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Chapter 1 Give Me Your Breath
“Help...gulp...” As Lu Mengmeng oated in the Amazon, watching bubbles coming out of her mouth and drifting further and further away from the surface, she thought she must have done something awful in her last lifetime to be born as her parents’ daughter. Why else would they be busy photographing that emerald green boa in the tree while she was drowning? Even though she came all the way to the Amazon to see them in the hottest days of the summer. To biologists, seeing a rare species was more important than their daughter’s life! She was going to perish! I haven’t been in love yet, I don’t want to die! Her vision blurred, and she was fading fast. Just then, she could see someone moving quickly toward her. Mengmeng thought she was seeing things. When she blinked, he was right in front of her. He had a face more beautiful than any one gender could lay claim to; his upturned eyes were îlled with passion, yet mixed with a sharpness that forbade any disrespect. He looked at her, his red hair owing in the water like îre. He reached out his hand, gripped her shoulders, then turned his face to hers. Was he giving her oxygen? Mengmeng thought she saw an angel. She reciprocated by meeting his mouth. He was shocked by her movement and started struggling. His teeth shut and refused to open. Mengmeng was angry. He was here to save her right? Who cares about modesty now? Open your mouth! Oxygen mattered more than anything else now, so Mengmeng used her tongue to pry open his teeth while marveling, His teeth were skinny and sharp, what did he eat as a kid? She didn’t care about being modest at all. But he didn’t feel the same way as he fought her. He backed away. He shook his head. He tried to push her away. He wanted to get away from Mengmeng. But Mengmeng didn’t give up, she used her volleyball star skills to the max, locking down on his head, connecting to his lips, even winding her feet around his waist. C’mon, give me your breath! I won’t let go! Mengmeng shouted in her head. He seemed to be stunned by her determination as he relaxed a little. A sliver of fresh air came out of his teeth. Mengmeng was so elated as she tried to stick her tongue inside, but instead, scratched her tongue on his teeth. A faint metallic taste.
Mengmeng was mad, was he biting her tongue? Obnoxious man! She retaliated by biting his mouth. Maybe it was a lack of oxygen or control of force, as a warm gush of something oated inside her mouth, mixed with the blood on her tongue, mingling in their mouths. Their eyes met. Mengmeng stared at him. His expression was one of disbelief as he stared back. A moment later, with an unreadable expression, he loosened his teeth as he held her in his arms. Large amounts of air went from his mouth to hers. Mengmeng felt as if she could hear the angels sing and owers bloom again. She grabbed onto him and gulped air. His tongue was soft and his mouth had a fresh sweetness. As she breathed in air, for some reason, her heart beat faster and she couldn’t think anymore. Why did she feel out of breath again? Mengmeng was faint, but she didn’t want to let go of his mouth. Her whole body felt as if it was ying, ushed, as if she was drunk. In the midst of it all, she heard a cough. “Hey, Mengmeng, Danjanos, what are you doing?” She opened her eyes, her biology-obsessed parents were staring at her with excitement and shyness in their eyes. Mengmeng turned stiy to see who was holding her, only to realize she was out of the water already. Then she screamed in embarrassment.
Chapter 2 You Are My Fiancée
Five Minutes Later. Lu Mengmeng sat on the yacht and looked across the table, staring at her savior. On the other side, he leaned on the soft couch prepared by Professor Lu and his wife. His wet red hair lay gracefully around his slender neck, and his well-muscled physique showed he was in good shape. There was no doubt that although his skin was white, he was male. The most eye-catching thing was his huge îshtail that stretched out from under his waist. Lu Mengmeng looked at him for a long while, but could not înd any traces of the slightest connection. She deeply doubted she was dead. Maybe dying? Otherwise, why would she think that she'd seen a mermaid? Actually, a merman! This was the Amazon! Look at her parents, giving him tea and little desserts, but to her? A cup of cold water. The dierence in treatment made her feel that she should be still in the world. Otherwise, the aunt in the dream would say that she would be better than her in reality. After serving the mermaid carefully, Professor Lu and his wife introduced the two. "Dajinos, this is my daughter, Mengmeng, the primate human Asian genus." She pointed at her daughter.
Her daddy sat on the edge of the couch near Dajinos, and was fully intoxicated. "Mengmeng, this is Dajinos! It is an Amazon piranha merperson, a merman. It is also the last remaining piranha merman in the Amazon. His status is honorable, even among the merpeople. He is prince level. In addition to the common creatures known to everyone on Earth, there are many legendary mysterious creatures. In order to protect them, all countries are prohibited from reporting them. Ordinary people may not know their existence.” "Yes! We usually travel around the world, visit rare species, and witness the miracles of the Earth's biodiversity. In fact, I also want to help you see a dierentworld!ButtheseareallforbiddenintheGlobalBiological Convention. It is a lucky day for you to see him today!" Mengmeng’s dad was so moved by his words that he embraced her mother, and then he cried with joy. "Wait!" Lu Mengmeng couldn't help but interrupt the two. “Before saying I am lucky, explain to me what is called a cannibal merperson?!” "It is the same meaning as piranha. Look at the teeth on Dajinos. They are very sharp. They are carnivorous," Mengmeng’s mom explained with great interest. Lu Mengmeng was so angry that she wanted to throw the table. So what he wanted to do was not save her life, but eat her?! "Anything falling into the river and not oating back to the surface after one minute is my food," Dajinos said in a matter-of-fact tone, seeing the anger in Lu Mengmeng's eyes. Lu’s mother, who înally realized her daughter’s bad mood, quickly followed up. “This is an agreement written into the Global Biological Convention. Dajinos has not done anything wrong.” How Lu Mengmeng so wanted to swear at that moment. . . What did they mean, ‘has not done anything wrong’? It wanted to eat your own daughter! Fortunately, she was a good îghter, otherwise she would already be a pair of bones now! But before she could roar angrily, Dajinos, who was supported by Professor Lu and his wife, took the lead in launching an attack. The handsome Amazon piranha raised one long înger, gently touched the corner of his mouth, and showed her the red blood on his înger. In a low voice, he asked Lu Mengmeng a question. "Before talking about my diet, do you know what did you do to me?" he asked as he stuck out his tongue and licked his mouth. Lu Mengmeng looked at the soft tongue and couldn't help but think of the touch he had when she sucked it. Her face turned red. But apologize? No way! Without her answer, Dajinos straightened his body, crossed the table, and lifted up Lu Mengmeng's chin, forcing her to look at him. "Hey!" His red pupils, like gems of blood, were both gorgeous and weird, fascinating Lu Mengmeng. "I am talking to you. Did you hear me?" Dissatisîed with her distraction, Dajinos increased the decibel, and the gems turned into black in an instant, îlling his entire eyeballs. Lu Mengmen was shocked by his sudden changes. "What? What?" The merman's eyes stared at Lu Mengmeng without moving away, giving her the illusion that she may be eaten at any time. "Hey!" Dajinos saw that she had înally stopped ignoring him, and allowed her to take back her chin. He lazily lay back on his soft couch. "You bit me, and exchanged your blood with mine and made a kiss of a vow.
According to our piranha merfolk regulations, we have now made a marriage contract. You are already my îancée." Huh? Lu Mengmeng could not believe her ears, and suspected that her brain had been deprived of oxygen and this was a serious hallucination. "Although I don't like you very much, the marriage contract is sacred. We'll look for a good day and go to the Global Bio-Association to register. As for the human side . . ." Dajinos stopped for a moment. He straightened up and looked at Professor Lu and his wife with a serious face. "We’ll rely on my father- and mother-in-law to prepare that part."
Chapter 3 Becoming an orphan
“No worry! I will take care of your marriage. Let me call the Ministry of Civil Aairs to submit your marriage application. I promise to accomplish this asap,” Lu’s father swore to them, patting his chest. Lu’s mother hugged her daughter with great excitement. She kissed her face and said enthusiastically, “Wow, my baby girl Mengmeng, do you know how lucky you are? Danjinos had been single for 300 years. The living environment of the Amazon was so bad that your father and I were afraid that the species could be extinct . . . But now we can forget that stupid idea because we have you. . .” Lu’s mom suddenly straight herself and took the girl’s hand to dance a waltz and throw her into Danjinos’ embrace with the use of these movements. “My daughter, Lu Mengmeng, will take the responsibility of bringing him children.” Lu’s dad started to take photos of the new couple and supplemented his wife’s announcement with, “Wow, this will be a miracle among all the living species. Oh, yes, Danjinos, take your new îancée closer, closer. I need a photo of you two for the application. Smile. . .” Damn smile! Lu Mengmeng tried hard to keep her thoughts straight. But her mom ignored her neutral acceptance and continued to the next procedure of preaching this divine marriage among species.  “Oh, yes, so cool. I cannot imagine that I have a merman son-in-law now. True, as I said, I will pass the documents and pictures to you. Please be eïcient on the marriage application issue. ”  “Really? Ah, yes, I also feel like I'm in a dream. Don't worry, I will ask Old Zhao to your daughter’s wedding.” Many dirty words arose in Mengmeng's heart. How had they even got to the wedding ceremony and guests? Wouldn't anyone like to ask about her opinion about this marriage? Wasn't it she who was proposed just now? What? Touch the scales? Let me ask. Hi, Danjinos, Oïcer Li is asking if he could touch your scales at the wedding? Lu's new îancé's reply to this came in a proud, cool tone. “As to normal people, I won't agree. But since he is my parents-in-law’s boss, I can give special permission.” Did anyone care about her thoughts?  “I won’t marry him.”Lu Mengmeng pushed Danjinos away and tried to ee from the chaotic situation. With strong control on her anger, Mengmeng's whole body trembled as she
asked, “Are you really my birth parents?” They used to live in the wild for more than a year without going home to see if she was still alive. Now she had crossed half of the planet to visit them and they did not even give her a serious look. What's more? They wanted to marry her to a merman only to create a miracle among the living species? Did they fully understand that this animal could eat her at any time? She had just learned to survive the understanding that they would not love her and care for her, and decided to love them anyway. But now they made her feel like she was a fool. A miracle? What the fuck . . . ? A miracle! Her eyes îlled with tears and she could not raise her head to look at them and show her disappointment. Just let go! That's just the kind of parents they are!  “Mengmeng . . .”Her mom tempted to reach out a hand to the girl. She did not understand why her daughter became so angry so quickly. Why was her expression so desperate? Lu Mengmeng moved to avoid her touch, and said in a low voice, “Don't touch me. I need to go home.” A teardrop fell from the girl’s face. Danjinos saw the drop of tear and stretch out his hand to touch it. Lu’s father still wanted to persuade her, but Danjinos stopped him. “Let her go home îrst.” The boat put in to shore. The half-wet girl walked in her water soaked shoes, carried her bag like a big person, and followed the guide, disappearing into the Amazon woods. Just as she came here, she went back alone, only with her own shade. “Do you always leave her by herself?” the beautiful mermen asked lazily. “Yes, since she was three years old.” She suddenly felt shameful by this answer, but soon became bolder. “The world needs us. There are so many unknown secret species on earth. The planet does not belong to humans only, but we are destroying it. Many species have vanished. We secret species experts should stand up to protect you. Certainly, we owe Mengmeng our care.” “I got it.” The merman opened his hand. The drop of tear had already evaporated by the hot sun of the Amazon. He licked his own white hand to memorize the warmth of that small drop he had felt just now, and said, “Since she was not willing to marry me, the marriage covenant should only be. . .” Lu’s parents both nodded. In the airport hall, Lu Mengmeng sat in desperation. She had just announced that she would break with her parents. So, now she was an orphan? The air was so cold, and so was the world. She was chilled to the bone.
Chapter 4 We won’t Force You
“Mengmeng, we’ve thought about our relationship with you. We would like to say sorry to you for we forced you to marry Dajinos before asking your opinion. We promise we won’t treat you like this anymore.” When she went back home, after one week, she got her parent’s phone call of apology. She had actually forgiven them as soon as they wanted to marry her to the Mermen King, and after the call, she felt alive again. Finding her changed attitude toward them, her parents continued to apologize that they seldom stayed home to be with her as she grew up. This time they invited a good friend who was planning to travel to China to live in their home and take care of her. “He has brought you big surprises! Besides, he will tell you about our studies for this year. We hope you enjoy your time together!” With strong curiosity and expectation, Mengmeng hurried to the airport to pick up her guest. But the airline was delayed for more than an hour. She called her parents and got a surprising reply: “Oh, Mengmeng, he already arrived, and he is resting at our home right now.” “What? How did he get the key?”Mengmeng felt strange. “No worry, he is a good person!” After hanging up the phone, Mengmeng went home, feeling rather baing. She found the door was half-closed, and she worked up a smile, preparing to say hello to the anonymous visitor. “He—” She could not înish her greeting before she saw who was sitting there. Her eyes opened wide when she saw clearly who the person was. The visitor was on their sofa, watching TV, with his long tail laying on the oor. The man with red hair looked exactly like Danjinos. Immediately, she understood that her parents had cheated her about the airport to allow this Mermen to enter the house. She took out her phone to call the parents, but the reply was a cold, system-recorded voice: “Sorry, the number you dialed has been turned o.” “Turned o!” Mengmeng burst into a fury. She had thought that the two truly recognized the wrong they had done to her and înally changed into becoming caring for her. Again, she was fooled. “Oh, you are back!” Danjinos saw her and began to introduce the two men in black behind him, as he was the house’s owner. “These are sta from the Universal Creature Association’s Asian Quarter, China Branch.” “Hey, I am Zhao Bu,” said the big man in a loud voice. He wore black sunglasses and looked like a gangster. “My name is Ma Liuyun.” The other one was slim, and his face was a little pale and he was wearing thick eyeglasses. “Our duty is to protect Mr. Danjinos while he spends some time with you to cultivate your aections. And we would like to send you congratulations from China Branch of the Universal Creature Association’s Asian Quarter for becoming his îancee. We wish you as a couple happiness!” Zhao Bu was
more overjoyed than Danjinos, and rubbed his hands together as he said the words. He felt so exited to get this mission, for their marriage was the happiest event in the whole creature circle. “I have refused to marry him,” Lu Mengmeng said coldly. “Please leave my house right now.” How could she marry someone who might eat her the next minute? “You dislike me?” Danjios stood up from the sofa, and as his red tail stood on the oor, his pupils turned sharp, from red to dark. “What . . . then?”Mengmeng asked with some fear.  “First, I am from the royal family, and I myself have a strong îghting capacity, so you don’t need to worry about food when carrying our baby during pregnancy. Second, I enjoy having handsome features and a strong body, and my reproductive capability also exceeds yours. I can fertilize three thousand ovum at one time, but you can only provide one egg. And yet you despise me?” After complaining, the king found his composure again and his pupils changed back to light red. “I am a mammal. I don’t need to have the next generation by ovulation!” Lu Mengmeng trembled with rage. The îsh hadn’t the common sense that a mammal was a higher animal. “But I love babies. What a pity for me to have only one kid for one moment of sex! Anyway, we are engaged, so I can make more of an eort to magnify the frequency,” the king said in a pitiful tone. He started to reckon more. “How many children shall we give birth to? Three? Four? . . . Eh, in fact, îve is not a big deal.” He became more serious. “You’re crazy!” Lu Mengmeng felt she was losing control on her anger. “I didn’t agree to have baby with you.”
Being Put in Jail
Danjinos looked at her for a while and sneered, “You are a human being, and possibly the weakest of women, regarding your poor physique. Probably giving birth to just one child is already the most diïcult task for you.” Poor physique? She was the mainstay of the volleyball team! She could not bear his humiliation anymore. Lu Mengmeng lifted the red wooden table up, and raised her eyebrow to challenge Danjinos. See, boy? I am not weaker. Lu Mengmeng smiled. Zhao Yi was surprise by her strength, and prepared to clap for her. Then Danjinos raised the same table she put down, but he did it with only one înger. The two sta men burst into a cheer for the winner. “See? This is the dierence between you weak human and me, the Mermen King.” Danjinos lifted his chin and gave her a scornful look. “What’s the contribution of your strength to giving birth to a baby?” Lu Mengmeng questioned, “Could you have a baby by yourself, since you are strong enough?” “If I could have a baby, why would I need you?” Lu Mengmeng would rather be drowned in the Amazon waters rather than
discuss this kind of topic with him at home. “How about solitary reproduction, like the jellies? You should seriously consider it.” “Dare you compare we Merpeople with the lower animal jellies? From this aspect, we are the same; we are also higher beings like you humans, reproducing seeds by intercourse. The only dierence is, we are the stronger, because we have much more fertilized eggs than you.” Much more fertilized eggs! Lu Mengmeng tried her best to not argue with him, or give him a slap on the face. At least, she would not keep her image as a fair maiden. “Congratulations! We found you two have a steady love basis for the marriage. I have taken photos of your communication to submit to the government department. This is a proof that you are suitable for this marriage.” The two sta men smiled like loving mothers looking at the new couple of children discussing their future. “Wait! I strongly recommend you not to take such photos because I won’t accept this marriage,” she said with determination. “Even if you could fertilize 300 million eggs at one time, I won’t.” “Three hundred million is impossible, but îve to six thousand is a goal I can try,” Danjinos replied calmly. “Anyway, it’s useless, because you can’t deliver that many.” Mengmeng’s face turned red immediately, not because of shyness, but of anger. She was stopped by one of the sta before she had time to strike back. “Miss Lu, we should let you know that according to the law of the Creature Circle, you can’t break the marriage agreement singly on your side, since you are already engaged to Mr. Danjinos. Or you will be put in jail.” Lu Mengmeng was stunned. Though she did not fully understand what he said, she got the meaning of the word “jail.” The staer passed her a legal document copy to show her the related term, and explained, “According to the law of the Creature Circle Association, human beings cannot deny any engagement with any rare creature. Those who break this term should be put in jail under the charge of doing harm to the environment. This term applies to all countries in the Creature Circle Association. No person or institution can disobey it.” “So, I should marry you?” Mengmeng asked Danjinos. He nodded, with an elegant smile. Mengmeng almost could not help crying out. “Then, may I ask another question?” Danjinos was confused but nodded for her to continue. “Could you leave my home now?” “Em . . . no. Because I have bought this house from your parents with photographic equipment valued at 300 million.” . . . They sold this house? Where shall I go? Sleep on the street? Danjinos embraced her lovingly. “Don’t worry, Mengmeng. I have put your name on the property ownership certiîcate. Now this house is our home.” Lu Mengmeng felt a deeper desperation at hearing this comfort than knowing that her house was sold. If she got a chance to write an epitaph, she would inscribe the following on her tombstone: “Born to repay the pre-life debts to her parents. Died of the Amazon Jungle.”
In a church decorated in traditional European style, the wedding march struck up. Wearing a beautiful wedding veil, Lu Mengmeng took her father's arm and walked down the aisle toward Danjinos. The latter was smiling at his bride. In his exquisite wedding suit, Danjinos looked more handsome than usual. “Mr. Danjinos, are you willing to marry Miss Lu Mengmeng? Whether poor or rich, healthy or unhealthy, to take her as your wife and never renounce this promise?” The priest, holding the black-covered Bible in his hand, was looking at the new couple with mercy and love. “I will,” Danjinos replied, îxing his passionate red eyes on Lu Mengmeng as he smiled handsomely. But the next second, he opened his mouth and swallowed the priest. “Oh, no. . .” Lu Mengmeng was shocked by the sudden change and she cried out loudly. She felt her body falling into an abyss and descending quickly. . . The girl immediately woke up from her nightmare. Looking around and înding she was in familiar environment, she calmed herself down and relaxed a little. It was just a dream, though so terrible. She sighed and stood up to take a glass of water. A tap on the door interrupted her. Now there were only she and Danjinos in this house, she had no need to guess who the visitor was. She went to her bed and pretended to still be sleeping, trying to ignore the knocks. After two seconds, two powerful hands grabbed away her quilt, and begged liked a spoiled child, “I am hungry. Feed me breakfast.” Lu Mengmeng was frightened by his voice and she turned to look at him. “How did you get in?” The man looked back at the broken door on the oor, and replied with spite, “How could your human being’s weak design block me?” Oh my goodness! Mengmeng yelled in her heart. “Look at your tail. How could I take you out anywhere? Don’t you fear of being caught and cooked as spoil îsh?” Danjinos took out a machine and said, “I have a molecular mimicry, so it is not a problem to walk like humans.” He changed his tail into human legs in a minute and stood on her blanket with his lower part naked. “Speed up! I can eat you if I get too hungry.” Lu Mengmeng rolled up in less than one second. She must take him out to let him know there were many more wonderful foods to eat than human fresh. Later, in a restaurant, the two sat at a table. Lu Mengmeng read a menu. Her hands trembled a little with inner anxiety. She must order the correct food to seduce the îsh to fall in love with the delicious dishes of the human world. That îsh gentleman found it interesting when he saw her fears in her eyes, and he started to hum a song. “You are so happy because we will eat something that tastes good?” Lu Mengmeng tried to pretend that she was at ease, but her fear was already quite the opposite.
Danjinos joked with her. “Oh, yes. I don’t know how to order, as I am surrounded by so many foods. Hey, look at that baby on the other table. May I order it?” Lu Mengmeng was terriîed by his suggestion. Had he expanded his menu to all the guests in the restaurant? Lu Mengmeng raised her hand to the waiter and said, “To the noodles I have ordered, please add more beef until the bowl is too full to hold anything else.” “Hey, try some beef. It tastes much better than human fresh.” Danjinos did his best to not laugh aloud, but pretended to be serious. “Take it easy. I won’t eat humans when I am full.” Mengmeng relaxed with a sigh, her mission to protect human beings completed. In the following days, she brought Danjinos to all the good restaurants she thought the îsh might be interested in. Thanks to China, her country had so many good foods that she provided him with dierent tastes from Monday until Sunday. The new semester of the university was near, and Lu Mengmeng became too nervous to have good rest again. What if the guy went out to eat people when she went to school? On the îrst day the students came back to school, Lu Mengmeng found the two sta men of Danjinos were living in another house opposite to hers. When she came out once, they were dumping the trash. She chatted with one for a little while and got to know that they two were sent to protect the prince. “You know, he is the last cannibal Merperson. The Association cares about every aspect of him, from the safety issue to the increase in quantity and quality—I mean, reproduction. But to have him feel comfortable, we hide our true intentions,” the man called Zhao Bu explained to her. When he mentioned the word reproduction, his face turned red and he stole a glance at the girl. However, Lu Mengmeng did not see it. “By the way, I’m back to school from today on, so would you take care of his dishes? I am afraid . . .” Lu Mengmeng asked about the most serious issue. “In fact, human beings are not their typical food, and the cannibal Merperson is not the îercest compared to the other species,” Ma Liuyun, the second staer, tried to comfort her when he saw the black around her eyes from losing sleep. “Unless a human fell into their water and they happened to be very hungry when passing by, they usually won’t eat a human being. Ordinary foods of ours can satisfy them.”
Chapter 7 The Responsibility of
With this information, Mengmeng suddenly understood that she had been deceived. Though she was already late for school, she rushed to his room, kicked in his door, and threw o his quilt, demanding, “You lied to me? Why did you frighten me saying you eat humans? Have your parents taught you to be honest? Do you know what awful days I have endured since you pretended you want to eat me or someone else?” Danjinos rubbed his eyes wearily and said without regret, “Oh, your parents
told me that joking between couples nourishes aections.” “Nourish your own weird tastes.” She picked up a pillow and threw it to him, but he avoided it and smiled at her. “Hey, do you want to show me your weakness?” Lu Mengmeng was irritated by him and went closer to îght him, intending to pummel him, but he took her arms and held her hands, intertwining her îngers with his. When Mengmeng tried to escape from him, he pulled her into his embrace. His special scent of male hormone entered her nose as her chin rested against his hard chest. “Why did you come back? You have school today. Missing me?” He began to kiss her, smothering her lips so she could not answer, and her mind blanked. The smell of minty toothpaste welcomed her like a greeting. “Good morning, my îancée.” He loosed her and looked down from his higher position, his eyes curved like moons when he smiled. Mengmeng awoke from the sudden attack and pushed him away to get to the door to escape. “Wait, you forgot something!” he called from behind her. Whatever it was, she was not going back to take it. For the îrst day, their self-study at night was delayed until the thirtieth night by a new school regulation. Under the sky of twinkling stars, Mengmeng moved slowly, trying to will her tired body toward home. However, horrible scenes met her eyes, one by one, along the way. First, she saw a bloody Tibet Masti staring at her, then a poor smaller dog whimpering, and then, a hoodlum, whose arms were injured, and he cried bitterly. . . What had happened on the road? Mengmeng feared. Her mobile phone suddenly rang. It was a strange number. “Miss Lu, only you can help us now. Please go and persuade Danjinos.” It was the voice of Zhao Bu and it sounded like he was anxious. The roaring of a tiger also came through the phone to her ear. “Danjinos left home at eight and hit all the animals and humans in an aggressive ît. Now he is beating a lion at the zoo. I bet the tiger won’t have the chance to ee away. ” Lu Mengmeng looked back at the animals and the crying hoodlum again. Were their wounds all the work of Mr. Fish? “If so, I think you have asked the wrong person. I am an ordinary young girl, and have not taken any martial arts classes yet.” “You are his îancée and his only supervisor at the same time. If you don’t take your responsibility, we will sue you in court.” Mengmeng became angry and threw her phone down. They were threatening her. They were forcing her to take this responsibility. Mengmeng ran to the zoo, thinking about who could protect her from the violent one in the future. Did he have a habit of becoming some monster when a certain condition happened, like what a full moon meant to a werewolf? When she arrived, the troublemaker was wearing white pants, his upper body naked as he rode the tiger, hitting on the poor animal with his îst. Several lions lay down, unmoving, obviously by him. The two sta men were holding each other, trembling and crying with fear, their noses bruised black and blue. It looked like they had tried to stop him, but failed. “Danjinos!” Lu Mengmeng called him. He recognized her voice, and beat the tiger another heavy blow, making it lose its strength to îght back. He jumped up and ran to her, his long red hair ying through the air behind him in the light of the full moon in the background. He was like an angel with wings, lightly dropped before her, as he reached out his hands to hold her.