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Published 13 January 2020
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Publisher : Marie Claire Nnana
Monday January 13, 2019 Issue N°048 Second Year 1 400 Fcfa N°001 / Friday 13 July 2018
Paul Biya Kicks Of Wishes Season Tells Dîplomatîc Corps At State House Event Last Thursday About Need To Gîve Globalîzatîon A Human Face Other State Dîgnîtarîes, Organîzed In 34 Delegatîons, Also Presented New Year Wîshes To Presîdent Paul Bîya On Thursday. The Comîng Days And Weeks Wîll Wîtness A Flurry O Sîmîlar Ceremonîes Across The LandNew Year Wises ceremony provided one rare moment for te nation’s top leadersip to meet and excange freely See Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Volleyball Lîons, Lîonesses Won’t Be In Tokyo! The two natîonal squads were elîmînated at pre-Olympîc tournaments în Yaounde and Egypt over the weekend Page. 14 he President excanged wit Ambassadors, Hig Commissioners and oter diplomats in a convivial atmospere ...And The Fîrst Lady Too!The next day, Frîday, ît was the turn o the FîrstIran Conirms It Shot Down Lady, Chantal Bîya to receîve New Year wîshes Ukraînîan Aîrlînesrom spouses o members o the dîplomatîc Tehran’s conessîon to have shot down the Ukraîne Internatîonal Aîrlîne corps, natîonal corps as well as women leaders plane last week has sparked of a spate o protests wîthîn Iran îtsel Page. 16 CAF Presîdent Ahmad Ahmad In Yaounde TodayGovernment sources say the boss o the Conederatîon o Arîcan Football îs comîng to, among others, dîscuss wîth Cameroonîan authorîtîes on some recent decîsîons by hîs body Pages 8 & 9 Page. 15