBER NEWTON P. STALLKNECHT committee F. BILLESKOVadvisory J. JANSEN Copenhagen HASKELL M. BLOCK Brooklyn PALMER BOVIE Rutgers WERNER P. FRIEDERICH North Carolina KENNETH OLIVER Occidental HENRI PEYRE Yale JACQUES VOISINE Sorbonne KURT WAIS Tubingen JOSEPH K. YAMAGIWA Michigan WERNER P. FRIEDERICHfounded by RONALD W. STERKELdesigned by Price and$4.50 Subscriptions contributions biblio-(articles, and news should be sent to thegraphical data, notes, items) Literature Ballantine Hall IndianaComparative Office, 402, Indiana 47401. andUniversity, Bloomington, European African Sales Librairie S. 11 rue Genevathrough Droz, A., Massot, 3, Switzerland, and 73 rue Cardinal France.Lemoine, Paris, 1968 LiteratureCopyright Comparative Committee Indiana IndianaUniversity, Bloomington, TABLE OF CONTENTS American Comparative Literature Association: of the Third TriennialProceedings Meeting HAERY LEVIN the LiteratureComparing 5 RICHARD ELLMAN Overtures to Wilde's Salome 17 ROGER ASSELINEAU The French Stream in American Literature 29 40Symposium: Impressionism MICHEL BENAMOU HERBERT(chairman}, HOWARTH, PAUL CALVIN S. REMY G. SAISSELINILIE, BROWN, and theSymposium: Classical Studies Method 73Comparative THOMAS ROSENMEYERC. (chairman), GORDON M. PHILLIP DAMONKIRKWOOD, Panel: A Literary History of Europe: and Problems 85Approaches FRANCOIS JOST HENRY H. H.(chairman), REMAK, KONRAD PETER BOERNERBlEBER, Panel: Problems 99Bibliographical HASKELL M. BLOCK P. M. DOUGLAS(chairman), MITCHELL, W. ZBIGNIEW HARRISON T. MESEROLEALDEN, FOLEJEWSKI, Panel: and Graduate Curricula 112Undergraduate DAVID H. MALONE WILLIAM VERNON(chairman), DESUA, RICHARD H. ROBERT J. CLEMENTSHALL, BYRNS, Panel: International and New Periodicals 122 A. OWEN ALDRIDGE JOSEPH S. M. ANNA(chairman), LAU, BALAKIAN, Josfi: DE ELLIOT D. W. B. FLEISCHMANNMOSSMAN,ONIS, Reviews of Professional Works 136 by STEPHEN G. HENRI ANDR& RE.SZLERNICHOLS, JR., PEYRE, ofList Translations: 1967 143 by GERHARD H. W. editorZUTHER, Annual 1967 153Bibliography: ! Q News and Notes 203 6822663 CITY